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The Sparring room

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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments ~Magnus Alexander Dunvar~

Magnus Dunvar swung his sword as hard as he could. This caused his opponent to block his attack, only to stumble back a few steps, his balance off. Magnus used this opportunity to charge his opponent. He swung his sword multiple times until his opponent couldn't keep up with the multiple swings. Eventually, his opponent fell on his bottom, dropping his sword. Magnus was quick to place his sword under his opponent chin.

"I win," he said.

His opponent held up his hands in surrender. A smile formed on his lips. "Alright, alright. Easy, Royal Highness. I surrender the match."

Magnus lowered his sword from his opponent to his side. He had been sparring nonstop since early this morning. He thought it time to take a break. Wiping his forehead with his free hand, he blew out a gust of air. His shirtless torso was sweaty, yet he ignored that fact. Sword sparring was a favorite activity of his. It was one that both calmed him and gave him a rush.

"Can we take a break please, Sire" one of his other opponents complained from the sidelines. There were a total of six other men in the room, who he had been sparring. They were exhausted and breathing heavily from the torturous training, while Magnus looked like he barely broke a sweat.

"We take a ten minute break." He ordered the men.

Turning, he walked from the mat and toward the sitting area. Laying his sword against the wall, he took a towel or something resembling a towel and wiped his forehead and neck of the sweat. Then he took a seat. I must always be prepared. He must have told himself this multiple times to the point where it became a mantra.

In true, it had. As the second born, he was next in line after William to be king. If something shall happen to his older brother that is. He loved his brothers, but he couldn't help feeling that William wasn't ready to be a king yet, especially when he put most of his time and effort into everything he did. He was the prefect candidate, he thought.

Looking up, for he was looking down at his hands which rested on his knees, he saw his fellow sparring partners playing around and laughing. So much for being tired. He was slightly jealous by their playfulness, but that wasn't enough to make him join them. He was a prince after all, and he had a certain image to upheld. His gaze traveled around the room that smelled of sweat and masculine stench.

The wall across from him was lined with different swords of all types. Several were clearly removed. The worn brown mat that sat in the center of the room was the main focus. To his left, the wall was line with different gears and a door rested beside the rack of gear. That door led into an inner room that acted as a shower and changing room. To his right, was the entry. A large window sat beside the entry for other soldiers to watch the sparring matches.

Signing, he rose to his feet. Grabbing his sword once more, he made his way to the mat to practice on his own.

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The smell of iron woke Emilia up from where she was sleeping in her room. She hadn't been laying on her bed, cozied under the blankets but instead she had fallen asleep near the window. She had left it slightly ajar due to the heat that would have stifled the room if she had not let air flow through. But now, she was regretting it as she felt her throat was sore and her head hurt. Emilia looked up at her father who had entered the room, possibly after trying to knock but she was such a deep sleeper, anything could get past her. Darin Mure, her father, had always said she could sleep through anything, ever since she was a young child it had been that way. His face sported a dark heavy beard, his deep green eyes looking down at her with a smile that was hidden behind his mustache. "I finished the sword," he said, his eyes light with success.

Emilia shot up from where she had been laying, the book she had been reading the night before clambering to the floor. "That's wonderul father! He'll be so happy to hear of it!" She grabbed at her father's callused hands and squeezed them with barely a force that he would feel. Darin was a large man, he stood well over half a foot of Emilia, his towering height and strong build made him the most recognizable figure in the town. But it wasn't for his physical appearance alone that Darin Mure had earned a reputation, it was also because he forged and refined the weapons used within the castle. The castle was home to the Queen of Elvinger and her four sons. This sword in particular that Emilia's father just finished was for Magnus Dunvar, the second oldest prince.

"I want you to take it to him," her father said loudly, presenting to her the sword that was carefully wrapped in cloth. "Oh papa, I musn't. It is your work after all," Emilia tried to convince him otherwise but he merely gave the excuse that he had much more things he needed to work on. She understood this, and thought it best to not aruge with him anymore. He was an agreeable man but never backed down when his mind was set on something. Emilia took the sword in both of her hands, the covered blade made it possible for her to hold it without getting hurt. It was heavy but with her experiance of always helping her father with the iron blades, she had grown accustomed to the weight. "I will see that it gets to him," she said after she had securely grasped the weapon.

