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Adelaide Blair | 1000 comments Mod
This topic is for those who have finished the book.

Cheryl | 894 comments I finished it today. 3 stars. Lots of fun! The math calculations weren't my thing, and they took me out of the story a bit. However, it still was a great read with great characters.

Adelaide Blair | 1000 comments Mod
This was fun! Heinlein has such a distinct voice. I've only read his later stuff, so it was fun to read one of his juveniles. (Had this been written later in his career, PeeWee would have been a busty 21 year-old blonde, and they would have had sex with the Vegans before they went off to start their own religion.)

Sarah (sarahmott) | 347 comments Word - I actually preferred this to his later stuff for that reason.

Sarah (sarahmott) | 347 comments Also - when I was half way through, I read Cheryl’s review and I was like: “What Equations?” Two chapters later I found out - hah! I could have done without those. Good grief! How did Heinlein get away with those?

Adelaide Blair | 1000 comments Mod
So, now that I am an adult, I see his more "swinging" work with a different eye, but when I was in high school, I really enjoyed it. While now I recognize the misogyny for what it is, at the time it was exciting to read something that portrayed sex as something to be enjoyed by women. I haven't read one of his later books in years. It might be time to give it a try just to see how I feel about it now.

Adelaide Blair | 1000 comments Mod
Yeah, I skimmed over a lot of math.

Sarah (sarahmott) | 347 comments I’m a big fan of Stranger in a Strange Land - though it is markedly different from most of his stuff. The Cat who Walks Through Walls is good too.

Adelaide Blair | 1000 comments Mod
just look at the cover on this one: Time Enough for Love

Sarah (sarahmott) | 347 comments Man he was a dirty old man

Cheryl | 894 comments This was my first book by Heinlein, but I'd heard his later stuff was like that. However, if the group wants to read anything else by him, I am open to giving it a try.

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