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~Here's an outline, but you can use any template that you prefer as long as the basics are still there.

~Characters must be approved.


Magnified Sense(s):




Appearance: Please include an image or link.

Personality: At lease a paragraph

History: At least two paragraphs






Relationship Status:


 *RoseyCheeksReviews* (roseycheeksreviews) Magnified Sense(s): hear things, and see things that should not be their

Name:Della smith
Nickname(s): Ella

Birthday: April 24 1995

Gender: female
Sexuality: straight


Personality: . She Is A Very Out Going Person With A Bit Of An Attitude Problem,She Likes To Be With People But Keep To Herself So She Has A Bit Of A Mysterious Edge. She Is One Who Loves To Easily And Cares To Strongly, If You Get On Her Bad Side It Could End In Multiple Ways.

History: Della new she wasn't normal, from the start her parents must have known that as well, perhaps that was why they gave her up. She was 4 years old when she noticed the first sign of what she has, doctors said it was just imaginary friends that she was talking to, but the truth was much more complicated. Every day she would draw her imaginary friends, it ranged from , woman to children to men to teenager. She noticed she could see people, and talk to them. While others could not. When she was 10 years old it finally got to be too much for her foster family, She tryed to tell them that "Sam" her imaginary friend" didn't like them being in his house, but they made fun of her and said she was crazy, the next day her foster mother fell down the stairs. a week later Della was in another foster home. month's and months of being thrown into different foster homes, Della finally stopped trying to hide the fact that she could see people, when others couldn't.

When she was 18, she finally had enough of her special gift. It happened at her last foster home number 25, she didn't bother remembering the people name's, what was the point . they never cared for her, all they wanted was the money she brought in from the state. One house she went to was different though, and older lady named magg's took care of her, she grew found of magg's. Della was finally starting to open up and let the older lady into her heart when Magg's died, the police said it was a heart attack, but Della new it wasn't. She new it was them, "the pale's" was what she called them. She ran away and that was when she came across the Zachariah Institute. finally she could be with people who were like her.

Strengths: Never backs down, being able to communicate with "the pale's", solves things faster then normal. Her drawing's of "the pale's" (helps identify them)

Weaknesses: loving to easily, being shunned. being made fun of.

Likes: reading, writing, and drawing. being alone, but being with people.

Dislikes: nosy people. having her drawing book looked at, other then herself

Family: none

Relationship Status: single
Crush/Bf/Gf: none


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Approved! :)

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Andra wrote: "
[Magnified Sense]
Hearing - to the point where it seems she can sometimes hear thoughts

•| Diana Mara Harvey |•

➵ Meaning "heavenly, divine", likely in reference to Diana, Roman..."


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Nice character as always :)

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She's awesome, Andra! Approved!

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[ First Name ] Morticia-Casketine
[ Middle Name ] Alma Celeste Marquise
[ Last Name ] Graves
[ Nickname(s) ] If you value your limbs and/or your life, you don't give her nicknames.

[ Age ] 18
[ Birthday ] October 31st
[ Place of Birth ] Sandomierz, Poland
[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexual Orientation ] Gray Asexual -- people don't really interest her, but you're welcome to try getting past the friend zone
[ Relationship Status ] Single

[ Magnified Sense ] All five
[ Appearance ]
[ Face Claim ] Scarlett Johansson

[ Eye Color ] Hazel-Green -- a lot of people tend to tell her she has pretty eyes. She tends to tell them that she'd like to pluck theirs out.
[ Hair Color ] Golden Blonde -- it's usually long and curly, but she's been cutting it short since she left home. Not that she didn't like it the way it was, just that it gets difficult to take care of when she's busy trying to take care of herself.
[ Height ] 5'3" -- yeah, she's not the picture of height.
[ Vocal Attributes ] Contralto -- her speech is heavily accented, and her voice holds a mix of a dreamy, matter-of-fact way of saying things.
[ Distinguishing Feature(s) ] Well, Morticia-Casketine has been noted as an exceptionally beautiful girl, but she pays little attention to that. Consequentially, she doesn't take much note of the evident possession of curves that she has. She doesn't seem to care much for appearances.

