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message 1: by J.P. (new)

J.P. Cawood | 5 comments I’ve written a collection of short science fiction stories and am looking for a few good beta readers to give feedback. I plan to publish by the end of April so hoping to get notes fairly quickly. There are 5 short stories which equal about 20,000 words total so should be a quick and easy read.

I’m still working on my blurb, but here’s a rough draft:

Welcome to the 4th Dimension. You are here because you have survived The Harvest. Whether you live in The Bunker or just beyond The Fence, you must play The Game. Do you belong on this level of consciousness or are you The Intruder?

message 2: by Ted (new)

Ted Hayden | 14 comments I'd be happy to beta swap, if that would interest you. I’ve written 14 short sci-fi stories (50,000 words total).

My stories are inspired by the (slightly) more experimental end of sci-fi literature (think writers like Philip K. Dick, J.G. Ballard, Thomas M. Disch, Alexander Kluge - even Thomas Ligotti and Ryu Murakami). I'm not trying to be James Joyce - these are supposed to be readable, engaging stories - but I'm also not trying to write young adult / Star Wars type stuff either.

Previous stories of mine have appeared in publications including Nature, ELM Literary Magazine, and Angry Old Man: A Magazine of Experimental Fiction.

If that sounds like something you'd enjoy reading, hit me up. I'd definitely beta read your novel in return.

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