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message 1: by krazy (new)

krazy kitty | 14 comments When I first read about Five, I thought he was kinda suspicious, they way he was completely clueless and everything. I knew something like this was going to happen. But what breaks my heart is when Eight dies. What do you think?

message 2: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 100 comments I'm not a fan of Five. Killing Eight was a heartless move even if he opposes them.

message 3: by krazy (new)

krazy kitty | 14 comments And poor Marina... I was hoping something would happen between them

message 4: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 100 comments Me too. I thought they would become one of the couples.

message 5: by hala (new)

hala elayan I kind of expected Five's betrayal, or at least Five would do something MAJORLY wrong. Or just die. That would have been better for everyone, especially 15 (8+7=15 ;) ).

message 6: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 100 comments So true.

message 7: by Samantha (last edited Jul 25, 2014 04:59PM) (new)

Samantha | 16 comments You need to read Five's Betrayal the Hidden Enemy, it explains everything, also, if you download the ebook of Hidden Enemy, you get the first chapter of Revenge of Seven!

message 8: by Neha (new)

Neha (neha71580) Five is Completely Brainwashed. And it didn't help when he acted so stupidly. Do you guys remember any one scene when Five doubted Mogs??? Just ONE?? Such an idiot..

message 9: by Neha (new)

Neha (neha71580) Hala wrote: "I kind of expected Five's betrayal, or at least Five would do something MAJORLY wrong. Or just die. That would have been better for everyone, especially 15 (8+7=15 ;) )."

Ahaha XD

message 10: by krazy (new)

krazy kitty | 14 comments he shoulda died. or like have marina kill him or sumthing

message 11: by hala (new)

hala elayan Guys, what's wrong with you? He doesn't deserve to die........ HE DESERVES TO BE TORTURED IN HELLFIRE. CAN ANYONE MAKE THAT HAPPEN?! Kay thanks xoxo

message 12: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 100 comments That would be good too.

message 13: by krazy (new)

krazy kitty | 14 comments marina needs to develop a legacy to bring ppl back from the dead. like permanently. then they could ahve a bunch of cepans and one two three and eight back... and pittacus lore

message 14: by Tayma (new)

Tayma  | 63 comments Well call me evil, but after I read Five's Legacy, it turned out he had to. He was forced to join the mogs or the dude who hrlped him survive would be killed. BUT that doesn't mean he had to kill eight or anyone!!!! HE RUINED ONE OF MY OTPs!!!

message 15: by hala (new)

hala elayan He wasn't forced. If it was Four or Nine or Six they would have grabbed their stuff and leapt out of there. He shouldn't have trusted Ethan in the first place, because he was working with the Mogs. And he did get out, but then he came back after stupidly forgetting his Chest. HE SHOULD NEVER HAVE LEFT THE CARIBBEAN. The reason he was so easy to turn was because he had thoughts that were vulnerable go expose, BUT IT DOESNT MAKE IT RIGHT!!!

message 16: by Moatiq (new)

Moatiq | 24 comments Im hoping that the Letter he got from Ethan and what happens with eight might bring him back to the good side. Then again I hope the garde do a fantastic four on him where they all use their legacies on him and obliterate him

message 17: by krazy (new)

krazy kitty | 14 comments but anyways. he should have died for his people instead of lived under the mogs. like he should have like been like " I'D RATHER DIE THEN BE FORCED BY THE MOGS!!" does that make sense?

message 18: by hala (new)

hala elayan Yes it does. If little Ella is willing to die for the good of Lorien, and Eight sacrificed himself, then surely he can d

message 19: by hala (new)

hala elayan The surely Five can too. BUT HE'S A WIENER!

message 20: by Tayma (new)

Tayma  | 63 comments WHO WANTS TO KICK FIVE'S ASS WITH ME?!

message 21: by hala (new)

hala elayan EVERYONE WHO SHIPS 15 (8+7=15)

message 22: by Tayma (new)

Tayma  | 63 comments But also let's hope he reconsiders eight's death and rejoins the loric

message 23: by Tayma (new)

