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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments (I'll post a picture later but for right now, it's an large penthouse that is bigger then the other pack members penthouse's with many rooms with anything to make any wolf comfortable along with an giant and long pool in the backyard that is up on top of the mountains but is really close to the city so that one could get there rather quickly in an manner of minutes)

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((Ok))

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Amelia helped Jake into the Alpha's penthouse, supporting him on one side. "You need to sit down Jake." she told him, worry laced in her voice.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Jake growls lightly, limping and trying not to show his pain. "I'll kill that bastard, I will," He growls.

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"Calm down Jake. The Alpha is taking care of it. You really need to rest." She went searching for a linen closet and found some towels and a first aid kit. She hurried back to Jake and got to work.

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Slip! | 1407 comments He grits his teeth in pain, glaring. "I should be the one to liberate you not Alex," he growls, flinching as she attends to his wounds

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"Jake you did. You did fight for me and I....I love you for it. But he was tearing you apart. Would you rather have Alex intervene or you have been killed and me taken by that brute?" Amelia worked on his wounds as gently as she could.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Jake is stiff, glaring at the wall. "No, I'd never want that for you. I just wish.." he clenches his hands, frustrated. "I should have been able to defend you for myself."

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Amelia put down what she was doing and grabbed his face, making Jake look her in the eye. "Jake, you are the best mate a girl could ever hope for. Do not beat yourself up about this. I love you." And with that she drew his face closer and kissed him softly.

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Slip! | 1407 comments He lets her kiss him for a moment before disengaging. "No, you don't understand. Even after today, at the next Moon Meeting he could invoke a PROPER challenge...or anyone could, for that matter. And if I cant defend you....I'll...I'll loose you for real.." His voice cracks

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"But he cannot invoke the challenge if I am pregnant with pups can he?" Amelia asked. "For then our fertility will be known to all."

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Slip! | 1407 comments Jakes eyes widen, considering it. "I'm not sure...No, he can't until the pups come of age themselves as adults."

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"And that will take 15 years. Plenty of time for us to make more pups and prevent him from challenging you ever again until I am to old." Amelia smiled gently at Jake. "See there is a way that you can defeat him."

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Slip! | 1407 comments "But does it prove strength? No, it says I know where to stick my cock. It is a cowards fight." Clenching his hands, he eyes Amelia with sudden feircness. "I mean to challenge him to the death the next full moon."

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"Jake...." Amelia started to say then stopped and sighed. She turned her head away. She knew his pride was damaged and he wanted to prove himself to her and himself. Amelia turned away and finished dressing his wounds, her face resigned.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Jake tried to relax, flinching at the sting every once in awhile. After awhile he finally speaks, stopping her.
"But how are you? did he...did he do anything?"

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Amelia looked down at her hands. "He.....he tried his hardest but before anything happened, that grey wolf Jeb showed up." She suddenly began shaking and crying. "Oh Jake I was so scared!"

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Slip! | 1407 comments "Shhh," Jake collects her in his arms, holding her close and rocking her lightly. "Shhh. It's ok now. He didn't touch you in any other ways?" He looks her over for evidence.

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Amelia shook her head. She continued to cry, holding onto him tightly. After a while, she regained some of her composure. "Here let me finish bandaging you." Softly came from her direction and she reached for the first aid kit she had set down a several minutes ago.

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((I g2g soon))

Jake lets her attend to her in silence, stewing inside, hating to see her in pain.

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Amelia finished bandaging him then climbed onto the couch and sat next to him. She curled up into a ball and laid her head on his shoulder.


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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments (Hey, sorry I wasn't on. I was talking with my girlfriend and I got to go fight now since my phone is at 1 percent)

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((Aw, I'm sorry to hear about the everything ok between you two?))

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments (Why wouldn't.... oh. Sorry, I meant to put I have to go not. I have to fight)

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((Whaaat? XD))

Sighing, Jake checks over Amelia's work, satisfied and sits with her, waiting for the return of their alpha. Deep anger makes him hope that Alex would have destroyed Seth.

