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This is a list of the subjects taught and the organisation of timetables. Apply for certain subjects here.
There are twenty places in each elective and five courses in each subject.

- English
- Mathematics
- Science
- History Of Supernaturals
- IT
- Woodwork
- Metalwork
- Cooking
- Textiles
- History
- Geography
- Visual Arts
- Drama
- Dance
- Creative Writing
- Photography

Timetables are in separate threads to each other, in a folder labeled 'timetables'. I will post each character's timetable in a topic with their character's name as the title. Each character has five periods of each mandatory subject a week, and are allowed three electives. One of those electives must be the one that pertains to their species.

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Aegle for-drama.

do i have to have others?

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