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Bhima Lone Warrior
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BUDDY READ:Paranormal/Fantasy > Bhima Lone Warrior by M.T. Vasudevan Nair, Gita Krishnankutt - Starting April 1st 2018

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Sarah Elizabeth (bookworm_sarah) | 83364 comments Mod
This is the story of Bhima, the second son, the man who's always second in line, a story never adequately told until M.T. Vasudevan Nair conjured him up from the silences in Vyasa's narrative, the minute gaps that allowed conjectures about what must have happened during those intervals. MT's Bhima is a revelation. Lonely, eager to succeed, treated with a mixture of affection and contempt by his brothers - the other four Pandavas and with scorn and hatred by his Kourava cousins, Bhima battles incessantly with failure and disappointment, even as a child. He's adept at disguising his feelings and has an overwhelmingly intuitive understanding of everyone who crosses his path, an uncanny ability to know how others feel. A warrior without equal, he slays innumerable enemies during the Great War. However, all his moments of triumph, starting with the trials of skill he took part in as a young man, remain unrecognized and unrewarded. A whole new look at the greatest story ever told, the Mahabharata, MT's Bhima: Lone Warrior is a masterpiece of Indian literature.

Ritika Chhabra (justagirlhighonbooks) | 530 comments Hey @toogoodtobeyou, I started reading this. Just done with Part I and chapter 1 of Part II. What about you? Have you started yet? It's the 1st in India, after all. Haha!

Ritika Chhabra (justagirlhighonbooks) | 530 comments Part Two, Chapter Two done. (view spoiler)

Maya Amlin (mayaamlin) | 65 comments Just started. Will update my progress tonight. :) I'm glad you're done with some of it. :)

Ritika Chhabra (justagirlhighonbooks) | 530 comments Part Two done. (view spoiler)

Ritika Chhabra (justagirlhighonbooks) | 530 comments Part Two done.(view spoiler)

Maya Amlin (mayaamlin) | 65 comments I'm still on Part two. Did you read that part where they threw him in the water? Ahahaha.

Ritika Chhabra (justagirlhighonbooks) | 530 comments Uh duh, I'm done with the 2nd part no😂

Ritika Chhabra (justagirlhighonbooks) | 530 comments Part Three Done. (view spoiler)

Where are you in your reading? You never updated!

Ritika Chhabra (justagirlhighonbooks) | 530 comments Part Four done. (view spoiler)

Ritika Chhabra (justagirlhighonbooks) | 530 comments Done with part 5.(view spoiler) <3

message 12: by Maya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maya Amlin (mayaamlin) | 65 comments Here I am. I'm sorry for the lousy connection, but anyway I'm done with Part 7 now. The war is about to begin!

Ritika Chhabra (justagirlhighonbooks) | 530 comments You mean part 6, right? The war is declared in part 6. Part 7 is where it actually happens.

message 14: by Maya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maya Amlin (mayaamlin) | 65 comments Oh yes yes, I'm finally done with it, too though. Starting with the Indira one now. :D

Ritika Chhabra (justagirlhighonbooks) | 530 comments Great, all the best! :) I'm done with that one too. xD

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