Darin gave her an approving smile and made his way to the door before stopping and turning back to look at her. "By the way, you best be leaving as soon as you can. You slept in till half past noon, how late were you reading that book anyways." Wincing at the mention of the late hour, Emilia rushed over to close the door behind her father. Then quickly changed into her clothing given to her to work as a maid and refused herself the chance to fix her hair. There wasn't much time, she wasn't necessarily late to her work but with the extra guests all hands had to be at the ready to serve.

With quick footsteps Emilia made her way to the castle gates. She nodded to the guards there, her appearance and the item she was holding wasn't new to them. They knew her as the blacksmith's daughter, she had been running errands for him ever since she was able to carefully hold a weapon. Emilia's steps were so precise, left turn at the oak tree, right at the thick stone wall and right again once the overlooking glass window from the dining hall came into view. There she would just have to continue straight until she came into the sparring quarters. Being so deep within the castle, these doors weren't guarded by anyone.

Emilia gave the old door a slight shove and it cracked open, the smell of both sweat and steel met her nose as she walked in. She was careful to survery her surroundings, if Magnus wasn't here then she needed to hide the sword. After all, she had been instructed to hand deliver it to him by her father. But thankfully, Magnus was there before her, a few feet away, another sword in hand and practicing his skills. It was a sight she had gotten used to seeing, as a young girl she would enter this room with her father. Then she was always within arms length of her papa, in a room filled with grown men and weapons, he made sure to keep her safe. Now, she was in this room, unaccompanied, but she was no longer a little girl.

She smiled at Magnus, taking a few steps closer to him and trying to hide the sword behind her back. Careful to hold it with both hands for if not, she would surely be unable to carry it. As she drew near, Emilia took in the sight of the prince, for he too was not a young boy anymore that she had seen many years ago being trained by tutors. He looked somewhat tired, but not exhausted, his torso moved in motion with his breathing, and Emilia made careful watch to not be caught looking for more than a second at his exposed upper body.

"I have something for you," she said before taking a slight glance at the other men that she had failed to really notice since she had entered. "....m'lord," she quickly added at the end, then carefully she brought the blade forward and extended it to him. She had addressed Magnus with proper respect that someone of her lower status would require for her to do. If it weren't for the others around she wouldn't need to meddle with such customs, but there was nothing she could do. With onlookers he was nothing more to her than the prince of this kingdom and she a blacksmith's daughter.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments Magnus was focused on his training. Swaying his sword this way and that way as if he was fighting a real opponent. His fellow sparring partners had stopped playing to watch the demonstration. It was like the sword was an extension of his right arm: natural and flexible. He handled the sword as if it came natural to him. With all his training, he was used to the constant movement.

With one final swing, cutting through the air, he finished his demonstration. Turning he looked at his men. "If you got time to gawk at me, then you have time to be training." He cut his gaze to his first partner, who raised his hands in surrender.

"Max haven't gotten a wack at you yet, Your Highness." He pointed down the line to a dark, brown head boy who looked to be twice Magnus`s size.

"Thanks a lot, you cockatoo," said the big Max.

Magnus gestured for the mighty man to step onto the mat. He didn't care who he fought, so long as he fought someone to keep himself busy. Besides he fought bigger and bulkier opponents than Max. That include that raging bear that was bothering the village people not to far from the castle on his eighteen birthday.

Hearing the door screeched open, Magnus dropped his guard and lowered his weapon. He heard Max relieved sigh as he turned around to face whoever was interrupting the match. When he saw just who it was, his eyes widen slightly, but only for a brief moment for he was still in the presence of fellow warriors.

"Max, Garrett, you both are up." He ordered the two as he walked to the edge of the mat to meet Emilia. Growing up, Emilia and him would sneak away to play together. She was always the one to come up with these crazy adventures when they were younger, and he always tagged along with her despite his brothers` constant teasing about him playing with a girl instead of them.

