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message 1: by Valentina (new)

Valentina Markasović Anyone going to go see it? I'm pretty excited about it

inactive account (inactiveaccoun) | 4 comments I'm gonna see it!

message 3: by Valentina (new)

Valentina Markasović I'm going to see it today :D
Can't wait

inactive account (inactiveaccoun) | 4 comments Already saw it. I didn't like it....

inactive account (inactiveaccoun) | 4 comments I LOVED IT!

message 6: by Valentina (new)

Valentina Markasović hahaha, you almost got me, I was worried for a moment.

I hear people are saying it's even better than The Avengers

inactive account (inactiveaccoun) | 4 comments It is, but I didn't like the avengers as much as everyone else.. I mean I really liked it but it's not my favorite never will be... Even out of marvel movies and even out of movies that released in 2012.

message 8: by Valentina (new)

Valentina Markasović I don't know, I liked The Avengers well enough.

Someone hold me.
This movie is a whole new category. It had everything: action, romance (♥), humor (I'm still getting over the dance-off).

I'm just sorry I couldn't stay for the post-credits scene, we had to catch a bus.

message 9: by Anna (new)

Anna M. Watson | 60 comments It was very different. I loved it, but I can't compare it to other marvel movies. It's really a different thing all together. But well done. :)

message 10: by Lorelei (new)

Lorelei (purplepancakes1) | 19 comments I havn't seen it yet, but I'm dying to. I wonder if they have any t-shirts that say "I am Groot.". That'd be awesome!

message 11: by Anna (new)

Anna M. Watson | 60 comments If they don't already, I'm sure they will :) :)

message 12: by Lorelei (new)

Lorelei (purplepancakes1) | 19 comments Hope so !:-D

message 13: by mels, This isn't a friendship, it's a spaceship (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) | 3603 comments Mod

message 14: by Lorelei (new)

Lorelei (purplepancakes1) | 19 comments i want to see it so badly!

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Honestly, I don't want to see it.

message 16: by Valentina (new)

Valentina Markasović Really? Why?

Abbster, how did you like it?

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

I think it looks ridiculously cheesy.

message 18: by mels, This isn't a friendship, it's a spaceship (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) | 3603 comments Mod
It IS ridiculously cheesy, and it, in my opinion doesn't even compare to the Avengers, Winter Soldier, and Dark World, but I liked it... It was funny, I guess.

message 19: by Anna (new)

Anna M. Watson | 60 comments See, usually I'm not okay with cheesy, but this was...a good cheesy? They made it work somehow. Seriously, I didn't think I'd like it very much because I'm not one for movies that are primarily comedy, but I really enjoyed this one.

message 20: by Elisa (new)

Elisa | 23 comments I think it's really good for a first movie of the Guardians of the Galaxy...
So I'm really excited to see the next movie, I think they could do so much with this group!
@Anna: There's also very much comedy in the Avengers...
@Melisquish: I don't know... I liked Captain America 2 more than the first one but I think I prefer more funny heroes and Captain American is just like Superman, too patriotic and too idealistic. The Guardians of the galaxy are just too weird, I mean a living tree and a raccoon...

message 21: by Anna (new)

Anna M. Watson | 60 comments I realize there is comedy in the Avengers, but it's not primarily comedy. If one was to describe the genre of the Avengers, it would be action over comedy. I think with GotG it would be comedy over action, though both movies contained both elements. :)

message 22: by Elessar (new)

Elessar | 30 comments I love GotG cause they're so weird and amazing

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