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Book to movie adaptation
Amy Amy Apr 01, 2018 01:32PM
I have a bit of an obsession with reading a good book and then watching the film adaptation.

I know that the book will ALWAYS be better than any adaptation but I still like to see how it is done. And I always moan about how they have missed something out or added something ridiculous in. Or how the casting is terrible. But I always find something good and can enjoy it in its own right.

All I can say about this adaptation is it’s an absolute abomination haha I could hardly watch until the end

Carlo, Drosoulla, Velisarios. Their characters are completely wiped out. They are pointless and I think I would have felt better if they were completely left out of the film.
Mandras is completely Hollywood-ised and made to be a hero by saving Corelli!

I appreciate that this is ‘good reads’ and not ‘good films’ but I am so totally infuriated with the films lack of respect for the book, I had to vent.

Anyone else seen the film?

Like you I think that the book is almost always better than any film adaptation (with the exception is that time-poor people can usually find time to watch a film, harder to read a book)

I haven't seen the film because I have heard bad things about it, plus it's almost impossible to find a reasonably priced copy around here.

I did however enjoy the audiobook adaptation.

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