However, Emilia wasn't just an ordinary girl. She was fun and adventurous almost like a boy except she was a girl. Well woman now. A girl who grew into a strikingly beautiful young lady. He noticed the way her curls fell over her shoulders, and the way her full lips formed a bright smile upon seeing him. He also noticed the long object she was so skillfully trying to hide behind her back as she approached him.

Her soft voice made him feel weak in the knees, but he remained standing tall like a statue. He was too prideful to allow anyone to know the effect Emilia had over him. After all, affection between them was likely to form at least on the prince's end. He wasn't sure how she felt about him, and he was too scared and prideful to ask out loud.

Addressing him by his title brought him out of his own silently staring. As she presented him with the covered sword, he stuck the sword he held into the mat. Reaching forward, he gently took the sword from her, not noticing at first how the tips of their hands brushed against each other. "He finished it." He said as he uncovered the weapon to reveal a beautifully, sculptured sword.

Twisting and turning the blade, he inspected the sword for an flaws. Perfect. Just like Darin to always create another flawless sword. Turning to the side, he cut into the air. The sword felt light in his hands, as if it was made for him, which it was.

Turning back to Emilia, the sword now at his side, he said, "Thanks for bringing me this, Emilia. Please give Darin my thanks." He made a point to gaze into her eyes. Under the circumstances, he had to upheld his image, otherwise, he wouldn't be speaking so formally to her in this manner. "And thank you for bring this to me." He spoke in a lower voice, so to provide a little privacy between them while swords clashed together behind him.

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As Magnus called for two other men to continue their training, he turned his full attention toward Emilia. And she felt it, those clear blue eyes looked at her with almost a knowing smile of what she held behind her. He was a smart man, that she was fully aware of. There were times that she had been in attendance as he would speak to his brothers or his mother. He always spoke with eloquence, ease and precision, but that was when he would speak. Other times he would stay quiet, a mind that knew so much but yet liked to be on his own. As Emilia watched him examine the sword, she took in each of his expressions in order to relay to her father how he felt about the finished sword. His actions were meticulous, that of a man who had been around enough swords to acknowledge one just by the mere feel of it in his hands and how it moved.

She slowly started to drift away into her own thoughts, thinking about the first time that she ever spoke to the prince before her.
It was a challenge at first to have gotten to talk to him. Years ago Emilia would often find him here, whether it was actually training or reading a book. They would only share a glance, they didn't have a reason to speak to each other. But one day Emilia saw that he was reading a book that she was interested in, she learned early on to read from her mother but her library was so limited. The book that Magnus had been holding, a book about nearby kingdoms was something that she really wanted to take a peak at. She had come over without talking, trying to look over the young princes shoulder but it wasn't long before he felt her presence.

Magnus' sudden closeness drew her from her thoughts about the past. She didn't dare take a step back from him, nor avert her gaze as he spoke. "And thank you for bring this to me." His warm voice wasn't that of a prince speaking to a girl lower in status than him. It was that of someone who thought of her as his equal, a voice that she felt the most comfortable with but at the same time could make her nervous. She felt it just then, a slight blush rushing to her cheeks that she had no control over. She took a step to his right, moving a bit away from him to look over at the others in the room. Emilia did this so that he wouldn't be looking directly at her, maybe then she could hide the fact that his words had made her feel such a way. It wasn't that she needed recognition for helping with the care and make of the sword. She was happy to help, and more than willing to accept the compliment. But it was his tone that made the sharp rise of blood rush to her cheeks, because in that instant she felt like he had closed the gap between them.

Over the years they had spent so much time together that she could honestly say he was the one that she found in her company the majority of her time. That was of course besides her mother and father, and the guests and other maids. She sighed in her own thoughts, what she meant to say to herself but she was ignoring the fact was that she loved being in his company. If she allowed herself to say it, she would say that she wanted to spend more of it with him. But she couldn't possibly share her thoughts out loud, that would be foolish of her to say that a maid should spend her time with a prince. It was custom for maids to look after the castle, but that was it alone. She was thankful enough that the Queen hadn't caught on to all of their outings together. She would have been devastated if she was forbade to talk to him again due to her closeness with the prince. It never came to such matters, no one seemed to pay them much attention. Emilia stealed a glance over to Magnus, but then again, they had never done anything with so many people that would grab the attention of others.

