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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments Hello there,Any ideas you may like?

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Yeah. I was thinking about a romance between a bad boy and a good girl. I prefer to be the girl.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments I would prefer to be the boy,I guess we are great.

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Alright! Let's make characters!

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments DEtailed...?
I am not good at that with random topics.

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[ name ] Allison Marie Peters
[ age ] 16
[ appearance ]
[ personality ] Allison is pretty shy yet sweet. Her shy and timidness comes from what happens at home. Her father has been abusing her ever since she could remember.

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I'm not that detailed.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments Name: Day Keller
Age: 17
Personality: Day is witty, smart, and quick on his feet. He's almost overly intelligent, but he has a mild temper that can be crossed if you know the right buttons to push.
He's rather a jerk who never cares about hurting girl as long as he gets to sleep with them.He picks his friends with care, and can tell a loyal soul from a bad one.
Day is a bit on the cocky side, and knows his talents. He doesn't like being outdone at something, and this can easily turn him from the nicest demon out there to a downright snarky bitch.
He doesn't scream when he's angry, instead he talks in a very calm and collected voice that gives you chills. It's often described as far worse than being yelled at. He's a bit of a ladies man, and likes hanging out with the more intelligent people. He's a fan of cinema and television, but pours himself into books and music. He also is a very experienced gamer.

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I love him.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments haha he's me accept the being a jerk to girls XD

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XD I'll start.

Allison walked into school silently, her head down. Her dad had beaten her last night because she had gotten a bad grade on her homework.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments Day stood,leaning on his locker talking to his friends about the awesome party that was going to be at his house that weekend and everyone was going.He smiled flashing his boyish smile around.

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She tried to get to her locker but his friends were in the way.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments Day walked over. "Oh… is that your locker? "He asked. "How about a kiss and I let you by"He smirked to his friends.

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"N-No." She shook her head and looked at her feet, trying to make her way to her locker.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments He stood in front of it not moving at all. "Then I'm sorry but I like this locker, think I'll keep it"He said in a british accent.

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"P-Please move." She had covered all of her bruises with makeup.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "No"He said simply. He leaned close. "Why so much makeup? "

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"None of your business."

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments He moved some of her face with his thumb and noticed the bruise."Fell?" He asked as he leaned in close kissing her lips.

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She whimpered and pulled away quickly. "Y-Yeah." Her dad had threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "Clumsy?"He asked. "Let me help with that, I have a party and your coming to it"He said smiling.

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"N-No, I can't." She whispered, quickly opening her locker.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "Awesome, I'll pick you up, don't worry"He kissed her, pushing her against the lockers.

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She let out a scream and tried to get away, tears starting to roll down her cheeks. This was all too much for her. She was emotionally and physically scarred by the abuse that she went through every day.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments He looked at her confused."Ummm are you okay?" he asked slighty worried."I just kissed you" he said confused pulling her outside the school away from people.

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"S-Stop." She panicked as he brought her outside. Allison squirmed around, trying to get free as she blinked back tears.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "What's your deal?" He asked letting her go but cornering her so she couldn't leave.

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She started crying, washing away the makeup that covered her black eye. Allison made sure to wear t-shirts and sweaters everyday to cover up the scars on her back from when her father had whipped her. "P-Please. S-Stop." She whispered, curling up in the corner.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments He followed her closer. "Tell me, who hurt you? "he asked.

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"N-No one." She croaked, cowering in the corner in fear of him. She knew that he was a bad boy and could easily hurt her. She couldn't tell him about her dad because he would kill her. Because of the abuse, Allison hadn't eaten in a week and she had no money for lunch at school so she was starving.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "Tell me now"He said quickly. "I'll hurt them"He said smiling.

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She shook her head shakily. "N-No."

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "People, who does it… it right"He sighed.

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Allison was silent, hugging her knees to her chest as tears streamed down her face at a rapid pace. She was shaking with fear.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments He pulled her up quickly. "please, I won't hurt you"

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She looked at him. "I-I can't tell you."

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "Please… I need to help you"He said kissing her.

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She whimpered and pulled away as he kissed her again. Allison shook her head. "He said if I told anyone, he would k-kill me."

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "Well I'll protect you" he said seriously.

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She looked at him. "Y-You will?"

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "Yes,Only if you kiss me" he said smiling as he tried to make her feel better.

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She shook her head immediately.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "I'm kidding, tell me" he said quickly.

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She shook her head. "I-I can't tell you."

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "I said I would protect you and I meant it"He said seriously.

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"I-I'm sorry!" She flinched.

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Day (yes2danny) | 608 comments "I want hurt you"He said holding her hand softly.

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She kept crying silently.

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