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Sybill Trelawney
Athena Honey Athena Apr 01, 2018 02:52PM
Do you like Sybill Trelawney? Do you think she's a right old fraud? Please answer!

Despite of her Predicting deaths now and then and acting so annoying in the classes there is something mysterious about her which binds me to the characters..I have tried a number of times to find more about her but all i found was that she is one of those characters about whom there is a very little background prepared..May b thats the reason I find her mysterious.

I really like her character :D

It's true, she's a little annoying but I don't think she's a fraud. Everything she said that seemed incorrect turned out as somehow correct after all.
She acts extra mysterious because she knows she doesn't possess the talent that her ancestors had, but she's not free of talent, too.

Some things could've been excused as having a good common sense, like when Neville got one of her pretty cups and she told him to take one of the other ones after he'd broken the pretty one and a few mins later he really broke the pretty cup and took one of the other.

But there is no denying that she possesses the skill to predict the future. She did it once in Harry's company.

She did some seemingly false predictions, like when she looked at Harry and said she sensed that he was born around the Winter Solstice (or whatever she exactly said)... and Harry was actually born on the last day of July... Fan theories say that Trelawney sensed the fraction of Voldemort's soul inside Harry and Voldemort was actually born around winter time.

So most things can actually be explained!

She's definitely not my favorite character, just because she is always freaking out during classes and telling people they're going to die (not exactly likable). I do have to give her props for her relationship with Lavender and Parvati, as it was really sweet, and I think she's a good person at heart. (Plus who could forget her attacking with crystal balls during the Battle of Hogwarts?) As for her powers, I think there's no question she's legitimate. There's plenty of evidence for the predictions she predicted correctly, and of course she delivered two big time prophecies that are shown in the books.

Not really. I find her quite annoying at times. But above everything, I pity her. She clearly has the gift of sight yet has no control over it (and doesnt even know she really has it).
She is trying to live up to the legacy of her grandmother(?) who was a very famous Seer. But instead of accepting the reality of her abilities, she forces the matter by making up predictions to make her seem legitimate.
So I don't like her because she is an active fraud but I pity her because she does actually have Seeing abilities even though she can't control them.

I agree with Hermione. She literally is clueless about divination. She may be a seer but she sure isn't good at it!

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