"I will be happy to tell my father that you are pleased with the sword," Emilia finally allowed herself to say. Hopefully the pinkish tint was gone by now, but if it wasn't, she'd merely blame it on the hot sun. "What plans do you have this evening, more practicing I presume," she continued, her voice sweet and respectful just in case the others could hear them. What she was really trying to get at was if he had any free time for her. Yes, she had work this afternoon within the castle, but during the evening hours she wouldn't be needed any longer.

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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments Magnus`s gaze followed Emilia when she took a step to his right. He hoped that his men were busy training and not gawking at them two. However, he assumed she wanted to get a better look at the sparring match. He knew she held an interest in sword fight considering the fact that she helped made the weapons for the royal guards and such. But he did noticed how her cheeks became a rosey color.

Must be the temperature in this room.

He inwardly sighed. How he wished he could see her blush the way he seen her blush with her parents, whenever they complimented her or said something to make her blush. Except he wanted to be the cause of her blushing.

He nodded a small nod when she said she would give his gratitude to her father. He truly mean his words. He thought about stopping by her place to personally thank the blacksmith, which he might still do later on tonight. That way he would get the chance to see Emilia again before he headed off to bed. Usually, he would come right before their dinner that way he had an excuse to stay over, but with the new women staying at the castle, he was sure his mother would keep an eye on his activities a little closer then normal.

"Yes, I will be practicing for awhile longer, but due to that despicable festival going on, I'm afraid almost everyone will be there." The Queen, his mother, had invited everyone, including the servants, civilians, and royal guards to attend. He had no intention on going to the festival because he thought it was a waste of energy and time. "I guess I'll be spending my evening here or outside. Festivals aren't my thing." He averted his gaze to the side.

If it was one thing about him, it was that he wasn't willing to go to any festival or ball by himself nor with his brothers. He simply could be using that time for reading or sparring. But, and that was a small but, if Emilia were to say she was going, he would make a point to be at whatever event, even if it was to watch her dance with someone else.

"What about you?" He asked, shifting his gaze back toward hers. "Are you going to that festival they all are making such a big deal about?" Moving his new sword, he sat it in front of him so he could rest his hands on the halt.

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There was a stillness about the room, even with the clashing of swords in front of her, Emilia could only focus on their conversation. She could feel his eyes looking at her, and she swatted away any kind of nonsense in her wandering mind and looked at him. "I was making plans to go but it's too bad, I was planning on inviting you out. Not just the festival, but the food that comes with it." Emilia smiled, thinking of the ravishing cakes and croissants that would be sold by the bakers of the town. She was tired of eating the foods made by the cooks in the castle, their foods were in poor taste and made only for looks. Sure, they had their appeal in flavor, but nothing could beat the old fashioned bakers cooking in their hot stone alcoves.

"But, I guess we could stay here and just practice some more," she said and ducked her head, noticing how loud she had begun talking. To their own minds, nothing seemed odd about the sentence but to everyone else, a few eyebrows would be raised at the mention of a servant girl and a prince spending hours together in the practice room while everyone was elsewhere. She walked closer to him, maybe the far distance was subconsciously making her speak louder. But most likely it was the excitement for the pastries that was making her forget her senses.

"You don't even have to join the festival, we could take the back paths, the streets that meet the back of the shops and sneak into the festival that way. What do you say," Emilia finally asked, the main thing that she had wanted to ask him since the townspeople had started decorating the streets for the gathering.

She had seen the preparations for the festival underway, everyday as she ran her errands or went to the castle. Some days she would stay over night at the castle, especially when she didn't finish her work until late. All the maids had sleeping quarters that they shared, it was convenient for Emilia, but not comfortable. But she loved the walk, and would often opt for taking the half an hour stroll back home.

