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Most hated book?

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message 1: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Stowers | 2 comments What book can you just not stand?
(Keep in mind, be respectful)

For me, I just can't stand the gossip girl series.
It seems really superficial and shallow.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I agree, all those books like the clique, a-list, etc.

And no offense to all the twilight lovers but it's just gotten to the point where I can't take it anymore.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

oh! Just remembered. House of night tops the list all time.
Tacky vampire romance cult book, and the main character is a... Rhymes with bore

message 4: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Stowers | 2 comments I am a fan of Twilight but I agree, all the hype has kind of killed it

message 5: by H.M. (new)

H.M. | 2 comments Twilight is okay, compared to some books. NEVER READ THE COAL BLACK HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!

message 6: by Abby (new)

Abby (frazzles) Brianna wrote: "I am a fan of Twilight but I agree, all the hype has kind of killed it"

yes..thats exactly how i feel!

umm things fall apart was one of the most boring books ever..

message 7: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (sharpygreencatgirl) | 2 comments I read phantom tollbooth in fith grade and our teacher made a big deal of how great it wasn't. But the worst book i've ever read has got to be 'my side of the mountain'. Never read it!

message 8: by H.M. (last edited Apr 26, 2010 05:12PM) (new)

H.M. | 2 comments The worst book that I ever read was Coal Black Horse...Never read it. It is immoral, and it swears a lot. I am warning you right now, do not read it! And I know I already said that.

message 9: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (audreysides) I HATE twilight books. Enough said. I could go on for ages about how pathetic they are.

I actually kinda like the Phantom Tollbooth

message 10: by Beeeeee (new)

Beeeeee I didn't like Twilight particularly but I didn't hate it really.
I couldn't stand Kissing the Rain by Kevin Brooks or Charlaine Harris' series with Sookie Stackhouse. I found the characters irritating, the plot ridiculous and the dialogue was just the same old throughout!

Saying that though, I try not to hate books to much because after all the books that I don't like are in such small quantities compared to the books I like and love that I think I owe them my allegiance and should stand by them a bit haha!

message 11: by Mash (new)

Mash I havn't read (well, at least to the end) many bad books. But I have to say that it's either the probability of love at first sight or... wait. No. That's the only one I've read to the end. THAT.
OMG. I even hate the title.

Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ I hate The Wind in the Willows. Evil 3rd grade teacher made us read it & made fun of me because I couldn't read it (I'm dyslexic). So bad memories + didn't like it anyway.

Also hate Dickens' books. They're overwrought & convoluted.

message 13: by Courtney (new)

Courtney | 2 comments I just can't stand the Divergent trilogy and EVERYONE is reading it! I mean, what's the depth? All the dystopia novels really seem the same. Yes, I read the first two, but that was because of a compromise with a friend . Definitely not reading Alliegent!

Now, I totally agree with Bethany in that we shouldn't hate books, just dislike them. I still respect the authors. I still respect the fans. I don't respect the stories.

message 14: by Monica (new)

Monica (bookgirl2019) | 2 comments I couldn't finish sea witch book by Sarah Henning. It started out to be good and then it got very annoying in a few chapters in the book. I had stopped reading it and moved on to the next book. I wouldn't read Sea witch again. It's not really based on mermaids much as I would expected to be on.

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