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An old room in the East Wing, where many of the rooms are uninhabited or not used.

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A searing pain rocketed through Samuel's torso, causing groans of pure agony to pass through his gritted teeth. He'd already pulled the icicle from his tender flesh, leaving it to melt on the polished wooden floor. Having collapsed onto his side, a scarlet puddle of his own blood was forming, staining the oak flooring a crimson color. His face had paled considerably, feeling drained as his body fought to keep up with the rapid blood loss. His cells hadn't yet started the healing process, simply trying to keep him alive. Trying to assess the damage. He brought his fingers down to where he'd been stabbed. As he prodded the area with his fingers delicately, he tried to feel how deep the wound went. What he found startled him. There was no depth to the injury, it went all the way through him.

He immediately started gasping for air, finding himself scared to death that there was a hole through his body. He'd recovered from plenty of accidents but this one seemed far worse. He pulled his hand back and curled the fingers of his hands, pressing them to his chest as he tried to calm down. He was a big boy, he could handle getting a boo boo. However, this wasn't just a boo boo. It was enough to kill a normal person and he was never more grateful that he wasn't a 'normal person'. Being a mutant certainly had its pros and cons and right now, he was only seeing the positive side of it.

Caitlyn's shouts were easily drowned out by the shock that was paralyzing him, gluing him to his awkward position on the floor. What he heard was muffled, something that sounded like his name and he knew who the angelic voice belonged to right away. That girl. The one who started it all; the chase, the ice, the rescue, the feelings. It had been a life-altering day and now he wasn't even sure if he was going to be able to see how things would change in his life from here on out; if they would even change at all. Could his body even heal in such a weak state? He didn't know, he'd never really pushed himself this far before. Mostly on the streets it was just street fights with human gang members and perhaps some mild physical strain but he'd never experienced it to this degree before. His body was working overtime, struggling to do what had seemed to simple before. Heal.

Suddenly, a beautiful face appeared in his line of vision and a pair of cold hands enveloped his now seemingly delicate face. His whole being radiated innocence and desperation as he fought to keep himself conscious. It was difficult because after being stabbed so harshly, he was pretty much traumatized. Though, he didn't put it past these people, having not trusted them to begin with. He was pulled from his thoughts when he noticed the tears streaming down her face as she sobbed out his name. "Caitlyn." He breathed, wrapping his arms around her and clutching her to his chest. He was so scared, never before having had to worry about not cheating death.

She had wrapped her arms around his neck, apologizing for something that she didn't even do and promising that he would get help. However, he didn't need help. "I don't-" He began, trying to explain what his cells were working on accomplishing inside of his brawny being but he was interrupted when the rest of the vested mutants came barging in. Being pretty much useless at the moment, he didn't really know what he was going to do about them. As if on cue, like she'd realized he wasn't able to do anything besides lie there, Caitlyn spoke up. As she released him from her hold he was surprised by the anger that laced her usually gentle voice, actually slightly afraid of what a girl like her would do when enraged. He didn't know much, well anything really, about women so he was at a total loss.

His body was slowly catching up, and he could feel the wound beginning to heal, at a much for a rapid pace now. Honestly, it was weird to be able to feel your own body repairing itself, almost as if little workers were busy patching up the damage that was done. He couldn't breathe as the bleeding stopped and the flesh that had once been inside of him regrew and the skin that had been torn was renewed. It happened within a matter of seconds, his body recovering perfectly. Relief flooded him as he saw that his stomach looked brand new, not even a scar left where that gaping hole had been. The only thing that hinted that he had been injured was the scarlet smear of blood that remained on his healthy skin, just above his hip bone.

He sat up quickly, getting a bit dizzy, when he saw the plants that adorned the entryway suddenly go crazy. Staff members were caught left and right by the vines that seemed to hunger for their restraint. As he tried to determine what kind of mental illness he had contracted from these lunatics, it all suddenly clicked. That was....Caitlyn. His eyes widened as he witnessed just what her mutation was. She could control plants. He could imagine that being viewed as a weak power, nothing but daisy growing and apple ripening, though what he saw was extremely powerful. She had managed to detain every single one of their pursuers, something not even he could have done. Even he had to admit that his was impressed. She obviously wasn't just some weak little girl who was absolutely defenseless and honestly, he found it highly attractive.

