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Missing Amazon Reviews
W. Boutwell W. (last edited Apr 01, 2018 12:00PM ) Apr 01, 2018 11:58AM
Over the two years of my first books lifetime, it has received about ninety reviews on Amazon. Every few weeks, a couple reviews are deleted (never the 1 or 2-stars, mind you). I never seem to be allowed more than fifty reviews at any one time. Even my twin brother's review, who bought the book and gave me a 4star (the piker), was removed.
The Mighty Amazon never explains nor answers emails. As an indie author, hard-won reviews are all I have to show for all the work I've done and they seem to sublimate away in the vacuum of Amazon.

I would love to review one of your books. However, I just joined this site recently and it's not very user friendly. Don't worry, I will add to your list as soon as I figure it out. I gave you 4 stars, so it'll be deleted soon apparently. Awesome work! I look forward to reading more of your artistic writings 😉

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