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Erika (livingforthebooks) | 5279 comments Mod
What did you think of it? Favorite or least favorite characters? Favorite or least favorite part? Will you read the next one?

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rmenard) | 7 comments I have an ARC of this and read about ten pages before I had to put it down. The dialogue between the MC and her friend sounded forced and unrealistic. If anyone would like the ARC, though, please send me a message. I would be happy to mail it to you if you want to give it a try!

AlishaReadsAllDay | 1 comments I feel like this book had a little bit of a rough beginning, I will give it that. However, the more you get into it, the more believable the characters become. I really liked the stories from her "grandmother's" book that were built into the story-I read this book at about 2 in the morning, so they were just the right kind of creepy. I also appreciated the character development-especially the MC's (who's name escapes me-uhgh) as she figures out that she's Cold Alice-hey, her name was Alice. Now I remember. It reminded me a little bit of Christopher Wooding's Poison, if anyone has read that one, without getting really meta, really fast, like Wooding's book did. I liked how Alice had to dive into her own story before she could fix it-she had to understand who she was before she could try to change herself-that was cool. And I also really like the idea of people being able to find a way into the world of fairy tales, even if it turned out to be a bit too much for them to handle.

Personally, this doesn't seem like the kind of book that really needs a sequel-why is everything serialized these days? Can't a book just be a standalone novel? And why is it that the books you really want more of-like Sunshine, for example(!)-are standalone while there are authors writing 6 incarnations of the same story and calling it a series? That being said, if I'm bored enough, or enticed enough by the cover and blurb and hype, I would read the second one. If for no other reason than to satisfy my own curiosity.

☾ Liz ☆ Stellar Kitten Book Reviews ☆ | 29 comments I really loved this series. The creepy factor was one of the biggest reasons that I enjoyed it. I also really liked the stories that were built in. I'm actually really excited that they're going to be making the collection of short stories into an actual book because I'm dying to know what the others ones are! But it doesn't come out until 2020 *cries*.

Maartje De Groot | 95 comments I did not like this book. I thought the beginning was okay, but halfway it became a mess. I didn’t like the characters either. No sequel for me.
Maybe only the book with the grandmother’s fairytales. Those I liked.

Sakhile (sakhilewhispers) | 0 comments I really loved this book. It's definitely one of my favourite books of the year.

Niki Slow Beginning but i still really liked it at the end! I don't think it really needs a second book but i will read it any way! What i do love is that the Hinterland stories will come out as well. Such a long wait

Katie (Melting Pages) (meltingpages) | 1 comments I was so excited for this book, but it really let me down. It wasn't at all what I expected it to be and it felt like the plot was all over the place. I didn't connect with the characters and it took me a while to even remember their names (Anna? Alice? Emory? Ellery?) I don't think I'll be reading the sequel, but I would definitely read a book of just the fairytales because I really enjoyed those.

Monica | 2507 comments I found this book to be fairly entertaining. Not a favorite but interesting enough that I would read a sequel. Especially if it centered around some of the other Hinterland stories.

message 10: by Teri (new) - rated it 5 stars

Teri | 42 comments I'm not much for fairy tales, and I struggled with this one at first, but eventually got into and enjoyed this dark tale.

Catarina Pimenta (catarinanevespi) | 3 comments I really liked the slow beginning but after the moment she enters the Hazel Wood if gets worse and worse. The most exciting part wasn't really fleshed out, I couldn't even really understand how the Hazel Wood worked and that ending was so rushed I can't even.

message 12: by Emma (new) - rated it 2 stars

Emma Fernandez This book has been a disappointment. I haven´t even reached the middle of it and I´m thinking about stopping.
It´s slow, jumps from past to present without any warning. The only good parts are the hinterland stories. I wish it was just them, I´d read that.

Rose ♠  ♌ (lulusroses) | 2 comments The book is good especially that I didn't read a preview or heard someone's I just dived in, I'm not saying it's top dose of excellent but it was 4*5 some parts were boring but the thing that excites me the most the actual book of her grandmother's those stories were way more exciting to me as I want to read those stories.
But I would say it was creepy, nice, funny in some parts, and dark.
I do agree with (AlishaReadsAllDay) the book doesn't need a sequel.

message 14: by Jessica (last edited Apr 16, 2018 08:00AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Jessica Lucas (jessicalucas) | 18 comments I’m not sure how I feel. I’m not even halfway done and I’m bored already. I may stop and come back, but so far I am not impressed. Alice (main character) hasn’t even made it to Hazel Wood yet and I’m like 90 pages in. It’s very meandering so far, I’ll say that.

