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sydney Ophelia laid her head down on her arms which had not so gracefully crashed upon her keyboard. The ringing of the notes stayed in her ears longer than most. She picked up exactly which keys she had hit despite her inability to see. Ophelia stood from her keyboard and the notes rang away. Unlike most teenagers her age, she hated the summer time. She hated all of the seasons to be completely honest, not being able to see all of the different colors anymore put a damper on things. But she hated summer most of all because she missed Aurelia. Moving back to Seattle was never bad, but her mothers didn’t approve of her new lifestyle. Ophelia liked the change, she got attention for her body which was what she wanted. She walked away from her keyboard and took the 37 steps towards her open window.

Counting was her easiest trick to get from place to place, if she knew how many steps were between certain points to the other then she wouldn’t run into anything. Usually she had Bruce Wayne with her and he would catch things in front of her, but when she was home she liked to at least pretend to be independent. She wished that she could bring her puppy to Aurelia, but he was still going through training to be her seeing-eye dog, and he was still too hyper to come along. Ophelia leaned out the window like a princess waiting for her prince. The thought made her laugh a little bit, she had once been the girl who waited for a boy, but that all changed after she lost her eyes.

One, two, three, four... Ophelia counted the steps in her head again as she left the room she shared with her twin sister Gertrude and down the stairs into the kitchen. She sighed, so many things were different now that she was blind, of course it had been a whole year since the accident, but it still felt like she was adjusting. A blessing and a curse it was to be born with sight. She knew what things looked like from memory, but that almost made it worse because she longed every night to see those things one last time. It was hard to not see her family, just hear their voices and feel their touch.

Speaking of touch, it had been 25 days since she last slept with someone and she was itching for more sex. Ophelia wasn’t sure why becoming promiscuous was part of her transformation but she didn’t mind. The boys told her that she was beautiful and their touch was intensified tenfold since becoming blind. Beautiful. What an interesting idea. She was lucky enough to know how to dress for her body and make her face look enticing, the blindness wouldn’t stop her from getting attention. Hell, it often gave her more. Boys not only were attracted to her, but they felt bad that she was blind. Easy access to sex. But being back home in Seattle meant boys she had already seen and felt. She liked someone new each time, it was more exciting that way.

Ophelia tapped her manicured nails on the countertop. There were only 15 more days left of summer, 15 more days for her to suffer. All she had to do was make it passed these few days and then she would be back at Aurelia for her senior year. She didn’t have to worry about her mothers and sex was completely attainable. The boys of Aurelia were starving for art and sex, it didn’t matter who it was. Most boys were very willing to sleep with a very willing girl. And the cycle would continue. Ophelia would feel loved and wanted, and for just a moment she could close her eyes and pretend that when she opened them again she would see the world light up before her.

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