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message 1: by Christina (last edited Sep 01, 2018 03:42AM) (new)

Christina Rochester (christinarochester) Here is where you can discuss Me Before You. Please remember to mark any spoilers.

message 2: by Christina (new)

Christina Rochester (christinarochester) Personally I absolutely loved Me Before You. Always good if you fancy a weep.

message 3: by Regan (new)

Regan Oh, my heart!

message 4: by Christina (new)

Christina Rochester (christinarochester) I daren’t read the others because I don’t think my heart can take any more 😭 it was so perfectly done though

message 5: by Regan (new)

Regan I agree on both points! I stayed up far too late finishing this book last night, blubbering like a child. Although I haven't looked to see what the rest of the series is about, I think this is a perfect standalone book. She just wraps it up in a pretty little bow in the epilogue.

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