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Praying for Sheetrock: A Work of Nonfiction
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message 1: by Aubrey (new)

Aubrey (korrick) | 2004 comments Praying for Sheetrock, Melissa Fay Greene, 1991, United States, NONFICTION

"Praying for Sheetrock is a book about social change and the way it can really happen—in small measures, in individual homes, among participants who are simultaneously victims and heroes...With great affection and intimacy, Melissa Fay Green tells this story of the black citizens' fight for representation in the local government..."

(K.B.-B., p. 280)

message 2: by Sue (new) - added it

Sue | 56 comments This book has been on my shelf for years and definitely needs to be read. Thanks for highlighting it.

message 3: by Aubrey (new)

Aubrey (korrick) | 2004 comments My pleasure, Sue. The daily message is, above all, a method of exposure for books that may not be discovered otherwise.

message 4: by Sue (new) - added it

Sue | 56 comments Well I've made a point of adding this to my calendar. Thanks. And I'm reading each with an eye toward the future. I plan to read Jewett early next year too. I read Country of the Pointed Firs years ago and really don't remember anything except liking it.

message 5: by Aubrey (new)

Aubrey (korrick) | 2004 comments I look forward to your thoughts on both of them, Sue.

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