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments (Why would we fight and it's your turn to reply at the base)

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((I thought you said you said you had a fight with your girlfriend on the phone. There is communication errors going on here! XD And i responded, so we can convert it here now))

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All the fear she had felt and her crying caught up with Amelia and she fell asleep on Jake's shoulder, holding his arm possessively. When he would move she growled softly and clutched him tighter.

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments (I meant to put I was talking with my girlfriend on the phone and I had to go because my phone was at 1 percent)

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((ok ok gottcha XD ))

Jake holds her tightly, on alert for his alpha, hoping beyond hope that justice was paid for Seth's crimes.

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments Alex walked to his penthouse and back in human form though he was still missing his shirt and just had on his shorts, socks and shoes

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Slip! | 1407 comments Jake gently distangles himself from Amelia and leaps to his feet, ignoring the twinges of pain from his wounds, eyeing his Alpha over with anxiety and some anger. "Was justice served?" He growls.

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments Alex looked at him and said "Sit down." as he walked inside mentioning Jeb to go in as well if he wished

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Slip! | 1407 comments Clenching his hands open and closed into fists, Jake lowers himself again, glancing at Jeb who leans against the wall, arms crossed, looking nonchalant. But a connection between Jake and Jeb had already been made during the fight, a comradery, and Jake couldn't put enough gratitude into his gaze at Jeb

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Amelia felt herself being pushed aside. She opened her eyes blearily. She saw the Alpha and stood up just behind Jake so she could support him along with the feeling that it was her spot as his mate.

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments "Did Amelia treat your wounds?" Alex murmured as he walked up a pair of stairs then came back downstairs after a couple of minutes, wearing a black muscle shirt

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Slip! | 1407 comments Jake nods, "yes, she did a wonderful job too." He then glances at Jeb. "Do you need anything attended to?"

Jeb snorts, which is when Jake notices that there is hardly a scratch on him. "I have fought many hundred battles in my life, pup, no. I have nothing to attend to."

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Amelia nodded to Jeb. She also noticed that he had not a scratch on him. "Thank you" she tells him quietly.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Jeb glances at her with searing eyes, taking in her figure. "There isn't a female i wouldn't fight for," he murmers. "As i told your alpha, where i come from, females are too few and too precious."

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments Alex walked over to Jake and undid the bandages on his shoulders, chest, ribcage and hands and gently touched the wounds then looked outside and saw that it was nearly sunset then said "The healing process is already starting. The wounds will be healed and gone in a couple of minutes or at sunset." then he put the bandages back on and walked to the back window at the back of the window and leaned against the wall, staring outside

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Amelia blushed furiously and went and sat back down beside Jake.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Jake smiles at Amelia, kissing her head lightly. "You did well, my love." he murmers.

Jeb watches them with an interesting mix of fascination and disgust on his face, then settles with a roughish smile.

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments Alex stared outside the window when he began thinking about Anne and he smiled slightly

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments (Gtg)

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((aw :( Ok.))

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Amelia smiled at Jake. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the roguish grin Jeb had on and wondered about it. Then she turned and looked the Alex to see what he would say next.

((Sorry I disappeared. My phone was being stupid and I was too lazy to pick up my laptop))

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((Since Carlos is gone we can move the rp to Jake's penthouse?))

"Come one, lets get you home," he says to Amelia softly, scooping her up in his arms. He glances at Jeb. "You are welcome to stay with us, if need."

Jeb shrugs again, an action he seems particularly fond of.

Taking it as confirmation, Jake carries her out, leading the way.

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Amelia giggled when Jake picked her up. "Jake I can walk silly." Could be heard as the left the penthouse.

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((Converinng to JAKES PENTHOUSE NOW))

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 295 comments Alex listened as they left and he rubbed his face slightly then he went outside and shifted then ran down the mountain to the park

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