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Amy Of Tarth Name: Six
Age: 15
Year at camp: haven't arrived yet so 1
Godly parent: Ares
Claimed? no

Appearance: [image error]

Written description: six has blonde hair and blue eyes, enhanced by black mascara and eyeliner. She is slightly taller than you average 15 yr old and is 177cm. She is very skinny and some of her bones are quite prominent. Her skin, which is very pale is only augmented by the mascara and eyeliner, making her resemble a goth. She has scars in various places on her skin, mainly on her arms.

History: throughout her life, her mother wasn't a very good influence, always drunk or getting into trouble with the police. Finally when she was 11 her mother was arrested and sentenced to 1 year in jail and six was put into care. She had been named Gretal at birth, and never knew her father, she just assumed he was incarcerated. When she was 15 weird things stated happening, monsters chasing her down streets, trying to kill her. In the end she started running.
Mother - Phoebe Chandler - 38 - drunk, shoplifter, doesn't notice Gretal mainly due to intoxication.

Personality: six is very quiet and doesn't really talk but that doesn't mean she's as sweet as she looks. She can be quite bitter and when she's angry you're dead. She doesn't like how she looks and thinks she's fat so is anorexic, and has been since she was 13. Also, the cuts on her arms are from when she's had a particularly bad day and is feeling more hatred for herself and she takes it out on herself.

Weapon of choice: knife

Fatal flaw: her anorexia makes her weak, meaning she's not very strong.

- getting fat
- her dad
- people in general

- fighting
- singing
- tumbling

Other: six changed her name when she got to camp because she wanted to leave everything behind. it's six because her life revolves around 6 things: her anorexia, cutting herself, trying to stay away from her mum, trying to stop herself wanting to find out who her dad is because she'll just be disappointed, hating herself because she wants to find people who care about her but doesn't think people will like her, and singing. She isn't your typical child of Ares.

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Amy Of Tarth Done

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You should add the reason she's called six

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Amy Of Tarth ok done that :)

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Ok and the claimed thing you just put no if she hasn't arrived yet

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Amy Of Tarth k thx

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Amy Of Tarth thank you :)

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