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Marisa (moretta) | 3831 comments Mod
Here we go, I've included some cozy mysteries which will be published only in digital format and some historical mysteries (excuse any mistake):

Tart of Darkness (Chef-to-Go Mystery #1)
Denise Swanson

Murder in St. Giles (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries #13) (Historical mystery)
Ashley Gardner

Homecoming by the Sea (Haunting By The Sea #1)
Kathi Daley

Fiction Can Be Murder (Mystery Writer #1)
Becky Clark

The Mother's Day Mishap (Tess and Tilly #3)
Kathi Daley

Murder and Mega Millions (High Desert Mystery #6)
Dianne Harman

Cinco De Murder (A Taste of Texas Mystery #3)
Rebecca Adler

Queen Anne's Lace (China Bayles #26)
Susan Wittig Albert

A Magical Match (Witchcraft Mystery #9)
Juliet Blackwell

Death by the Sea (A By the Sea Mystery #1) (ebook only)
Kathleen Bridge

Date With Malice (Samson and Delilah #2)
Julia Chapman

Wedding Cake Crumble (Cupcake Bakery Mystery #10)
Jenn McKinlay

The Advice Column Murders (Oakwood #3)
Leslie Nagel

The Bad Break (Riley Ellison #2)
Jill Orr

A Dying Note (Silver Rush #6) (Historical mystery)
Ann Parker

Lost Books and Old Bones (Scottish Bookshop Mystery #3)
Paige Shelton

Murder at the Bus Depot (Blue Plate Cafe #4)
Judy Alter

Turning the Tide (Quaker Midwife Mystery #3) (Historical mystery)
Edith Maxwell

Scot Free (Last Ditch Mystery #1)
Catriona McPherson

Bad Neighbors (Agnes and Effie Mystery #2)
Maia Chance

Lord of the Pies (Kensington Palace Chef Mystery #2)
Nell Hampton

Farewell, My Cuckoo (Birds of a Feather Mystery #4)
Marty Wingate

A Shot in the Dark (Coffeehouse Mystery #17)
Cleo Coyle

Murder at the Mushroom Festival (A Kelly Jackson Mystery #4)
Janet Finsilver

Nun After the Other (Giulia Driscoll #5)
Alice Loweecey

In Prior's Wood (Max Tudor #7) (Historical mystery)
G.M. Malliet

Murder in the Locked Library (Book Retreat Mysteries #4)
Ellery Adams

Antiques Wanted (Trash 'n' Treasures Mystery #12)
Barbara Allan

Murder Most Fermented (Rose Avenue Wine Club Mystery #2)
Christine E. Blum

Read Herring Hunt (Samantha Washington Bookshop Mystery #2)
V.M. Burns

Antiques Blue (Josie Prescott Antiques #12)
Jane Cleland

Expiration Date (A Cook-Off Mystery #1)
Devon Delaney

The Marmalade Murders (Penny Brannigan Mystery #9)
Elizabeth J. Duncan

Death of a Cookbook Author (Hayley Powell Mystery #10)
Lee Hollis

Hide and Sneak (Savannah Reid Mystery #23)
G. A. McKevett

Bleeding Tarts (Pie Town Mystery #2)
Kirsten Weiss

The Shadow of Death (Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn Mystery #1)
Jane Willan

Pocketbooks and Pistols (Haley Randolph #9)
Dorothy Howell

Whales and a Watery Grave (Madigan Amos Zoo Mystery #7) (ebook only)
Ruby Loren

Motto for Murder (Merry Wrath #6)
Leslie Langtry

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Melodie (melodieco) | 5280 comments 5 this month, with 3 already on the way!

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Gary Sundell | 2265 comments Unless the release date has changed the next Merry Wrath Mystery by Leslie Langtry is due out near month's end. Looks like April 24th.

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Marisa (moretta) | 3831 comments Mod
Added, I had forgotten it.

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Marisa (moretta) | 3831 comments Mod
Melodie, hard month 😉

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