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Between Here and the Horizon
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance: Nanny hired to watch two kids on island off coast of Maine. Spoilers below. [s]

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✨The Quick & Dirty Bibliophile✨ (theqdbibliophile) | 2 comments Woman from the West Coast is looking for a job as a nanny to help pay for her parent's restaurant. She interviews with a man who is looking for a full time nanny for a few months for his.2 kids after the death of his wife.. She believes the job is in NYC but he reveals that he is moving his kids to his hometown on an island off the coast of Maine. After much convincing, she decides she needs to take the job.


The day after her arrival, the man hangs himself and basically leaves the children under her guardianship. At first she decides it's not in her job description but once she realizes that the children may be separated and put in group foster homes she decides to take care of them until next of kin can be contacted (I think) -- I'm not sure how the twin brother is introduced but she basically has a short period of time to convince him to take guardianship of the kids otherwise they will be sent to foster homes.
Messy story between the brothers -- the surviving twin brother wants nothing to do with the kids. This is because both twins had served in a tour in Iraq? Afghanistan? and the now dead twin had a PTSD episode so when the surviving twin was called to head home, he impersonated his brother (the now dead one) and sent him home. While the impersonating brother was overseas fighting, the PTSD afflicted twin went home and ended up impregnating the overseas fighting twin's fiancee (the kids' mother).
Lo and behold, he's an asshole , but the nanny meets him and despite his assholish ways, she ends up taking him soup because he's sick to his lighthouse where he lives. They fall in love and eventually she introduces him to the kids. HEA - they all live together with the kids.

I read this within the last year or so (2016/2017). Other details: two kids, one is a boy and the other is a very young little girl.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Shelia Williams | 750 comments Sounds very interesting hope you find it. I want to read it.

Amanda (amanda_redpeach) | 253 comments Either way Mary's suggestion looks good to me =) currently reading!

✨The Quick & Dirty Bibliophile✨ (theqdbibliophile) | 2 comments You all are BRILLIANT!! That’s the book!!! Thank you thank you!! I drove myself half insane trying to figure it out!!!

Pilar España | 143 comments You're welcome ;)

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