Recently she had seen the ribbons being strewn from roof to roof. The big pole being hoisted up in the center of the sqaure with a beautiful arrangement of cloth strands to be twirled on the day of the festival. The extra stalls being set up, flowers being brought in from the palace gardens and the candle lights, tall and protected by glass until the night.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments His eyes widened at the mention of food. The little minx. She knew he held a weakness for sweets, especially those made by a certain baker in the village, who he was sure would be attending the festival. Magnus opened his mouth to ask her if the sweets he liked will be there, but closed his mouth. O`course he would be there. The festival offered a chance for merchants and others to sell their goods to willing buyers.

His thoughts were interrupted shortly when Emilia stepped closer to him. At this distance he could smell the flowery cologne that seemed to wrap around her. He didn't exhale deeply for he didn't want her to think him weird.

He too had seen the preparations for the festival in his free time, when he wasn't training or carrying out his princey duties. Back in his room, he had a finished painting of the preparations occurring for the festival. He planned to go back and paint a finished painting of the festival since he wasn't going, but now he had a change of mind.

He pressed his lips together firmly, not wanting to say this where his fellowmen could hear him, so he turned around. "Everyone, listen up!" He said. "Sparring is over for today. You are all dismissed." His men cheered and begin heading toward the inner room to change from their gears. While he walked pass Emilia and toward the entry. Turning back to Emilia, he gestured for her to follow him. He laid the newly made sword against the wall near the door. Only when he had led her outside the room and around a corner, did he turned to face her.

"I'll go." He muttered beneath his breath. He didn't want to admit that she had him in the palms of her hands, yet he wanted to go have some sweets just as much as he wanted to go with her. Though he wouldn't admit that out loud nor to himself.

"But only if we take the back way" he said a little clearer, meeting her gaze. "I don't intend to run into any of my annoying brothers while we are at the festival." A small smile touched his lips at the mention of his brothers. Since he had grown older, he had come to adore his siblings and had developed a passion to protect them, especially his youngest brother. This was his underlying reason for wanting the crown. "No more of your wild ideas ok?" He asked knowing that that may be nearly impossible when it came to Emilia.

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At the sound of the order that Magnus gave out, Emilia felt relieved. She always preferred when they could talk without anyone else around. It would lessen her focus on the others, the glances she could feel at the back of her head. Now she could just pay attention to the prince in front of her, but as he motioned for her to follow him, that title escaped her mind. To her, he wasn't a prince, sneaking away from the others to continue their conversation. He was her partner in times of exploration, in laughter and in...

She was about to continue, but her steps suddenly stopped, a quick reaction to Magnus' abrupt turn to face her. He always did this, any time they moved fasg she had a knack of trying to trail close behind him. His steps were always faster than hers, given the longer legs he had been blessed with. So whenever he would stop, she would be right at his back, but she should have expected it by now. Those blue eyes looking at her, meeting hers, the most she could do was smile. She even remembered that they had hit each other accidentally in the head before.

The memory only added to her delight at hearing that he would be going with her. "You won't regret," Emilia said, almost justifying her invitation as she pointed a finger at him. "I know all the backways within this village, I'd like to think even more than you, but I can't make any promises." she said, almost with a slight tease, a tone she never would have exhibited in the company of others.

But at the mention of her wild ideas she only shrugged, certain situations called for drastic and crazy ideas. Emilia was quick thinker, she was able to get out of tricky situations, often leading to strange ideas. With Magnus being the one mostly around her, he had fallen witness as well as victim to one or more of her endeavors.

"But don't worry, really, there won't be anything like the time we had to cross the tavern's alley. That was a turn we won't be taking again." She remembered it clearly and slightly surprised herself that night on more than one instance. "So, where would you like to meet tonight?" Emilia walked to the side, her hand now tracing the rock edges on the wall beside them. The vine from last season already showing hints of brown with the end of summer. But this was Emilia's habit, unable to keep still, always needing to do something, she blamed it on her readiness for an adventure.