☾ Liz ☆ Stellar Kitten Book Reviews ☆ | 29 comments I don't know what they would do with the sequel unless it was about another story, which could be fun

Katja  |  Cherryblossomreads (cherryblossomreads) I really liked it, and I liked how creepy it was! Especially the Hinterland tales!

But I definitely agree - this book doesn't need a sequel. If I read the sequel, it would be because I really liked the narration in this one and I would hope that Alberts would keep that in the next one, but plot-wise I don't need it.

Lindsay♫SingerOfStories♫ (lindsaysingerofstories) | 12 comments I loved the creep factor in the book. I think we forget how dark a lot of original fairy tales are but The Hazel Wood doesn't let you forget. It weaves several new stories in and I wish they had more details. Sometimes my head was swirling with them, and a couple times I, myself, was lost in the Hinterland! So while it was a unique book, some of the slow parts and hazy parts made it less enjoyable than it could have been. However, I will be reading the next one...especially if its cover is as beautiful as this one!!

message 18: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Kaso | 155 comments I nominated this book until it got selected, and I am so glad I did. I am about a 1/3 of the way through, and I am loving it. All I want to do is read. I started it right after finishing The Cruel Prince, and I was in just the right head space for it. I was sitting in a café with my husband, drinking coffee, reading and holding hands, and the story just drew me in. I can’t wait until bed time, I will dream darkly magical dreams. I sent a copy to my best friend to share the experience.

On the stand alone versus series topic, I agree that some books are complete unto themselves, and do not like the publishing driven push for sequels for everything. Sunshine is one of my favorite books, and could easily have led to more books set in that universe, but it did not cry out for it. I miss the self-contained books, they are so rare. Publishers like a built-in $$ generating product, always chasing the next Twilight.

I would like to know what happens with Ellery, though. So there is that...

Kat Platzman | 0 comments I absolutely loved the first half, it was the good kind of creepy, mysterious and thrilling! And I started liking Alice and Finch right away.
However, the moment they stepped into Hinterland it got way too messy and complicated for me.
I wish there were only the fairytales coming out, not a whole novel.

message 20: by M.U.Khan (new)

M.U.Khan (mukhan) | 4 comments Kat Platzman wrote: "I absolutely loved the first half, it was the good kind of creepy, mysterious and thrilling! And I started liking Alice and Finch right away.
However, the moment they stepped into Hinterland it go..."

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empirestatebookshelf I had eARC of this and while I really loved the parts from Tales of the Hinterland... it wasn't my favorite thing in the whole world. I couldn't connect with Alice at all, and it made it so hard for me to read the entire thing. I don't know if I'll read the second one, but I'll definitely read the Tales From the Hinterland short story collection that's coming out.

Catalina (magicath) | 10 comments Kat Platzman wrote: "I absolutely loved the first half, it was the good kind of creepy, mysterious and thrilling! And I started liking Alice and Finch right away.
However, the moment they stepped into Hinterland it go..."

Apparantely Mimi Albert is publishing Tales of the Hinterland where she'll have just the tales, I think those will be interesting.
I felt like it took me a while to connect with Alice (didn't really care for her until they were actually in the Hinterland) and I wish we would've gotten more of Ella in the plot. She seemed like such a wonderful woman. I definitely found the creepy tales one of the best bits, and I liked Finch for a while but then didn't care much for him after he p much betrayed Alice.
Enjoyable quick read overall though, but I don't know that I'd read it again. Definitely had higher expectations.

message 23: by Libby (last edited Apr 27, 2018 07:11PM) (new)

Libby (libbylongstocking) | 11 comments I am really unsure about this.... I started reading yesterday and the beginning was pretty shaky. I wasn't a fan of the dialoque, but we'll see how it goes. It is really creepy and weird, in my opinion and I am not really into those kind of books. :-(
I am going to keep reading though and I hope it gets better!

message 24: by Sophie (new) - added it

Sophie Van der beke | 1 comments I started reading the book because I liked the cover and description. After reading a few chapters I descided to stop reading because I didn't like the characters and the way the story was developping. A did-not-finish book for me at this moment.

Jasmine | 5194 comments I really enjoyed this book. I love fairytale retellings, especially darker fairytales that go back to the Grimm roots. I thought this was creepy and interesting. It was unexpected in the way it took on the very dark aspects of fairytales. I really enjoyed the message the author made about stories and how when they stop being told they fail to exist anymore. I enjoyed the way she did this. I'm surprised to learn it is a series though. I thought it was a stand alone. I'm not sure how she will continue this without it falling apart.

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