[ Personality ]
Morticia-Casketine has always been a peculiar one. She wasn't at all like the many little girls who played with dolls. Sure, she did at some point, but they weren't the typical ones. They were the kind that people would cringe at, see only in their dreams. She finds pleasure in thinking about morbid things, like the many bodies she'd watched her father dress up, and the ones she'd have to cut open for practice. See, she's a very intelligent girl, and someone like that doesn't usually just stay hidden. No, her intelligence was shown in the field of medicine, namely surgery. She has a habit on looking down on people, or seeming to, at least. Most people don't take the way she speaks to them as all that friendly, or kind for that matter. But, she doesn't necessarily mean harm for people unless she has openly said so.

Emotional, Morticia-Casketine is like a doll. She apparently doesn't have any, but it's actually quite difficult to illicit an emotional response from her. Not because she has none, just because she can be a little oblivious and thick-skinned. If she does show some emotion, it's usually when she pissed or annoyed. Annoying her is easy, but don't think of it as a good thing. She has a way of becoming very dangerous and a threat to society when she feels the need to. She doesn't have amazing skills in the form of combat, but she knows enough to put you in your place if you cross her. Just think of her as one of those badasses who seems like an everyday genius.

Now, she's not the garden variety girl that most people seem to be stuck on. She's not an idiot, and her sophistication shows. But, if you happened to have similar interests as her, or make her feel that you're really something else, she becomes very loyal to whatever cause you might have. She thinks that family is the ultimate form of relationship, and that you have to be chosen carefully. She'd do anything for the people she cares about, and sometimes those things can be horrendous acts of violence. Which, she's totally fine with. She's seen enough blood as it is.
[ Strengths ]
◕ Apathy -- with her difference, it can be challenging to separate oneself from others. Only, she has no problem with that.
◕ Intelligence -- she's pretty close to be considered a genius, but she usually dismisses it as child's play in comparison to the rest of her family.
◕ Persistence -- she has a tendency to go after what she wants, and not stopping until she gets it or otherwise.
◕ Loyalty -- being loyal to a person can get a lot of people on your side.
◕ Family -- her family made her who she is. Not because they did anything bad, but because they loved her. In their own strange way.
[ Weaknesses ]
◔ Mannerisms -- a lot of people feel that her mannerisms make them feel incredibly little. The fact that she shows no remorse only seems to make it worse.
◔ Arrogance -- there are times when she can be very arrogant, and that can cause her to miscalculate.
◔ Untrusting -- few people are allowed to get close to her these days, and she can often reject potential allies without really knowing it.
◔ Family -- as stated before, she'd do anything for her family. Even take a bullet, like she has before.
◔ Emotional Expression -- Morticia-Casketine has a incredibly difficult time letting her emotions show when it counts the most. It isn't because she doesn't want to, she just isn't sure if what she's doing at that time is right.
[ Likes ]
◕ Milk -- it's good for the bones, and she drinks all the time.
◕ Skeletons -- it would be a good time to make a joke about skeletons in her closet, only it might be true.
◕ Blood -- interestingly enough, she doesn't like to shed it unnecessarily. So, she watches as much horror as she can get her hands on.
◕ Horror Movies -- try looking at the above like for the answer.
◕ Polish -- she think her native tongue is supremely better than English. If she doesn't have to speak English, you can bet she's speaking Polish.
[ Dislikes ]
◔ Pink -- it's a disgusting color, even if she is forced to see it all the time.
◔ Cats -- they climb all over the place and make far too many messes.
◔ Guns -- but she sure knows how to handle one.
◔ Limbo -- it'll be explain in her history.
◔ Most people -- the living just aren't entirely appealing to her these days. She prefers the company of the dead, or none at all.

