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message 1: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (last edited Jul 25, 2014 03:56PM) (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3455 comments Mod
What are some of the stranger sounding books you've found on Goodreads?

I follow someone who sometimes reviews 'monster porn', which is basically erotica involving monsters, mythological beasts etc, and it sounds insane... for example:

Ravaged by the Raptor (Dinosaur Erotica) by Christie Sims

And there are a lot of ones along a similar theme that I just don't quite *get* :P

Also browsing some of the 'worst books' lists I've found some very weirdly titled books, titles that are perhaps 20 plus words long o.o

Have you encountered any books on here that have made you do a double take? Or have you read any that just had you reeling?

message 2: by Mpauli, Bitten by a radioactive book (last edited Jul 25, 2014 05:11PM) (new)

Mpauli | 769 comments Mod
I think it depends how we define strange and weird and if it's good or bad.^^

I personally have a soft spot for silly sounding novels, as some might you have witnessed in me advertising Ack-Ack Macaque by Gareth L. Powell in this month's sf poll.

I bought some others in that area like Space Captain Smith (Chronicles of Isambard Smith #1) by Toby Frost or Palace Job, The by Patrick Weekes

Of course those are meant to be funny and a parody. So it might not be the same level of weirdness as a dinosaur porn short story.

I think many of those animal/monster porn fantasies may actually go back to the myth about Catherine the Great having been crushed by a horse she tried to have intercourse with.
My non-professional guess would be that in all those fantasies the sexual partner is deformed, not human anymore. As the reader/protagonist you don't have to take care of a partner's need, so the basis or appeal of those fantasies might be to have the sexual act only being about yourself, to let go and don't have somebody vice versa whose actions and feelings you might have to interpret or take into account. But, as I said, this is my amateur speculation after thinking 5 minutes about it.

I think the weirdest book I found so far here and which I bought and plan to read is:
Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies (How To End Human Suffering #1) by James Marshall

message 3: by Mpauli, Bitten by a radioactive book (new)

Mpauli | 769 comments Mod
Leanne wrote: "I get the feeling I'm gonna like this thread and might end up reading some of the weirdness for laughs."

Let me know if you do, I'll most likely join. :)

message 4: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3455 comments Mod
The thing is, I'm also tempted to read some just for the sheer ridiculousness of it! But I don't want to buy it o.o And it might leave me with a huge feeling of shame, haha.

message 5: by Freya, Dragon Rider (new)

Freya (flamecat) | 1728 comments Mod
I'm sure there are things I would hate to admit to having found on a shelf somewhere and read - I'll wrack my brain :D

message 6: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3455 comments Mod
Ugh I looked up the raptor book and it's £1.93! Psssh :P

message 7: by Mpauli, Bitten by a radioactive book (new)

Mpauli | 769 comments Mod
Rinn wrote: "Ugh I looked up the raptor book and it's £1.93! Psssh :P"

That's a lot of pound for a 38 page dinosaur pounding.^^

message 8: by Tom (new)

Tom | 216 comments I just finished a book by drew Hayes called the utterly uninteresting an adventurous tales of Fred the vampire accountant. I'd add a link but don't know how to do it on kindle.
Not a bad story for a quick read (only about 180 pages I think) but I'm fast finding that I'll read anything by Hayes that I can get my hands on.

message 9: by Tom (new)

Tom | 216 comments supposed to say and adventurous

message 10: by Tom (new)

Tom | 216 comments unadventurous ( God I hate predictive text)

message 11: by Soila (new)

Soila | 135 comments The strangest one I've read was A World Called Camelot. It has furry knights riding six legged dinosaurs, space travel and teddy bears that rule the universe. It sounded so awesome, weird and stupid that I just had to read it. Unfortunately it was just indifferent pulp. I'd love to read a good book about space faring knights. :)

message 12: by Joey (new)

Joey (mostlyjoe) | 178 comments Hmmm. Quite a few.

Howling Mad - Inverse werewolf story where the hero is a wolf. Written by Peter David (Comicbooks!) himself. I happen to have a signed copy of this book!

message 13: by Trevor (last edited Jul 28, 2015 07:01PM) (new)

Trevor (sundowner) If you want weird, you need to read Naked Lunch, best weird ever!

message 14: by Rick (new)

Rick The Troika

"Beneath the glare of three purple suns, three travelers - an old Mexican woman, an automated jeep, and a brontosaurus - have trudged across a desert for hundreds of years. They do not know if the desert has an end, and if it does, what they might find there. Sometimes they come across perfectly-preserved cities, but without a single inhabitant, and never a drop of rain. Worse still, they have no memory of their lives before the desert. Only at night, in dreams, do they recall fragments of their past identities.But night also brings the madness of the sandstorms, which jolt them out of one body and into another in a game of metaphysical musical chairs. In their disorientation and dysfunction, they have killed each other dozens of times, but they cannot die. Where are they? How can they escape?"

message 15: by Lancer, Warden of the Slums (new)

Lancer (elancer) | 1666 comments Mod
Just read The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and I think I would have to classify it as a strange book. It was a quick easy read, but odd. Odd concept and odd ending..

message 16: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Keane | 19 comments Jim C. Hines put up an early novel of his (with snarky commentary) which is basically a D&D campaign he was in turned into a novel. The commentary really made it for me.

message 17: by Brendan (new)

Brendan O'neill | 204 comments I also have Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies on a stack waiting to be read. I have a bunch of stuff from ChiZine Publications and a bunch of it falls into this category, the company slogan is "Embrace the Odd", gotta love it.

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