When she buried her face in his shoulder again and started rubbing his back, he realized that she didn't know he was healed. However, he didn't have time to explain it to her because the strongest member of the staff was already starting to break through the vines. Great. Clambering to his feet, he picked Caitlyn up with ease and bolted. There was no time to fill her in on the fact that he was trying to find somewhere for them to hide, he could only hope that he would actually find one. He pumped his legs as fast as they would go, searching through hallway after endless hallway for somewhere that would be safe for them. Footsteps could be heard in the distance but they seemed to be going in the opposite direction. Idiots. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of running, he came across a room that looked like it hadn't been touched it years, the door frame lined with cobwebs. Perfect.

Twisting the knob, he opened the door quickly and stepped inside before anyone could see. There hadn't been anyone in the hallways and he assumed it was because all of the students were in class, but he still didn't feel comfortable lingering out in the open, so he took a chance and barged in. All that was to be found was some old furniture, cloaked in white sheets that were caked in dust. The room was obviously abandoned, clearly either long forgotten or simply no longer used. Closing the door behind him, he kept Caitlyn in his arms, his hold firm around her waist as he freed up one arm to pull a chair in front of the door with ease. He crossed the room once he was certain no one could get in, even locking the ancient door, leaning up against the wall and slowly sliding down it. He was completely exhausted, shirtless and his abdomen still had blood tainting his fair skin and causing irritation. He couldn't have imagined this day, this chance to come to the Academy, having gone any better.

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E M M A ((AWW))

Catie nearly fainted after being so enraged, suddenly her hot body temperature from being so worked up plummeting to a near death core temperature. Using her powers always had this effect on her, only worsened and dramatized by the cold and run of incidents that morning. She was so in trouble now, probably would either be expelled or locked up for what she was doing, those vines squeezing harder as she only saw sams looks of agonizing pain, the soft whimpers and gasps she had had to endure hearing and not be able to do anything about. All Caitlyn would ever see was Sam, tears streaming down her face as her fists squeezed, tightening the yellow jackets and deflecting their attempts at attack.

One of the professors were infuriated, one who could emit energy orbs at high speeds, ones that would leave one stunned. A sharp strangled scream escaped Catie's lips as she was knocked backwards by the orbs, the holds on the vines weakening as she knocked her body backwards, falling weakly into the wood floorboards. She could faintly see Sam, getting up wothou any problem, gathering her in his arms. Caitlyn whimpered softly, her entire body feeling paralyzed, before closing her big brown eyes. Her blonde head rested on Samuels shoulder, her legs dangling from where e kept her hugged to his chest and her arms slung over his back as he ran.

The staff members were solely about killing the two now, even against the professors pleas to make them stop, that pursuing the troubled ones would only worsen things. The first one who had hit Catie freed the entire team, half of them off to stalk the two down, while the other half fussed about the girls health and wondered who the boy was. The headmaster recognized it as Samuel Reid, a student he had invited here weeks ago. The boy was finally here, but now there was no possibility of him ever staying. It was a shame, since the headmaster had particularly been concerned about Mr. Reid's particular lifestyle of only pain and suffering.

Caitlyn was conscious again when Samuel slipped unevenly in a deserted hallway, her allergies acting up with how much dust was in this empty wing. Not to mention that the heater systems were cut off from the side, and even some snow fell in unpatched roofs in some of the old rooms. Catie was still a little dazed, and the bumpy motions of Sams running made her nauseated. She needed to sit down, lay down even. Snuggle in her warm bed, with her little stuffed animal she kept secret under her covers. "S-Sam..." Catie groaned softly, lifting her head slightly from Sam's warm shoulder. She managed to hold her stomach down, her whole body breaking out in cold sweat as she trembled, very well out of sorts. It didnt help that she was extremely ill as well with half her over clothes missing.

Catie closed her eyes again, tears welling in her eyes as she squirmed in sams arms, at such a discomfort that made her want to scream. Only if she had any energy left. After the orbs blasted at her earlier, her body had been weakened significantly. She was helpless, like a child, in sams steady grip as he ran, his heart pounding in his bare chest. Catie found comfort hearing it beat, knowing he was alive. He was alive! The icicle! Samuel couldn't be running with it! There was a hole straight through his stomach, for crying out loud! "Sam! S-stop, your wound...!" Caitlyn protested weakly, barely in a hoarse whisper.

They were concealed in an old room, everything about it seeming rather creepy in the dim gray light of the winter afternoon. The door was locked, a chair was even propped up. Where were they? What was this place? Samuel sat down against a wall, her frail body still in his grasp. Catie made an attempt to sit up straight, her empty stomach churning once again as her rather green skin became sweaty, when it was freezing. Caitlyn crawled off his lap, making an awful retching noise as far as she could managed from him. Her hands and knees were coated with dust immediately, and her hair had gotten tangled in webs.

