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message 1: by Frances (new)

Frances (nightjar-nal) | 132 comments Mod
Hello, again, and welcome back to another month of the Library Scavenger Hunt! 😁 I hope you are all having a great Easter/Spring break - and since everyone knows that the true meaning of Easter is chocolate, this month's challenge is to read a book with an egg on the cover (chocolate or otherwise). πŸ˜‹

As always:
1) Please feel free to use this thread for discussion, recommendations, and reviews.
2) Please also remember to add your book to the group bookshelf! You can do this on the group's main page by scrolling down to where it says "Bookshelf" at the bottom, and clicking on "Add Books".

Happy hunting!

message 2: by Tara (last edited Apr 19, 2018 06:31AM) (new)

Tara Million | 20 comments This is a great challenge - I found a few that looked interesting but in the end I've settled on reading The House We Grew Up In which not only has an egg on the cover but also features Easter as a pivotal setting throughout the story. I'm about 100 pages in and really enjoying it so far!

The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell

message 3: by Tara (new)

Tara Million | 20 comments I finished my book and gave it 4 stars.

I thought The House We Grew Up In was a quick and easy read. It only took me a couple of days to finish it and it held my attention from start to finish.

The plot focuses on the Bird family and the estrangement and traumas that they go through over the course of about 30 years. The mother, Lorelei, is a hoarder and that causes all sorts of havoc in the family. I thought the author did a good job showing what a hoarder is actually like and how hoarding impacts everyone in a family - she certainly doesn't sugar coat it.

The story is told by moving back and forth in time, which was a good way of telling it once I got used to what was going on. The story has two beginnings - one starts after Lorelei has died, when her eldest daughter Megan is having to sort out Lorelei's hoard in the family home, and the other starts on an Easter Sunday when the 4 Bird children are young. Both stories move forwards in time until they link up together at the Bird family home when the entire family has joined Megan to help clear out the house and go to Lorelei's funeral. As can be expected in this type of story, once everyone gets together then significant pieces of the family story are revealed and allow the family members to resolve some of their collective estrangement from each other.

I enjoyed the characters and the writing. I liked the English setting and found the colloquialisms that the author uses fun to read. I thought the author used a neat narrative element in making the key events in the story continue to occur at Easter time throughout the years - it was a bit like getting a yearly family letter about what's going on. Overall, the book is not a great work of literature, but it is a solid piece of enjoyable fiction that I would recommend.

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