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Kannon grumbled an insane amount of choice words under his breath as his buddy and teammate Derek dropped him off at the stupid academy. He didn't want to be there, he didn't want to pretend he was a mutant, he just wanted to go home and sleep. Maybe even go to a party and get drunk, anything but this. "Come on Taylor. It won't be so bad, plus, I'll always be on your ear piece, so you can be insane like then and talk to yourself!" Will said, grinning like a bobcat. Kannon rolled his eyes, slamming the door. Wills laughs echoed through his ear on the ear piece as Kannon walked away.

"Shut up." He mumbled, and it grew quiet. Thank heavens. Kannon was greatful for Will, of course but he was so immature, always acting like a little kid. It drove Kannon...insane. Made him want to scream out of frustration almost. He closed his eyes once he reached the gate, taking a deep breath as he mentally ran over his cover story once more. My name is Kannon Bennett Taylor. I am 18 years old, I am a lie detector. I was born with my mutation but it didn't show through until I turned 14. My parents died when I was 16, and I was living with my aunt when I got the letter. I didn't come here at first because I didn't have enough money to make the trip. And now, here I am.

Once Kannon felt that he absolutely positively knew his story front and back, he slung his backpack over his shoulder and walked in. He looked around seeing mutants running and playing everywhere. Half of him was disgusted, while the other half of him just relaxed. We are normal people Kannon. Normal. Maria his childhood maids Spanish accent rang through his head as he tried to remember the things she taught him. It was just so long ago. He walked through the courtyard, his eyes settling on a mutant girl who was drawing in a sketch book.

"Go check her out." Wills voice echoed through his ear, and he knew Will was using the small camera they planted into his watch to see what he saw. Will was like Kannon, trying to decide whether or not they were doing the right thing. Neither of them spoke up however. They just...let things happen. "You got it." He mumbled, his lips not even moving. He was really good at doing that. He walked towards her, "tripping" over her leg. He stumbled, turning around and glaring at her. "Excuse me?" He asked. an eyebrow raised as he glared at her. He really didn't want to be there.

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Kannon stared at her in disbelief. Really? Was this girl for real? Take out the head phones and listen to the world! He thought, wishing he could scream it at her. Yes, he loved music, but the only time he had it loud enough that he couldn't hear anybody was when they tortured people, and right now Kannon felt like claiming that this was the most powerful mutant and having her tortured. He really didn't like her right now. Then again he never really liked anybody. Getting attatched to someone was bad, very bad. It meant that if they died, you would become weak, and Kannon Bennett Taylor was far from weak.

He question annoyed Kannon. What kind of first words was that? Are you new here? It made him feel like he was on mean girls or something. Which was the worst feeling ever. He was not a girl...but he was mean. That was a given. "Yeah. I just got here today. How long have you been here?" He asked, trying not to demand the answer. He just wanted to get out of this dump as fast as he could. He didn't like her or anybody else here. Ever.

Kannon dropped his bag on the ground and sat across from here, his hands on his knees. "I'm a lie detector. Born with it. You?" He asked, leaning forward slightly. He might as well get this over with. He had an entire school to meet...might as well start with her. He didn't care about a name until he found out power. That was all he needed to know. Power.

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Kannon scanned His surroundings, having not really gotten a hang of the area yet. "Hey Man, Commander sent in Clary..you two are partners now." Wills voice echoed in his ear. Kannons rage was tipped off. Clary? They sent in Clary? The least they could have done was give him someone to work with! Clary was a total blonde, a clutz and all she did was annoy the heck out of Kannon. It drove him over the edge.

Kannon looked up at her question, practically stewing about stupid Clary. He stared at her incrediculous. A sonic scream? Yeah. She was so not a threat. Sure she might make you go deaf, but that wasn't something that mattered when you were capturing someone. "That's great. Well...whenever someone lies I can tell. Even just by hearing the sound of their voice." He told her simply, shrugging. He had just slightly calmed down when Will repeated himself. "Listen it was real nice meeting you....um...Winn, but I gotta go get orientated and crap." He said simply, shrugging. "See you around." He then turned and walked away, his hands in his pockets as he pouted and sulked about them brining in Clary. "Really? Really Will?" He muttered, mumbling a few choice words that described will. "Hey watch it." Will snapped, having heard every single one of them. "Signing off." He said simply, ignoring Wills protests and switching the ear piece off. He needed to talk to Clary in private. Brat.

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Kannon sighed, frustrated and upset. Really? This girl didn't give up..did she? "Listen...Wendy," He said softly, placing his hand on her shoulder. Wrenn, Winn, Wendy...whatever her name is needed to leave him alone for a good half hour. She wasn't what he needed...so she needed to leave. "Its not going to work out between us. I'm sorry to break your heart, but just go back to your drawing." He said simply, Patting her head. "And leave me alone." He finished, glaring at her. He almost wanted to turn her in out of spite. It might even..no. It wouldn't feel good to watch her scream and whither in pain. No one deserved that. No matter how annoying they were. He trudged off into the distance, ignoring any other time she tried to talk to him. Ugh. Mutants.

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