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Serpent's Kiss (The Beauchamp Family #2)
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BUDDY READ:Paranormal/Fantasy > Serpent's Kiss by Melissa de la Cruz --> Starting July 26th

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Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments Yayyy

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments How many chapters are we reading a day? Or are we just reading at our own pace?

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments Sounds good!! Do you wanna say we finish by next week Saturday?

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments Ok great :) I might finish early, or if you finish early no worries :)

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments So I'm already on chapter 25! I'm enjoying this one a lot. My only complaint so far is that it seems like each of the girls / characters has a completely different set of issues or whatever they are going through and it is sometimes a little disjointed feeling. It seems like they aren't communicating and it's frustrating. I keep thinking and comparing it to the show (which has gotten really good this season!) and I feel like they aren't really as close of a family in the books, U know?

I'm going to try to finish this early so we can start Shadow of Night. I don't wanna read them together bc they're so similar I feel like I'll get confused! Lol.

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments Ok, no worries! I flew through it :) it's way better than the review book I'm reading so lol. I just finished! Ah the ending was SO good...I can't wait to read the next one now.

After we read SON do u wanna read winds of Salem? Also, are we gonna read Book of a life together too? Sooo many books lol.

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments Cool. Were we also doing another buddy read? I forgot bc I have so many lol.

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments I know, same with me! I'm read Dead Until dark and want to. Read Game of a Thrones too. I'm also reading Frozen

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments Awesome! I love her :) have you read Blue a bloods yet? I'm on Revelations, it's the 3rd book. I also wanna read The Ring and the Crown. Yeah, we should plan to read Game of a thrones sometime soon too! Maybe after this or whenever.

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments Ooh I really like blue Bloods. Are u a fan of any other ya vampire series?

Well, were you thinking sometime soon? Im down to start it after SON is done, or even before then if you want. Since it's so long we can take our time with it. That way I can keep reading all my review books I have scheduled and other BR's...

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Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments Yay I'm glad you liked the ending too! 5 stars,wow!
I completely agree with you about the closeness of the characters in the book. It is perhaps the thing that disappointed me the MOST! I felt like they weren't even a family, whereas in the show they discuss everything and Joanna is close to her daughters. I find it kind of sad, actually. I really wanna read Winds of Salem :) You're right that we don't have to worry about the show spoiling the book for us, since it's so different we don't know what will happen in either, which I like!

Do u wanna read Winds of Salem sometime this month (aug)? I am planning to start Sookie Stackhouse the first book this month :) I'm definitely on a witch and vampire kick this summer and I love it. It's crazy how many books we have in common on our TBR lol. As far as when to start GOT, I'm down to a tart whenever you want. We will read it slowly and since it's so long it shouldn't really disturb my other books I have to read (if that makes sense). So when you get home and feel like starting just let me know on the other thread or message me, whatevs. Sound good?

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments ME TOO.

I can't wait to read Winds of Salem! We gotta read it soon...after Shadow of night?

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 486 comments Awesome!!!

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