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message 1: by Fred (last edited Jul 26, 2014 05:54AM) (new)

Fred Wolinsky | 50 comments "The Doorways Trilogy" is coming to audio! Book 1, "Doorways," has just been released on, and Book 2 is currently in production. This book has been a NUMBER 1 BEST SELLER in Amazon for its genre. Now it is available as an audiobook.

In a few days, I will be announcing a GIVEAWAY CONTEST, where 3 lucky winners can get a free copy of the audiobook.

Here is a description of the book:
When Zach Black discovers a doorway, he enters a world similar, yet very different from his own. A world inhabited with vampires, werewolves, and zombies, Zach makes a journey like no other.

With the help of a beautiful vampire named Neanna Cera and a werewolf called William Weaver, Zach's journey to save the person he loves takes him through the Doorways. But the Doorways have the power to change you - altering your appearance and abilities as you pass between them.

What the Critics Say:

"I really did love this tale. It reminded me of Lemoney Snicket and The Spiderwick Chronicles with the detail of a Neil Gaimen novel. It has all the aspects to become the next great classic."((Greta) Paranormal Wastelands Book Reviews)

"This novel has a little something for everyone, and I feel like this adventure story and the writing style are similar to that of Tolkien and Lemony Snicket." (A Book Vacation Book Reviews)

Keep an eye out in this Goodreads Group for the contest announcement!

Fred Wolinsky (narrator)

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael (mobe1969) | 465 comments Sounds neat. Given part 2 is near and it is shortish I'd prefer to wait for the complete trilogy

message 3: by Fred (new)

Fred Wolinsky | 50 comments Hi Michael. Part 2 should be released in approximately 1 month. However, part 3 will take a bit longer. The book has not been published yet (but should publish soon), and then the audiobook will follow in a few months. I will continue to announce the progress in this group.

message 4: by Fred (new)

Fred Wolinsky | 50 comments The giveaway contest is now open! Details have been posted in a separate post in this Goodreads group under "Contests." Deadline is August 8. Or go to my website at

When the author listened to the audio version of "Doorways," his response was "The book really comes to life and even though I wrote it I got caught up in the story as if coming across it for the first time."

message 5: by Fred (new)

Fred Wolinsky | 50 comments Only 4 days left to enter to win one of 3 free copies of "Doorways: A Book of Vampires, Werewolves, and Black Magic."

Go to to enter

message 6: by Fred (new)

Fred Wolinsky | 50 comments Today (August 8) is the last day to enter to win a free copy of "Doorways." Check out this exciting fantasy audiobook -- the first book of "The Doorways Trilogy" by Tim O'Rourke.

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