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What is this book?

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message 1: by Skyler (new)

Skyler Klee (variegatedspoonie) FINALLY a dark side group I can ask this question in without getting weird looks and comments from people for my interest in books...
I can't remember what it's called.. so I kinda wanna ask if someone knows what I'm talking about... back when I was in 8-9 grade (so back in... 08-09) I was at the library carousing the adult fiction shelves when I came across a book that caught my eye. I don't remember the color of the book; except it was a hardcover book and it had a warning on the front that said it contained graphic scenes (which caught my eye >.<). The beginning of the book is a woman is jogging when someone pulls up beside her in a van; and brutally attacks her, kidnaps her, and puts her in a cage... I was too afraid to take it home so I didn't get to finish it.. but I have always wanted to reread the book.. anyone have an idea on what it could be?

message 2: by N.R. (new)

N.R. Burnette (nrburnette) | 3 comments Mod
I'm just guessing, Stolen by Lucy Christopher?

message 3: by Skyler (new)

Skyler Klee (variegatedspoonie) No I remember specifically she was out jogging.

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Skyler Klee (variegatedspoonie) Thanks though!

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