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~♚ ione Theron ♚~

For the past week Ione had no longer awoken and been able to immediately recall where she was. She took it as a bad sign; she was getting too comfortable. It had only been a month, but it felt as though summer was rapidly slipping away. Soon it would be autumn, and if they were still here... She was unsure if her family would make it through winter without her. She seethed silently as she bathed in the water set out for her, when she had bathed before, she'd always took some sort of satisfaction in seeing the dirt in the water, proof that she had worked hard, or at least done something that day. The water came away clean today, as it had for the past month. This palace would be the death of her. She'd never been trapped behind a wall for thing long in her entire life.

When she was done bathing, and scrubbing viciously at her clean body with a rough towel, a maid bustled in. It was not the usual woman she had come to enjoy, to her vauge disappointment. If someone had to help her change, like a child, she'd prefer it to be someone she at least tolerated. This maid, tall as her, hardfaced, had clashed with her before. The woman silently took an article of clothing from the wardrobe, turning to face her with an almost smug sort of look. "This should suit you today, Milday."

The 'Milday' was uttered about as sarcastically as a servant dared to utter it, and it was not lost on Ione. Oh how right her parents had been, she should have heeded her mothers warnings. If she wasn't being treated like some monster below their heels, she was being treated like fine china. It was getting tiring. Her lip curled at the side of the dress, baby blue and ruffled, sure to be stifling, especially in this heat. More polite in her words she shook her head and turned her gaze back to the water. "I'm not wearing that."

"You don't have much of a choice now do you." The maid Sneered. "Your entire wardrobe is a gift from her majesty. So unless you plan to walk around naked like some common street whore, as much as you might want to-"

Ione stood, so quickly that the water shook over the rim of the basin. She could slap her, she could have struck her hard enough too knock her off her feet, or at least make her stagger, she was by no means weak. She did despite her rage feel a tinge of guilt for thinking such things. It would likely not have been the first time she was struck for serving someone. Still, her glare did not falter, not once. And this was enough to merit what the woman did next.

The maid, immediately shoved her, and Ione nearly fell back into the tub of lukewarm water. Again, being treated like some wild animal. "Dress yourself." She spat, and dropped the dress on the floor before walking out.

Ione waited until the door slammed with a heavy thud behind her before kicking the fallen dress aside distastefully, until finally picking it up, and turning it over in her silken hands. It would be redeemable, with a few changes, She ripped the sleeves off entirely, almost smiling at the sound of delicate material tearing, and tore at the back as well, leaving only the neckline and her breasts covered. It was far cooler when she slipped into it than it would have been, and her mood improved as she laced up a pair of sandals, and ran her fingers through her still wet hair. It'd dry soon enough.

The morning passed uneventfully, but her bitterness crept back up as afternoon came. She paced the halls like a caged animal, which she was, in away. When the heat became too much inside, she stalked out into the gardens, despite the blazing sun. The wall was right there, it would be so easy to fly over it, before. Now it seemed insurmountable. Ione sighed to herself, and hovered over the edge of one of the still reflecting pools, watching dragon flies skim across it. She resisted the urge to skip a stone across it. Instead, she sought out a quiet area where she could be at peace. Perhaps her flock had a better morning. She had yet to see any of them, and she had been religiously avoiding "Her Majesty's" sons. It was only a matter of time before she was backed into a figurative or literal corner by one of them. She prayed that it would never happen, but she was not a fool. There were a couple of festivities coming up, and it was only a matter of time before she would have to accompany the royals.

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With the current events of the festival and the many people that were coming in and out of the castle, William had barely any time to breathe. He had known this was coming, if it wasn't for his mother's constant reminder of the summer festival it was his memory that each year, around this time, it got extremely busy in the castle. Last year, he had been part of the scheduling and arrangements, but with the arrival of the four new girls in the castle, he felt like he had more on his list to take care of. Not that the girls needed tending to, the Queen made sure that they were seen to everyday. But his mother made an extra effort to convince him and his brothers to make sure that they felt welcomed to the castle. He wasn't sure why, he didn't know where they had come from but his mother had given the excuse that they were in need of a place to stay. She didn't call them princess' exactly, but she treated them as if they were of a high status. Perhaps the Queen knew of their families, had a connection to them and it was one of the reasons why she was eager to have them stay.

No matter what he did, William couldn't quite put his finger on it which left his brain a bit disorganized. Whether it be with the musicians that were going to be playing or the set up of fireworks, he couldn't stop making mistakes between each topic. In a haste to get everything done, Will accidentally had the musicians set up in the place the fireworks were to go off. Fortunately, his mother had been there and corrected the decision immediately. On other times she would have talked to him, about needing a rest or worried about his health. But all she offered him was a small smile, almost a knowing smile and a pat on the shoulder. What was that supposed to mean? It wasn't like the arrival of the women here had him behaving differently, but perhaps it was. Maybe it was the extra eyes that were on him, he had come across a few of them already, hardly saying a word to one. But, it was something about their eyes that he felt were different than any other guest that had stayed within the castle. Hard to describe but Will felt this distance, an unreachable sky within their eyes that would continue to look from afar.

The women were hard to get close to, he had rarely seen them and they weren't forced to join them in the dining hall eaither. He had made an attempt to talk to one, but she had disappeared into another corridor before he could properly approach her. At the time, he wasn't accompanied by anyone, he would understand if the onslaught of many people would find a stranger at a standstill in conversation. Regardless of that fact, she had still disappeared from sight.

With that memory in mind, William walked out to the courtyard of the castle and into the gardens. He was supposed to meet one of the gardeners here, they had wanted to show him which flowers they were bringing to decorate the festival and show the splendor of Her majesty's garden. The gardeners had decorated the area with dahlia, marigold, and yarrow, flowers he had seen every year around the late summer months. But it wasn't the sweet old gardener that he saw waiting for him, he hardly would think this woman was waiting for anyone. Instead he saw one of the maidens that had arrived at the castle, was it the one who had avoided him the week before? He wasn't sure, he didn't get a chance to get a good look at her before but he was sure he wouldn't have missed her long black hair. It wasn't long before his presence was made known to anyone who resided in the garden, but as he looked around, it was only him and her.

The gravel underneath his feet crunched as he walked closer, the air felt warm, he could already feel sweat forming on the back of his neck by the afternoon heat. It was for this purpose that he wore a simple grey dress shirt and trousers, the tunic he usually wore wasn't for purposes of being around the castle. At least, not for such a day as this that he needed to move around so much. Now, looking at the woman in her blue attire, he felt under dressed, but it was only because for the past several years he had grown up trying to make an impression on the people around him. He wanted everyone to believe that all in Elvinger was well and prosperous, if he slacked in any way, it may portray badly on the kingdom.

"Enjoying the weather outside," Will asked, loud enough for her to hear. "I hope I am not bothering you, my name is William," he offered the best smile that he could. He felt like there was a chance that she may run away from him, but he didn't know why he felt that way. It was as if he was approaching a deer in the woods, if he was too quick then it would be gone from sight. William shook his head in his mind, what was he doing, comparing a woman to an animal, although some animals were lovely. It was happening again, his mind wasn't thinking straight, but it couldn't be because of her. He met many other women before, many of whom who had expressed their desire to marry him, having already received his mother's approval. But he had never stepped over his thoughts or words for that matter in their company, not like he had been doing and was doing right now. Will was never a try hard, he had given up trying to appease women a long time ago, so now, he just needed to do this for introduction. That's all it was, after all, she was staying in his house, it would only be polite for him to say a welcome.

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