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message 1: by Nick (new)

Nick | 30 comments Okay, so I’m finally out of things to read and I’m looking to try beta reading.

I’ve beta read in the past and my process includes leaving comments in MS Word review as I read along so the writer can see my reactions as their story unfolded to me in real time. I also include summaries and afterthoughts of my overall impressions.

I am not a copy editor so I generally don’t point out grammatical or structural problems unless I absolutely couldn’t get past your general usage of words or the way you chose to phrase something.

I am looking for Sci-fi/fantasy (and possibly horror) stories. Anything with a cosmic theme is a plus.

Please send blurb or story description to

Please NO partial stories (first 3 chapters, or segments of any kind).

I’m not big on filtering content though if there’s going to be heavily graphic erotica then please warn me ahead of time in your description.

MS Word is my preferred file type.

Only works of fiction please.

message 2: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Troske | 55 comments Hey Alex,
I just recently finished my first book of a planned series and am looking for readers. It's a teen/young adult, fiction piece in the realm of sci-fi/fantasy. If you like X-men, Heroes, or Percy Jackson type stuff, then you should enjoy this. Let me know if you're interested or want a summary or whatever. It is a bit long (almost 160,000 words) so if you feel like tackling it I'd greatly appreciate it. You can reach me at

message 3: by Lawrence (new)

Lawrence | 42 comments Nick, please let me know if you're interested in reading my novel? The work is polished. You can email me at:

Title: "Skipping Stones along the Kìchì Sibi"
Period: 1794-1816
Genre: Historical Fiction/with Fantasy substory
Location: The Canadas
Language: English
Rating: Some War violence
Age Level >16
Length: 135,000 (Slightly shorter than Last of the Mohicans)

This is about people drawn to a waterfall. The Kìchì Sibi runs through it.
An Irishman runs from a landlord who is tries to kill him. He continues to try to kill him in the new land.
An Algonquin woman, paddles against waves of mystery, foreboding and desolation.
A New Englander from near the Mohawk valley struggles to maintain order and influence in order stake his claim.
A free black man from a town near Boston brings his small children and the memories of his dead wife to a place with an undefined future.
Each crosses the paths of a Púca and the Wìsakedjà. Each have their sights on how to traverse through conflict, subterfuge and maybe redemption.

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