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~ There are five professors (one for each sense) and one dean. The dean is obviously Aaron Zachariah, and the professors are close, longtime friends of his. They specialize in one sense and teach a whole, individual class on it. If you create a professor and aren't active for 3 weeks without telling a mod beforehand why, then he/she will be deleted and up for grabs to be created again.

~Here's an outline, but you don't have to use this exact one. Just be sure to include all of the necessities.

~Professors must be approved.


Sense That They Teach:
Other Sense(s): Optional




Appearance: Please include an image or link.

Personality: At lease a paragraph

History: At least two paragraphs

Teaching Method(s): Ex. Is he/she the 'tough love' type, or are they really kind and understanding? Do students really like him/her, or are they the dreaded teacher? Does he/she teach with a lot of lectures, or are they more hands on?






Relationship Status:


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The Dean
Senses: All - taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing.

Name: Aaron Joel Zachariah
Nickname(s): N/A

Age: 27
Birthday: February 8

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual


(view spoiler)

"You do this, you do. You take the things you love, and you tear them apart." -Richard Siken

Aaron is a man of few words, and he is terrified of the thoughts that silently scream within the confines of his head. He is scared that one day when he speaks, they'll find a way out. When he does engage in conversation, he is fairly charming but a bit set off. People can't help but notice how different he is even if they can't put their finger on it. Even his closest friends can't help but acknowledge how detached and queer he seems. He is extremely intelligent with both book smarts and street smarts. Aaron has an old soul, but he just can't figure life out. People think they know him, but all they know is the mystery; if they ever figure it out, he'd love to know.

When he was younger, all Aaron could see was the chaos blazing across the Earth and finding its way inside of his mind. It all went to him, and he felt like he truly carried the weight of the world. People were despicable, for they carried on with their minute worries, and they feared him. He hated them for being able to live normally, to live happily. He hated life. So why continue to live?

After his attempted suicide and his 'angelic intervention,' he started to despise life less and force it to get better. It was time to start taking charge. Sure the demons still whisper in one ear, but now he hears the angels singing in another, and they are far stronger than the bad. Aaron has a strong drive to help people, so they never have to get to the low point where he was.

"When life gives you lemons, throw 'em away and say, "Hey life, you're a bitch. Give me something better like lemonade or something." -Ian Hecox

Aaron Joel Zachariah knew that something was different about him from the first breath he took on this Earth in that hospital in Sydney, Australia. At that time, he could have never imagined how extraordinary he truly was. Adults that made his acquaintance when he was a child were always... alarmed. Most urged their blissfully ignorant kids to stay away from his for no reason other than the queasy feeling they got in their gut when they were around him, so he grew up basically friendless. You see, he was different; he was disturbed. Aaron had magnified senses. He could hear, see, smell, taste, and feel things other people couldn't. People have romanticized having superpowers in their little, cute stories, but the truth is, it sucks.

As far as his family, his mother died after giving birth to his younger brother, and his father downright hated him. He was the oldest of three children, and the only person in the family that he got along with was his sister, Juliet. As they got older, however, she became enthralled with this one guy, and at 15, she found herself pregnant. Aaron was always there for her in her hardest times, but her hardest times became his as well. His father hated the fact that Juliet was pregnant, and in his rage, he took it upon himself to start physically abusing Aaron. The pain from the first blow was so very excruciating, and when Aaron tried to retaliate, his father would threaten to beat his younger brother, Micheal. Even though Micheal despised Aaron, he couldn't bring it upon himself to be the cause of his younger brother's pain, so he endured it. When Juliet finally gave birth, she passed away like her mother before her, and her child was all that was left. Their father put the baby girl up for adoption, and life continued on. But Aaron slowly started slipping away. There was nothing good to live for anymore. He quickly started to fall down the steep decline to self destruction. Drinking, drugs, women... none of it eased the screams.

At the age of 17, he stood on the edge of a cliff that had a long drop into the ocean with the intent to end his life. Maybe then everything would go silent, and he wouldn't be tortured by this world anymore. That was when an old man walked out and asked, "Can I help you in some way?" Aaron started talking to the man, the first person that hadn't run away from him, and eventually, he walked away from the edge and decided to do something with his life.

He moved to America and found other people, albeit a very small number, that were like him. Most that he met only had one magnified sense, and only a couple had two. None ever had all five like he did, but almost all of the people he met with an enhanced sense(s) were confused and hopeless. He made it his life's goal to help people like him. So, he went about in making a state of the art school to help them learn in an environment that also helped them deal with their 'differences.' Aaron sends out full ride scholarships out to people with magnified senses to his school, and they don't find out its true purpose until they arrive there.

Teaching Method(s): Aaron doesn't teach classes, but he does occasionally pop in a class from time to time. Students, for the most part, admire him, but they speculate about him. The mysterious persona that drifts around him tends to spark lots of rumors, but most students wouldn't dare to confront him. He has a lot of compassion for all of his pupils, but he is fairly strict and is definitely more of the 'tough love' kind of guy.

~He plays the piano well.
~Mathematical equations
~Academic matters
~Literature and reading
~Helping strangers
~Controlling his senses

~Making friends/allies
~Makes people frustrated

~Helping others
~Staying under the radar
~The ocean

~Things that overwhelm his senses
~Ignorant people
~Sometimes a bit of everything

Mother - Deceased
Father - 50
Sister - deceased (died at 15) was 1 year younger than Aaron
Brother - 19

Relationship Status:Single


 *RoseyCheeksReviews* (roseycheeksreviews) Sense That They Teach: hearing voice , and seeing things
Other Sense(s): hearing voices

Name: spirit george
Nickname(s): misty

Birthday: october 31

Gender: female

Appearance: .

