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message 1: by Milo (new)

Milo  ((Would you like me to play as a character? :D))

message 2: by Milo (new)

Milo  ((I'll just name her Keira))

Keira was walking through the woods when suddenly she heard a gurgling sound. She looked through some bushes and saw two creatures sucking the life out of a deer. She gasped and turned to run, she ran up the trail away. She had to get out of there.

message 3: by Milo (new)

Milo  "I-I w-won't say anything." Keira stuttered, "I p-promise." The creatures before her were inhumanly beautiful. They had perfect features that scared Keira, "Easy way?" she repeated when the female had replied.

message 4: by Milo (last edited Apr 02, 2018 02:37PM) (new)

Milo  Keira screeched, her cries filling the air, "Why!? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME??!!" she tried to scramble away but the pain was too much. She fell and thrashed about, screaming and crying.

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Milo  "Changing into what?" she managed to say. "HOW LONG DOES THIS LAST!?" Keira felt her body burning away, but somehow she felt stronger. The contacts bothered her eyes.

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Milo  "V-vampires!" she screamed, her voice filling the air," Keira looked at the two vampires, "Why does this have to happen!?"

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Milo  "I wasn't going to tell!" Keira replied.

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Milo  Keira continued to writhe in pain as her brown eyes slowly turned a bright crimson. Her pale skin turned even whiter. Her features perfected more. Soon all her freckles disappeared and her honey-gold hair looked even shinier. Her beauty was greatly heightened.

((I'm fast forwarding to the end of her transformation))

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Gymnastics1011 | 17 comments Keira looked frighted. "WTF have u done 2 me."

message 10: by Milo (new)

Milo  Keira gave her a confused look, "I think not..." She backed away. "I'm perfectly capable of hunting myself." Her throat was on fire. She could smell human blood, "I have to get out of here."

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Gymnastics1011 | 17 comments k i dont rly care

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Gymnastics1011 | 17 comments not trying 2 b mean

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Gymnastics1011 | 17 comments Its fine! Rly!! :)

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Milo  ((Christine? Its your post))

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Milo  "Why would I want to stay with you? I didn't want this!" she screeched and turned away.

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Milo  Keira shook her head, "If you were going to kill me, you would have done it when I was human."

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Milo  Keira gagged, "Ugh, romance. No thank you. So you want to kill me? Fine, go for it." she turned and went on with her way. She was out of sight before anyone could find her.

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Milo  Keira had run very far. She was getting used to her abilities. Her throat was still on fire.

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Milo  But Keira had turned and head in a different direction. She could sense where the vampires were, she could pick up traces of their thoughts.

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