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The Billionaire & The Babysitter (Billionaire #4)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Little boy witnesses the murder of his parents while looking out his bedroom window. Spoiler ahead.

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Shelia Williams | 747 comments Here's what i know:

Parents leave there kids (i think it is two a boy and a girl) with the nanny/babysitter to go out for the night. Late while everyone is asleep the boy is awoken by a noise outside so he goes to his window to see what is was and sees his parents car stopped and witnesses i think two guy come out of nowhere and kill his parents. He starts to scream and the nanny/babysitter comes in to see what is wrong an sees that he is looking out the window so see goes to see what he is looking at an sees the parents dead on the driveway and calls th police. The kids uncle is contacted about the death of his brother an he shows up. The boy is so scared he won't tell the cops what he saw. The uncle and the cops come to the realization that the boy could be in danger because he witnessed the murder so they decided to keep him protected in the house.

Spoiler head:
Later in the book while the boy and nanny/babysitter in hiding in the closet in the fathers office the hear the mother's sister talking to someone (friend of family or business partner who's name may be Jake or Jack) about money or something an that she was going to tell about the plan they had. An that she didn't want or know the the sister and brother in law was going to die. He ends up knocking her out and puts her in the closet and finds the boy and nanny/babysitter an takes them at gun point outside with the purpose of killing them. As they are walking down the steps from the balcony she falls down the steps because it is pouring down rain and twists her ankle. While trying to protect the boy with her body because the guy is pointing the gun at them she sees the uncle quietly coming up behind the guy she talks to him to distract him so the uncle can attack the guy.
That all i remember please help me.

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