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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments Magnus remembered that night well. He was newly turned, twenty one, and she was a spirited eighteen year old. It was the day after his birthday, and late into the night. He had insisted on walking Emilia home that night. He was concerned for her safety after several girls were raped and killed months previously..

It was pass curfew for Emilia, but she had wanted to cut through town that night. He had wanted to keep to the same path, but the excitement in those eyes of hers had him agreeing to another one of her wild ideas. Hopefully, this one wouldn't land them in trouble like their first adventure when they were just children. But, boy, was he wrong....

As they crossed the local tavern`s alley, a drunken man was stumbling out of the inn. The man looked like he'd been through the mud and back. On top of that, he had the most ugly scar over his right eye. He was no one, Magnus had seen as a current local. The man looked up at them, his eyes darting from Magnus to Emilia to Magnus and back to Emilia. He said,

"Come here, churl. I've of use of ya." He motioned for Emilia to approach him.

When she didn't, he stumbled toward the pair. The drunken man had made a grab for Emilia, but Magnus was quick to step in by grabbing the other's wrist. "I wouldn't," he warned the stranger. The man next words came out slurred and he threw a wild punch toward Magnus`s face. Magnus ducked and aimed a punch back at the man, sending him stumbling back. At the time, he was still learning the art of close combat and he wasn't as good at it as long range fighting.

The man came at him full force. They duo it out for several seconds. Until the man got the ups on him, and knocked him to the ground, where he gotten on top of him and proceeded to aim punches at the Prince. The Prince dodged as best he could while trying to shove the man off of him.

Even though he didn't need help, that didn't stop Emilia from getting in on the fun. She found a nearby object to act as a weapon. Using all the strength in her small frame, she wracked the traveler over his head, causing the man to pause mid strike and collapsed to the side of Magnus.

He sighed and turned his back to the wall, where he leaned back against the rocky structure, arms crossed. Looking up at the nearly cloudless sky, thoughts ran through his head of ideas of where they could meet up without being noticed. "We could meet up beside the back gates, and take the back road around to the festival."

"We can meet at the end of your shift." He assumed her parents would already be there, and they didn't worry about Emilia, since she would be with him or so he hoped her father did. Darin Mure was an intimidating man when it came to his daughter, and recently Magnus wanted to keep on his good side for the sake of just keep seeing Emilia. "The maids may be released a bit early, and I may be a bit late, yet on time. Depends on how you look at it." He smiled, looking at her from the corner of his eye.

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The back gate of the castle, the one that extended to the roads that led to the outer village. That was a place she knew well, in fact it was one of their many places that they met up at. The road would be perfect for them to take, no one would be there, after all, everyone would be taking the main street for the festival. The back roads would be empty, dark and well secluded for them to move freely. Emilia suspected that the path and the gate had been constructed for the royal family to leave the castle without any onlookers. Especially unwanted ones, since the main gate led straight to the center of the village, with the back gate, there was much more privacy.

"That sounds perfect, we will use the back roads then and come through the side of the festival that seems more inconspicuous." She wanted to go with him to the festival, last year he had not attended and she reluctantly went with her family. It wasn't like she didn't enjoy dances, merry making and food. She really did like all those things but it wasn't as exciting when she couldn't share it with someone close to her. No matter what the occassion, it was better to have someone she trusted than eat food alone at the stalls. Her mind remembered the man who had asked her to dance when the viola had started to play a friendly and upbeat tune during last year's festival. He had accompanied her for a little while, but Magnus' company was different. And much more preferable, Emilia thought as she looked at him leaning up against the wall.

At the mention of the work schedule for today, she realized that her work for the afternoon had left her mind. Forgotten in the moment of giving Magnus his sword, and their plans of the festival. "Yes, I do believe the maids have an early leave," Emilia said, going over to his side and leaning up against the wall too. As she touched the wall with her back, her left arm touched Magnus' side but she didn't move. There was almost a comfort in his touch, a sense of familiarity that didn't make her shy away even at the slightest touch of his skin against her arm. They had been with each other for years, and through all that time Magnus had remained a gentleman to her. She was blessed that she had even been able to befriend a prince, not for status, but for a remarkable companion to join her in quests and random findings.

