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This is where all updates regarding the story will be published, as certain events happen they will be broadcasted here so your character can choose how to respond to them.

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Update One:

Delta Flight 364 lost radio connection after experiencing turbulence whilst flying over the South Pacific. In an effort to escape the turbulence and regain the use of their communications the Captain and Co-pilot made the decision to fly at a lower altitude. Unable to re-establish a radio connection with air traffic control Delta Flight 364 drifted off course for over forty miles. After passing through intense cloud cover, an island came into view on the horizon. Several minutes of furious map checking by the co-pilot and the secondary officer produced a single conclusion: the island should not exist.

They made a note of the coordinates, with the intention of continuing the flight to Los Angeles as normal. But it was not meant to be. As the plane passed over the island, two things happened at once:

1. The control system went utterly haywire, every light and button going off like a firework display. The majority of electronic devices on board were subsequently fried, and laptops, mobiles lost signal etc..

2. The pilot could no longer steer. Nothing the flight crew did could redirect the plane, it was sinking towards the island at rapid pace as if some giant magnetic force was drawing them down.

As the island rose up before them, passengers in the cabin began to realise what was happening. Chaos erupted as people were thrown from their seats and belongings went sprawling into the gangways. Now directly above the island, the unimaginable happened. The plane began to break up mid-air, the tail end spiralling off onto a smaller land mass. But the main body of the plane was still falling out of the sky, tumbling towards the ground. It made an impact on the West Coast, smashing through the tree line and finally crash-landing on the shore. The fuselage remained mostly intact, but flames and debris are scattered across the beach and the sea. As the wreckage settles, it's clear there are survivors. Most bear cuts and bruises, some with more grave injuries, but many are alive.

With the smoke clearing, survivors surface from the unconscious, finding themselves amongst the smouldering wreckage. They've landed on an island. But where are they? And how will they get home?

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Update Two

Surrounded by the chaos of the crash, survivors have pulled together to patch each other up and pull the injured from the wreckage. We remain in the midst of this, some people are still trapped, many are badly injured, friends are separated and families are mourning their loved ones. But they count themselves lucky because many, many people have survived. There’s some pretty gnarly injuries amongst them, deep wounds that won’t stop bleeding, concussions, broken bones, dislocated shoulders (Ems I’m looking at you, Mateo maybe you as well) and yet somehow they’re alive.

Some highlights so far:

The Lawson family were reunited (almost) five out of the six members have been located after mom Claire set out on a mission to track them all down. She found Emmy their half-sister first, and with her help the two of them were able to find middle child Jonah amongst the rubble on the beach. As night drew in it seemed any hope of finding the other two kids and father Henry were fading, at least until there was a commotion in the underbrush and out of the trees came Alyssa clutching a gravely injured Tommy. Only time will tell if these five will have the gall to survive on the island, and if their hopes of finding Henry will be realised, or lost as time continues to pass.

Lawyer Elena Kingsley woke up on the second island without her son Theo, and with brooding stranger Michael Carney for company. She’s gained a 16 carat diamond and possibly Michael’s attention...lucky her. A couple of hours trekking through the dense jungle brought these two to a beach on the west coast. It was there that they located Elena’s son Theo and also discovered the main island in the distance. Elena is prioritising patching up Theo’s injuries but Michael has his sights set on the other island and what he might be able to find there. Little does he know that Elena is currently in possession of his most prized treasure, let’s hope she keeps that one to herself.

Three’s a crowd and four’s a disaster. Couple Mateo Hernandez and Winnie Akai, their notorious third wheel Ren Calderon, and self-appointed spare part Roman Campion were all lucky enough to survive the crash. Mateo’s nursing a fairly hefty leg injury and Winnie’s busted her ankle, but minor scrapes aside they’re all just happy to be alive. If your characters are looking for anyone to play a game of footie with, then look no further than this lot. They’ve reunited on the beach, but the drama has only just begun. Mixed feelings and rising tensions are on the way, will they part Island Unknown as good friends or will the pressure tear them apart?

Get your cameras ready! Renowned socialites and heirs to (almost) equally large fortunes, Olivia Burnham-Hambley and Benjamin Armani have landed on the island in a style they most certainly aren’t accustomed to. Dressed in clothes they wouldn’t be seen dead in, and nursing shocking sunburn and a possibly broken nose these two are in for the shock of their privileged little lives. Good luck to anyone brave enough to approach them, Olivia would sooner boil herself alive than make friends with peasants, but that doesn't mean she's entirely against helping out a pretty stranger...

And finally your captain is alive (barely) with the help of air marshall Sam Riley, pilot Theo Walker has made it out of the wreckage by the skin of his teeth. That was the easy part though, how's he going to cope when he's faced with a hundred angry survivors who are looking for someone to blame? This is a time for people to pull together but will guilt and grief drive them all apart? We'll probably have to wait and see.

When the sun starts setting it will be time for people to gather together to seek shelter and build some campfires along the beach. It gets particularly cold on the island and night, and sleeping under the stars certainly won't be comfortable. The survivors are going to need to salvage whatever they can from the crashsite, food, blankets and extra layers if they want a chance of making it through the night. But they best sleep with one eye open, an all manner of creatures lurks between the trees and the scent of blood will only draw them closer...

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