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message 1: by Faith (new)

Faith (faithallington) Looking for a beta reader who enjoys 1920s mysteries. Thanks!

It’s 1920, and Hattie Foxwell is chasing her dream of becoming an interior designer despite her father’s objections. Desperate to escape England and her brother’s suicide, she arrives in Paris only to have archaeologist Isabelle Rousseau die in her arms.

Awkward and vulnerable Hattie is the obvious suspect for Isabelle’s murder. Could one of the guests be Isabelle’s missing step-son or step-daughter? Or an Egyptian loyalist seeking the return of priceless treasures?

Saving herself from the guillotine proves dangerous as Hattie hunts for elusive clues, trying to stay one step ahead of a killer.

message 2: by Pam (new)

Pam Burleson | 8 comments Hi Faith,

I run Pam's Beta Jam, a monthly contest for authors looking to beta their books. I feature a variety of genres, and I've been doing a lot of Fantasy and YA lately. However, a lot of my readers have expressed interest in mysteries (I myself love Rhys Bowen and Fiona Buckley's books). If you're still looking for beta readers, I was wondering if I could take a look at your book to consider it for May.

Here's the website for you to check out:

I'm happy to answer any questions you have and would love the chance to look at your manuscript. You can email me at the address on the website or reply here.


message 3: by D (new)

D Watson | 12 comments Hi Faith,

Sounds right up my alley. What kind of turn around are you looking for? And what would you want a reader to look for?


message 4: by Hope (new)

Hope Bates (hopebates) | 8 comments Like the sound of it, Faith!
Send me an email:

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