[ History ]
Morticia-Casketine did not grow up in a normal family. She did not have a glossy, pinkly girly childhood. Her childhood was surrounding by death and danger, only because her mother was a journalist and her father was a mortician. Her older brother would turn out to be a mass murderer that she looked up to, and might even follow after. But, it doesn't mean that she didn't enjoy her childhood. In fact, she thinks her exposure to death at such an early age was like preparation for her teenage years.

Everyday she watched the same routine. Her father took her to work, and she watched him put a corpse back together. He was like Frankenstein, which she'd finished reading by the time she was six. Only, his monsters never rose from the tables and began scaring the living daylights out of their creators. If they did, it was because her father lifted them and danced around to make her laugh. Her mother would come home exhausted, but still make a hell of a meal, and then relax with a needle and thread to make her daughter something nice to wear. Her brother would come home from school royally pissed, but become jovial and joking upon seeing his family settled in.

Things that involved death were common place, and it was suspected that the entire family was just a brood of demonic spawn bent on the destruction of mankind. Her parents often took this as a joke, as she and her brother did. It didn't do much for their public image, but they didn't quite care.

That was all before she turned ten, when she attended college courses. She'd already shown a serious amount of intelligence, and had skipped over all other schooling years that she might have required to get to where she was. Her family was elated, but this had caught the attention of some very bad people. When she turned eleven, she was kidnapped on her way home and locked in a room that the men referred to as Limbo. They allowed her out only to get to class, and escorted her to everywhere else. She became a prisoner for reasons she couldn't figure out. Until she spotted corpses on one of her expeditions to the restroom.

Being afraid would have been a good response, but she decided to face things head one--she asked questions. These questions, however, angered her captors. She was beaten bloody and then brought to the ringleader of the whole operation. Johan Nickolas wanted her to be their doctor, but they first needed to test her resolve. Which was why they kept her locked up for so long. Shortly after, they brought the news of her family coming to join her, and she was for the moment sure she had loss this game. Only, they missed her brother.

He'd somehow gone off the grid for some time, and no one knew where he was. He'd just up and vanished. He'd done so before, when she was younger, but she'd always been so confused as to why her parents never seemed worried. Apparently, he'd gone missing as child in a large department store and they nearly left without him. Or, people thought that was how it went. In actuality, he'd gone back to the car and fallen asleep in the trunk. An odd place to go, but some people had thought they'd kidnapped him until they explained the situation. Still didn't seem all that convincing.

She spent three more years like this, and then news reached her of her brother's arrest. He was three years older than she was, and she had always aspired to be like him. Could you blame her for not caring that he had ruthlessly murdered thirty--possibly more--women without batting and eye? Could you blame her for thinking he had some sort of superpower before dismissing that as total lie and pegged him as a superhero? No, not really. She'd seen a number of messed up things at this point. Her brother's arrest only made her that much more determined to escape with her parents.

Which, she did. However, she had to leave her parents behind. Or, well, force them to leave her behind. They seemed too worried to let her go alone, so she allowed herself t be shot on the way out. She faked her own death in front of them, hoping to force both of them to run and come back to slaughter another day. When she finally left, she'd had to remove the bullet on her own and sew herself up. Considering she'd never had to do so before, she found it to be just a smidge difficult. When the act was done, and her parents were long gone, she ran like the wind without looking back.

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It was towards this point that she focused on her senses. She'd been well aware of it, since she could read. She'd thought of what it all could mean, but dismissed it as a fluke in her genes. She caught wind of the academy only recently, while she'd been running. She figured it would be a good enough place to hide from Nickolas until she could find a good number of guns to take him down.
[ Family ]
⊳ mother -- Morgue-Anne Graves -- whereabouts unknown
⊳ father -- Decay Graves -- whereabouts unknown
⊳ older brother -- Petrus Graves -- incarcerated
[ Other ] She's been keeping tabs on her family, and is well aware of the danger they're in. Specifically her brother, as there have been several attempts on his life while he's been incarcerated, but she isn't all too worried. He's managed to find a way to kill them before they could do serious damage.

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Amazing character! She's Approved! :)

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