Catie whimpered loudly, whining as she swept her hands weakly at the invisible bothersome strands, rather frustrated and scared and unhappy. "Help!" Caitlyn yelped, having seen a spider in the web above her in the corner she had vomited in, cheeks wet yet again with her miserable tears. "I just want to g-go home!" Catie sobbed, giving up on the webs and just collapsing in a pile in the dusty floorboards, her shoukders shaking softly. She didnt care that Samuel saw her anymore, she didnt care if he thought she was weak. Because she was. Her bones were extremely brittle, she was starving, cold, exhausted, sleep deprived- you name it, she had it.

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Samuel's back was ramrod straight pressed up against the surprisingly cold wall of the room. His short breaths puffed into the air, producing small white clouds of his recycled oxygen. The more he thought about it, the more he realized how absolutely freezing it was in the room where they'd found sanctuary. Did they even have heating in the room? It didn't seem likely, but the frigid temperature was good for at least one thing; soothing his blistering anger. One of the teachers had dared to hurt her. He'd thrown some kind of energy sphere at his Caitlyn and that just wasn't acceptable. He'd wanted to exact his revenge, make him pay for what he had done to her, but leaving the scene seemed like the best course of action. He couldn't have risked her getting hurt again, what was left of his heart just wouldn't allow it.

He remembered that she'd been fussing about his wound as he was running with her, but he was far too tired to explain why he wasn't still on the floor, crying out in agonizing pain. Besides, she was already crawling off his lap anyway. Wait....why was she crawling off his lap? She hadn't made it far when he heard the sound of her throwing up whatever was still left in her seemingly delicate stomach. It was amazing to him how her sensitivity wasn't just on the surface, it seemed to be woven into her DNA, making her such a fragile little thing. He tended to feel dominant and powerful in the presence of those that he could hurt or even destroy with his abilities, but that wasn't the case with her. Her weakness only made him want to....take care of her. It was an odd feeling honestly, one that not even he could place the origins of. Nobody had ever want to care for him so why on earth did he want to care for her?

To him, it made absolutely no sense but he didn't have time to really think it through though because she started yelling for help. He scrambled to his feet, moving quickly and closing the distance between them within mere seconds. "What's the matter?" He asked, his voice gruff as he scanned the area for anything that could possibly pose a danger to the girl. That was when he saw a small spider crawling it's way towards the beauty on the floor beside him. With a stamping of his shoe over the little arachnid, the threat was neutralized and he thought she would smile, and thank him in that wonderful way that she did, but that's far from the reaction he got.

She curled up on the floor and began to cry again, causing his face to fall and his features to cloud over with sorrow. Was he the one who caused her to be so sad? It seemed like it and it hurt him to think that way,so he did his best not to. Instead, he focused his energy on trying to console her as she sobbed helplessly on the dusty floor beneath her frail body. He got down there with her, lying his body next to hers' hesitantly, as he wasn't sure how exactly she would react. He was lying on his side, his pale skin stretched taut over his muscular back, his vertebrates clearly visible through the soft skin of his body. The floor was far from a comfortable resting place, but it was the best they had right now. He honestly wasn't sure how long they would be hiding there but he wanted to make sure that she was cared for, made as comfortable as possible.

He tentatively wrapped his strong arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him and trying to keep her warm as she sobbed about going home. A pang rocketed through his chest, clenching his heart and upsetting him even though his stony expression gave away nothing. He had wished for so long that he would have a home, but the Academy journey had failed miserably, resulting in only the provocation of his anger and of feelings that he didn't quite understand. He rubbed her back gently, so uncertain about what to do in a situation like this. Was he supposed to tell her everything would be okay? That was a lie. They had no idea how things would turn out so he decided against giving her false hope. What else was there to say? "I-I......I'm sorry." He apologized, feeling like that was the best thing he could say to her. He'd basically ruined her day, gotten her hurt and managed to most likely get her kicked out of the school. What a way to make a good first impression.

"Don't cry." He pleaded, hating seeing her cry. She deserved to smile, to be happy and healthy like she had seemed when he first laid eyes upon her. He knew he'd only managed to make things worse for her and he hoped that she would accept his apology so that he could forgive himself though he doubted it was possible. He pressed her to his chest, the thought striking him that he still hadn't explained that he wasn't fatally wounded any longer. "Caitlyn." He whispered, taking one of her tiny hands in his and letting it rest on his hip so that she could see for herself that he was okay. Maybe that would put a smile on her face....something had to, or else Samuel was going to slip into a depressive type sorrow and that was never ever a good thing for him.

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