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Wren (fablesandwren) (fablesandwren) | 44 comments Apr 08: P. 001-089 | Apr 15: P. 089-177
Apr 22: P. 178-262 | Apr 29: P. 263-354

This is going to be wild and I'm excited for it!

Samantha (onsamsbookshelf) I've been wanting to read this one for awhile, so I was really excited to see that this was going to be the April book!

Wren (fablesandwren) (fablesandwren) | 44 comments OKAY WELL it looks like everyone is super busy last week LOL!

I am currently reading this now and there is a GIRL CHARCTER with my name and SPELLED CORRECTLY so I am really hoping my character is the villain lol

Samantha (onsamsbookshelf) I was waiting for someone else to go first because I'm so bad at talking about my own opinions! I read up to page 89 and I really enjoy the writing style of this book. I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but I'm digging it so far. And the excitement between Richard and James towards the end of Act I!? Holy wow.

Aleta So far, I'm not really sure how I feel just yet! I love that we have a central group of friends that are going to a really interesting school. I'm not familiar with theater at all so it's really interesting to learn about all things theater.

I think this book may take a while to really get me in but I think I'll get there. We'll see! I kind of wish I was more well-versed in Shakespeare because I think it might help with the reading in certain ways.

Wren (fablesandwren) (fablesandwren) | 44 comments OKAY OKAY OKAY, just finished.

Sam: You can post your set anytime within the week it is due! Know you don't have to wait for the day it is!

Aleta: I flipped through and not all of it has a lot of script like that, so you should be good with the rest of it.

I am kind of loving it. I am anxious to see what is going on with these kids and why he was in jail when he seems to be the passive one in the group. Richard is amazing and I love to hate him already. SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE FRONT AND CENTER 24/7.

Also Wren is me so you're welcome.

message 7: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel (ReadUntilTheLastPage) (readuntilthelastpage) | 25 comments This set felt a little slow to me personally, but I think that's because it's setting us up for the rest of the book. BUT I'm super interested in to see how this story continues to develop though and want to know why Oliver was in jail!

message 8: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel (ReadUntilTheLastPage) (readuntilthelastpage) | 25 comments I loved this set, wo much happened and I still have so many questions!!!! I know I'm not writing a lot about my thoughts, but please know I am so far really enjoying this book!

Wren (fablesandwren) (fablesandwren) | 44 comments Omgsh OMGSH THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. Talk about the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” type vibe. But how is HE the one in prison? Richard was the absolute worse, but did he deserve it? He completely was pushed. Who does everyone think it is? Because I have a few ideas. I think it was a girl... that would be a shock factor right? Catch him when he doesn’t expect it?

Gah! This is getting so good!

Aleta Okay so this is going to be a short, quick post but this book is definitely picking up! I'm becoming more invested in these characters and their stories. Honestly though, they're all kind of hard to like at the same time. It's very conflicting!

Samantha (onsamsbookshelf) I first thought that MAYBE Richard fell... but the reaction from his "friends" tells me that he had to have been pushed or something. I feel so conflicted with these characters, because I completely agree they are so hard to like. But I still feel for them and love them all at the same time. My money was on Alexander, because it was his idea to let him die... right there in front of all of them! Did he deserve it? I mean, he was being a HUGE asshole, but did he really deserve to die? God this book. So many feels.

Wren (fablesandwren) (fablesandwren) | 44 comments I’m almost done with this set but I’m low key not going to be able to stop and I’m just going to flow straight into the next. This book is so addicting, I see why Sam loved it so much!!!

Aleta So this book definitely took a while to take off for me but I love where it's going! Even though I still believe the characters are mostly all hard to like in lots of ways, I am loving their stories so much. The group dynamic has shifted so much already and you can start to see the unraveling of the group in their individual ways and as a whole. I have a guess as to who did what was done to Richard but I'm not 100% sure. I love the writing style and it's very easy to follow.

I can't wait to finish this and hopefully get answers to some of my questions!

message 14: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel (ReadUntilTheLastPage) (readuntilthelastpage) | 25 comments This how I want every mystery book I read to be like! I didn't know how I thought the book would end, but I didn't expect the ending we did get! And I kind of liked how the ending was sad and left a little open ended instead of being tied up in a perfect bow.

Aleta I was able to guess who killed Richard! Though it felt fairly obvious, due to all the tension between the two. I still dislike most of the characters, but if I had to pick a favorite it might be Fillipa. Oliver got on my nerves a lot, but so did everyone else for the same reason: they were all a little pretentious at times.

The book started out on a slower note but definitely picked up. I enjoyed it and some scenes were definitely very exciting and anxious. Overall, this was an enjoyable book but not one of my favorites. The characters were very hard to relate to and like and that was off putting for me.

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