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Occupation Before Becoming a Ghostbuster:

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Josh Lopez | 7 comments Name: Mason Stickman
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
History: His parents were great with him, always loving him and supported him in anything he wanted to do. He used to go to college to be a full time paid scientist, but that was when his parents were alive. When his parents died he left college, stopped taking care of himself, pushed away friends, family and just stayed in his apartment until he heard about the Ghostbusters. He never finished college but he does know enough to be a scientist, he then went to the Ghostbusters hoping to get some closure for the loss of his parents. Now, he lives in the Ghostbusters base and spends his days catching ghost.
Appearance: Ghostbusters Uniform with goggles and a Santa Clause hat when it's Christmas.
Personality: Keeps close to himself, quiet, likes to help, almost always follows orders and is very smart when it comes to Ghosts.
Occupation Before Becoming a Ghostbuster: Becoming a Scientist
Likes: Teasing Slimer, his job and protecting New York.
Dislikes: Getting Slimed and threats to New York.

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