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Little big three.

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Nano Isle Ok I don 't know about anyone else but I love all the kids of the big three(Percy, Thalia, Nico, Bianca, Hazel, Tyson, and Jason). Well not so much Jason but definitely the others. I want to know how other people think about them and also who is your favorite and if you could have any of there powers which one would you want. These are my opinions.

Percy Jackson: First off he's the firkin hero of Olympus and just awesome so he doesn't need much explaining. Really funny, strong, and brave. He has water and horse powers.

Thalia Grace: She's definitely my favorite. I love Percy but I love her more because she's been thorough a lot with her mom and Luke. I also love the idea of the hunters and just fist bumped the air when she joined even though it meant we didn't see her as much. She has lightning and air powers as well as the hunters powers.

Nico Di Angelo: This kid is amazing. He can summon his own army of zombies for gods sake!!! I also love his relationship with Hazel. He has shadow, earth, and death powers.

Bianca Di Angelo: I don't really like this one as much. Even though I like the hunters I considered her decision to abandon her brother selfish and we didn't get to see barley any of her. She has Hunter powers and maybe Nico's as well.

Hazel Levesque: I love this girl, she's amazing. She's so nice and helpful and powerful. I love her. She has awesome powers of gems and metals and later develops magic. She also has a cool horse.

Tyson: He is so adorable and even if he is a Cyclops I am still considering him a big three half blood because he deserves it. His relationship with Percy is also very cute. He is fire proof and also a good smith.

Jason Grace: I expected more from Thalia's brother. He seems a little perfect for a realistic character. He also doesn't have that much of a personality and I don't like the whole jiper or jeyna situation going on(I don't like either options and don't like Piper). I don't hate him but I can't say I love him. He has air and electricity powers(more air though like Thalia is more into lightning).

Ok that was my character opinions. My personal favorite is Thalia and if I could have any of there powers it would either be Hazel's of Bianca's( I like Nico's powers and the hunter powers). Really sorry if this is confusing but I'm curious. Sorry for the long introduction.

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Nano Isle I never said that. I said she joined the hunters the first chance she got and left Nico by himself in a new world.

Please tell where I said anything about a Barbie doll? That's just putting words in my mouth.

The only character development I ever saw from Bianca was leaving her brother and dying. That was it. I consider her leaving Nico selfish even if it was her ambition to join the hunters. She made up for it by dying a hero but still.

We didn't get to see her character at all so I'm completely basing my opinion of her on what I did see. I wasn't bashing her I was making an observation.

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