'I will wait for you there. It is quite benevolent of the Queen to allow the servants to leave early. Many of the maids are thankful in that respect," Emilia added, knowing that the festival meant a great deal to the Queen. It wasn't just one of her majesty's favorite time of the year. But also, on this occassion, a chance for one, if not all, to find a suitable wife for them in the array of other royals and honored guests attending. Emilia shifted where she stood, perhaps even a little closer to Magnus. But it was almost out of impulse, it wasn't an extremely obvious action, nor was she clinging to him. But it made her heart still, because deep in the layers of smiles she portrayed to everyone around her. The beating and slight pain in her heart could never betray her feelings for a certain prince that stood right next to her.

Then she realized it, she was so adament about inviting Magnus out with her to the festival. But could it be for other reasons than just to have someone with her enjoy the festivities. Or could it be because she knew, as much as she hated even admitting it now, that if he werent with her, he may be with someone else. The Queen might persuade him to escort one of the beautiful maidens that had recently become guests in the castle. A chance for him to get to know them, for the women to possibly fancy him more than just his attractive appearance. Even though she knew his behavior, that he often stayed away from the woman his mother tried to pair him with. Emilia couldn't help but notice how adiment the Queen had been for the women and her sons to meet.

Emilia felt selfish, and wary at the fact that she should face the reality before her. But when she looked up at Magnus, seeing him melted all her worries away. His eyes were only looking at her right now, and she'd cherish it for as long as she could. Tonight they would meet, and by golly she'd eat her fill of the croissants and puddings. "If I may be so bold, I am quite looking forward to tonight." Emilia said, smiling at Magnus before looking out to the courtyard far off in front of them.

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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments Magnus didn't move nor flinch when Emilia joined him at his side. Her touch, although small, was comforting to him. It was like her close presence soothed his soul. Though he couldn't say that years ago when he was beginning to like girls. Emilia was his first crush, although he didn't realize it at the time. Back then, he was going through a shy phase whenever she was around him. And on numerous occasions, he caught himself blushing whenever she would take his hand or brush against him whenever they hung out. It was around that phase when his brothers started teasing him about liking Emilia, which o`course he denied. Nevertheless, that awkward phase didn't stop him from hanging out with his friend.

If anything, it brought them closer. He learned how to control his emotions when he was around her. Even now when she shifted a bit closer to him, he could feel his heart skip a beat, but he didn't let that show. It was safe to say he liked Emilia, a lot, but she was also his best friend. He felt that he couldn't outright say that he was feeling strongly toward her. That would probably freak her out and make their friendship come to an end. Instead, he rather kept his feelings to himself behind the neural mask he wore.

"Emilia, come on. We have to sweep the floors today." Her mother, Jeanine Mure, said.

The calling of Emilia`s name had him looking in the direction of where the call came from. He saw that a woman who looked nothing like Emilia standing on the far end near an entry, gesturing at her daughter to come to her. Magnus knew this elder maid as the woman who would fetch them when they were younger. Somehow, the woman knew just where to find them whenever they would go out to play or sneak away to talk just like they are now. He wondered how she knew, but he just put it off as mother's intuition.

He pushed himself off the wall just as Emilia did. Turning to her, he gaze into her eyes once more. Taking in they way they shine with a promise of fun and adventure. "Goodbye for now." He told her. He was never one to say goodbye full because he knew that one word could mean forever goodbye, and so he added for now as a silent promise to see one another again.

He watched her go after she returned the farewell comment. As she took a few steps toward her mother, she stopped and turned around, waving at him. Like the idiot he thought he was, his hand rose to mirror the action with a small wave of his own. Seeing her giggle, he couldn't help but wonder what was funny. As she ran after her mother, he watched until she disappeared around a corner. "You're an idiot, Magnus. A stupid idiot." Sighing through his mouth, he turned to head back to the sparring room to put away his newly made sword for the day.

~End of conversation between Emilia and Magnus~

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