Personality: Spirit is a very caring person, always puts other's before herself, even if she gets the bad end of the stick, as long as other's are happy then tha'ts all that matter's. She lights up a room, nothing is terrible everything can be turned into good.

History: spirit was a younge child when she notice she could hear people, but she shrugged it off living with her grandparents, life wasn't easy. she was always made fun of for being a tall girl, she had no friends she was an out cast. people made fun of her for having no parents, spirit wanted to kill herself till she heard a soft voice say , " no baby you have bigger things in life you must do" till this day spirit believe it was her mother that spoke to her. Since then she wanted to help teach young children everything's about being able to hear voices, she found the Zachariah Institute

Teaching Method(s): Spirit uses the hands on approach, books mean nothing to her when it come to teaching, she realized when she taught English 11 that the kids learned more from working with their body or watching instead of reading. Children love spirit , she is like the mother, sister, best friend none o them had. She is a symbol of guidance.

Strengths: keen sight of emotions, excellent with her words, very trust worthy

Weaknesses: people crying makes her cry, making people upset

Likes: writing, and teacher, helping people figure out what they are, running, planting

Dislikes: people who dont respect elder's,

Family: none (orphan)

Relationship Status: single
Crush/Bf/Gf/Married: none

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Wait, so let me get this straight... She teaches the kids with magnified hearing?

 *RoseyCheeksReviews* (roseycheeksreviews) And maybe seeing things

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Would it be okay if she could see things and helped kids out with that, but just specialized in teaching the kids with magnified hearing?

 *RoseyCheeksReviews* (roseycheeksreviews) your the boss LOL, yeah that sounds good

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Thank ye! :) She is Approved!

 *RoseyCheeksReviews* (roseycheeksreviews) awesome :D

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  “Ɯну αм ι ιη α ωσяƖɗ σf ιηcσмρєтєηт fσσƖѕ?”

Sense That They Teach: Magnified Touch
Other Sense(s): Magnified Touch and Sight

{Isaac Connor O’Neil}
Nickname(s) None

{Age} 26
Birth Date~ April 25th
Residence~West Virginia

{Gender} Male
Availability~ Single


(view spoiler)
[Facial Claim] Daniel Sharman
[Nationality] British
[Hair Color/Style] Light brown; Curly
[Eye Color] Bright Green
[Height] 6’1’’
[Weight] 158
[Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos] No tattoos or markings

▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ ƤєяѕσηαƖ ▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂
 "ǀ тяυѕт уσυ, αηɗ тнαт'ѕ ησт єαѕу fσя мє тσ ѕαу”

Isaac has a rather compelling personality, that often drives people towards him. He loves a little adventure, and he’ll always be the guy signing up to try new things. Often times he doesn’t tend to make long last relationships with people, ‘cause he’s done with being hurt. Sure, he wants to have fun and find the love of his life, but not when it comes at such a cost. He’s perfectly fine with flings, and friendships, but often times he tries not to get his feelings involved. Isaac also has a rather close relationship with his family, due to the fact he see them as some of the only people he can turn to whenever he needs them. He’s also rather impulsive, and it’s always the little things that set of this impulsive side. Another thing would be, that when he does manage to make connections with people he can become very protective, and he often doesn’t let anyone mess with his friends.
 ǀ cαη fєєƖ уσυ ѕтαηɗιηg тнєяє ______

Ɓυт, αяє уσυ яєαƖƖу нєяє ωιтн мє? __________

~Living on Edge
~A girl who can cook
~Tattoos (even though he doesn't have any)

~Sitting Back
~Boring People
~Awkward Silence
~Getting too close to people

~Ability to Read people
~Controlling His enhanced sense

~Inability to trust people

[Teaching Method(s)] Isaac is often the teacher that is both kind and understanding, but he doesn’t tend to show that during class. Often times he’ll be a hard ass, in class, but after classes he takes the time to get to know his students and help them out with their problems.

Isaac was born in Great Britain, and he had a pretty ordinary childhood. That would be if reading people’s feelings, and seeing things that weren’t there was indeed ordinary. At a younger age he rambled on about all of these little things, which caused his mother to give him concerning looks, and lecture him not to say that in front of guests or family. Of course he was obedient and kept things to himself, but he had no idea why. Wasn’t this normal? Growing up he soon realized that it wasn’t at all normal. He began to grow silent, fearing he was going insane, and that if he said much more his parents would get rid of him. After all, he was only the middle child, they could do much more without him. Once of age he decided moving to the states, and getting as far away from his past would be the best thing for him.

[Zachariah Institute]
After a few years in the states, and a major heartbreak in between Isaac wandered upon the institute. In all truths he had heard a few teens mumbling about it in some coffee shop, and it was fair to say he was intrigued. He’d done his best to ignore this side of him, but it was easier said then done. Meeting with the Dean he soon discovered that it was a school for people that were just like him. Soon enough he enlisted himself for a job. It might’ve been too late for him to attend high school, or college, but he wanted to help those like him. Make them feel safe, and as normal as they possibly could.

[Relationship History]
Isaac was engaged to be married when he was 21, but that soon changed when he got cancer. Bree (the women who was his fiancé) left his side, saying she was too young. Now he's not really looking for any serious relationships.

Mother: Nicole O’Neil
Father: Jacob O’Neil
Older Brother (28): Garrett O’Neil
Younger Brother (17): Brad O’Neil

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Nice character, but I'm just a tad unclear as to what his main enhanced sense is. Clear that up, and he's good to go! :)

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Morgan Fixed it to magnified touch instead :)

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Great! He's Approved! :)

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