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message 1: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Book Nerd (bwm721) | 83 comments Mod

message 2: by grace (new)

grace TEAM LEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 3: by Valentina (new)

Valentina Markasović I love-love-love Leo
I've only just started book 3 of HoO, but I really like it so far!

message 4: by Clara (new)

Clara Mouawad | 19 comments annabeth percy and leooooo

message 5: by Valentina (new)

Valentina Markasović Annabeth and Percy are sooo cute in The Mark of Athena.
Top characters: Percy (+Annabeth), Leo, Nico
But I don't like the idea of Leo and Hazel, I see him with Reyna

message 6: by Obaid (new)

Obaid Haroon | 8 comments Percy Jackson is a great series. But Heroes of Olympus is just phenomenal.

The best thing about it probably has to be the fact that every major god has multiple personality syndrome.

message 7: by Namine (new)

Namine Hale | 5 comments Leo is just so adorable, he quirky and fun with a sad bad story. Percy and annabeth a still amazing and I love then. In fact i love every one the seven, calypso, reyna, and my baby Nico, excluding Jason. I hate Jason. But Leo is so alone and just wants for someone to care for him, for someone to be there and wipe him tears away, for someone to forgive him, and while he waits he hides how he feels. He is one of uncle Ricks best characters and I love him

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannahsmanyhobbies) I gotta reread these soon!!!

message 9: by Obaid (new)

Obaid Haroon | 8 comments Why does everyone hate jason?

message 10: by A (new)

A  (lone_wonder_woman) I've never read Percy Jackson. Or heroes of I forget sorry lol are they any good?

message 11: by Obaid (new)

Obaid Haroon | 8 comments They are brilliant. Really interwtu and funny. If you hurry you can probably finish them before the last book comes out :D

message 12: by Namine (new)

Namine Hale | 5 comments Obaid, we hate Jason because he's Jason. Compare his list of achievements to Percy's and tell me whose the winner. And still, shown in mark if athena, Jason thinks that he is better than Percy, he acts like he's the leader, he's the best and he should be worshiped. Though Percy, annabeth, hazel, frank, and Leo have been through more than him, and piper has too, and yet Jason still thinks he's the hero,that's why we don't like him, because he reminds us too much of the bad guy's.

And he's an overall jerk.:D

message 13: by Valentina (new)

Valentina Markasović I don't really hate Jason, but I don't like him all that much. I put up with him for Piper's sake. But I mostly agree with what Namine said - he thinks he's better than the others and it's annoying because he isn't in touch with reality.

message 14: by Obaid (new)

Obaid Haroon | 8 comments You can't compare Jason to Percy. We've had five books more of Percy first of all so it's not really fair. But Jason did survive the much tougher Roman initiation, become a Praetor, recover the lost Eagle and destroy Hyperion during the Titan war. So he's not completely useless lol.

Also I've never seen him as arrogant. He's just more accustomed to a stricter chain of command and being in charge. Percy was the same when Thalia was at camp.

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