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dreaмcнιld Name: Cinder Matthew
Age: 16
Year: 11th Junior
Species: Wiccan/Sorceress
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Single
History: Cinder was born in Germany to a Wiccan mother and Sorcerer father. Her parents were murdered by people who believed they was Saten worshipers. Her neighbor found her and raised her until she was eleven. Her powers had came in and he couldn't she her get murdered do he took her out to a cabin in the middle of the forest to survive on her own. She had almost died from lack of food and water when she found Auris.
Personality: Cinder's sweet and charming. She's a big flirt around guys. She can be stubborn and is a jokester. She is distant around people from being alone in the middle of no where. She loves to get into trouble so she's a typical troublemaker at times. She'll be a rebellious daredevil for the risk.
Pets: Timber wolf pup
Skills: Witchcraft and elemental control
Others: She wears a pentagram pendent her mother gave her at birth. And has a tattoo marking of an owl behind her ear.

*Wicca- is a modern name for witches and witchcraft. Mostly good witchcraft.
*Wiccan- is a person who studies and practices Wicca.

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