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How to Suppress Women's Writing
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Aubrey (korrick) | 2004 comments How to Suppress Women's Writing, Joanna Russ, 1983, United States, NONFICTION

""She didn't write it. She wrote it but she shouldn't have. She wrote it but look what she wrote about. She wrote it but she isn't really an artist, and it isn't really art. She wrote it but she had help. She wrote it but she's an anomaly. She wrote it BUT..."...In chapters entitled "Prohibitions," "Bad Faith," "Denial of Agency," "Pollution of Agency," "The Double Standard of Content," "False Categorization," "Isolation," "Anomalousness," "Lack of Models," "Responses," and "Aesthetics," Joanna Russ names, defines, and illustrates the barriers to art-making which we may have felt, but which tend to remain unnamed and thus unremovable..."

(J.L., p. 273)

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