Tayma  | 63 comments After kicking his ass off

message 24: by Neha (new)

Neha (neha71580) He would be an idiot if he would think that the Garde would accept him after what he did to them. Best case: he would betray the Mogs and run away to 'survive' in Canada.

message 25: by krazy (new)

krazy kitty | 14 comments ikr. he shoulda sacrificed himself to save the others

message 26: by Joec (new)

Joec (joe467910) | 27 comments Five really is a lost cause....

message 27: by krazy (new)

krazy kitty | 14 comments no kidding

message 28: by hala (new)

hala elayan In no way, in any shape or form, will ANY Garde forgive him, even if he didn't kill off Eight. Killing Eight made it worse and i think the Garde are thirsty for revenge. Even if the scar burns and hurts, its worth it.

message 29: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Di Consoli (jinya26) | 35 comments five is a stupid and selfcentered kiddo!!completely brainwashed by mogs....even when ethan wrote the letter and explained him about nine (only a fake) he didnt questioned it!!!!i cant stand him....and his obsession for nine is just unbelievable!!

message 30: by hala (new)

hala elayan I agree with you but also the Mogs never brainwashed him, he had a choice. I guess his obsession with Nine explains why Five really really REALLY wants to beat him in the Fall of Five.

message 31: by Tayma (new)

Tayma  | 63 comments While reading fall of five I had a feeling something was wrong with five. Yup it was expected. I felt pity for him while reading the book.

message 32: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Di Consoli (jinya26) | 35 comments he was brainwashed..they let him think that 9 said he was best because of number ranking: higher the best!they feed 5 mind with wrong ideas and believe it or not he was easily suggestible:the other garde are the reason of all his problems!! -.- albert fault was his being old (because he decided to be old and poor in health)..4 fault???he saved 9!!everybodys fault,not his!!!! he is so childish...

message 33: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Di Consoli (jinya26) | 35 comments i cant stand him...really, i cant!!!!! >.<

message 34: by Tayma (new)

Tayma  | 63 comments Ok five is an asshole but yet I believe he didn't have a choice.

message 35: by hala (new)

hala elayan He had a choice. He could have left that beach house in Miami. He shouldn't have trusted anyone in the first place, Emma, Ethan, all of them. He didn't have to join the Mogs because the Mogs gave him a descision.

message 36: by Saumya (new)

Saumya | 9 comments I didn't expect all! I was so dumbfounded that my mouth formed a perfect 'o' Now, I hate him with all my heart. Yeah, so what if he was imprisoned by the Mogs? Even Sam's dad was, and he didn't have legacies. Five shouldn't have done what he did and I don't think any Garde will ever forgive him :(

message 37: by hala (new)

hala elayan Good! He doesn't deserve anything from the Garde, not even their hate because he's such fxcking douche bag. And we all hate him with all our hearts, so don't worry you're not alone. He's a universally hated guy.

message 38: by hala (new)

hala elayan Sorry I just have strong opinions about Five.

message 39: by Neha (new)

Neha (neha71580) We're with you!

message 40: by Tayma (new)

Tayma  | 63 comments I do dislike five, but if I hate him that won't make me any better than he is. Right?

message 41: by Harry (new)

Harry T | 1 comments I think number 5 is a good guy. He's just dumb and brainwashed.

message 42: by Orpa (new)

Orpa (orpabhowal) | 18 comments honestly i dont even care cause after reading fall of five i litterally started crying. is saad

message 43: by Emiria (new)

Emiria Letfiani (miaLetfiani) | 1 comments it was really hurt when I know that five is a betrayer. and I was really sad that eight was died by five. and I wish for the last book, we'll never lost any of them :)

message 44: by Selina (new)

Selina Zheng | 3 comments I was suspicious of Five but never thought he could be a traitor! I've read The Fall of Five once before, but I still didn't see it coming this time! Ugh, he just sneaks up on you.

The fact that he killed Eight just seals the deal for me: I loathe him. Can't stand him! I don't care if he had a choice or not.

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