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message 1: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Edith stepped in to the peculiar store. Her increasing headache growing stronger from being so far away from her lovely valley. She tried her best to ignore it and took a look around. What were these things? They were labeled.....Candy? Were they edible? She shouldn't ask the store clerk she might sound silly. Her eyesight didn't seem good, she casually rubbed them and approached the store clerk not noticing it was a satyr.

message 2: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments "Hello there! How may I help you, lovely lady? We have original candies and homemade ones to! We also have healthy foods in stock as well."

message 3: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments The idea of lettuce made Edith's mouth water "Do you have L-letuce?" Edith said drooling, not only will that fulfil her hunger it will also help with her awful headache. She glanced at the clerk and squinted.....His face seemed familiar.

message 4: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments "We have lettuce, but do you want it on a sandwich? I like plain lettuce to but....... *whispers* it's not as good as plastic wrap."

message 5: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments "Plastic wrap?" She asked then realizing how dumb that sounded. Then she realized that voice sounded familiar too if only she could see clearer right now, she didn't sleep well at all last night. "Never mind uh....May I have it in sandwich form?"

message 6: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments "Yes you may!" Danny went to the back to make the girls sammich.

message 7: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((sammich?))

Edith patiently waited and continuously tapped her fingers against the counter. This entire store smelled so good and sweet, she turned and walked off, inspecting the different types of candies....Lollypops, Tootsie rolls, chocolate? She grabbed at some dark chocolate.....hmm she never tasted something like this before from what she could recall, she should buy it. Edith then took the bar and placed it on the counter while she took out her small bag counting money.

message 8: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments "Here's your sandwich, miss......... I don't recall your name! What was it again? I'll ring up both of your items."

message 9: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Edith stood there forcing herself to not violently eat the sandwich she wanted it so bad "I didn't mention my name" She said under her breath "Um..It'd Edith, Edith Florianne" She waved and gave the clerk the Greek drachmas, did this store even accept this currency?

message 10: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments "Um.........." Danny didn't know what to think. "Could you come with me please?"
((What tint is her skin?))

message 11: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments "Why" She said curious yet fearful ((sss, her color of skin? Umm well normal really regular skin since Edith is not a Neryid or a Dryad her skin isn't really a special color whatsoever you know?))

message 12: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments ((K))
"Please........." Danny's eyes quickly slit into goat eyes, but flashed back immediately.

message 13: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Edith stiffened....satyr..."Danny?" She asked squinting and rubbing her eyes again. ((SSS))

message 14: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments ((Nif))
"Wait....... Blaaahhhh!*covers mouth* *whispers*Edith?! What are you doing so far from your Valley?! You must be in pain!" Danny grabbed the Drachma and handed the bag to Edith"Hurry back! I'll close up early and catch up with you. Wait at the corner with tour stuff and I'll be right there." Danny grabbed Edith's hand and pulled her outside." I will grab some extra Lettuce and other stuff for you,but*points at bench at the corner* sit there for about 10 minutes. Is that to long?"

message 15: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Edith blushed scarlet red, right Danny didn't know she had a crush on him good. Unfortunately she didn't have much time to react or explain things for Danny seem to have freaked out so suddenly. She sat in the bench rubbing her eyes and wincing at her headache once more, she was rather disappointed she didn't get to eat her sandwich of lettuce but at least Danby was bringing more of those delicious fresh fruits.

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message 17: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments ((Thanks! On insta,did you see my hair?))
Danny went back to his shop, telling people that the shop was closing down early. Customer1("Danny boy, why is the shop closing down so early? We still want to eat food!") "Well sir, I have some things to take care of, so I kindly ask you to leave my shop. The last stragglers still have five minutes to buy what you need and ask for small amounts of samples. But besides that, if your done, you can come to the front desk and bring extra sweets for your families. I have to attend to a friend that may have severe injuries if I don't take care of her right now!" Customer2("Danny, you go. I'll take care of shop and close up for the night.")

message 18: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Edith started feeling stiff and dizzy. Her arms felt robotic and numb along with that it felt as if her skull was breaking open. She knew she shouldn't have gone so far from her valley without extra supplies. Stupid, stupid she thought and slammed a hand up her forehead.

message 19: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((THAT WAS ALSO BEAUTIFUL OMG GOOD JOB))

message 20: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((I saw your hair in insta too ))

message 21: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments Danny grabbed a handful of dark chocolate and a head of lettuce. After that he burst out the door and ran to the bench. He handed the stuff to Edith and told her "Hold on for a little longer, I have to get my car," he pointed to a sleek black bugati and ran to it, puling out his car keys. Jumping into the drivers seat, he put on the weather channel and pulled up to the bench, throwing open the passenger door. "Hop in Edith. We'll be to your Valley in about an hour, at least."

message 22: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Edith protested, she couldn't go back to her valley not now! "Danny" She said, massaging her head "I can't go back to my valley, not now at least" She felt bad saying that as well as guilty for after all Danny closed his entire store early because of her....

message 23: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments "W-what? Why! Your obviously in pain! If you don't go back, you might have to heal for weeks! I want you to be alright. If you won't go back, do you want tea? Theres a really good place around here. Then we could go to the shop again. But back to my first question, why can't you return to the Valley? What's wrong with it?"

message 24: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments There was no way she was telling Danny the truth, he will freak! and not only that but...she needed to think.... a...lie..."My Valley" She said looking at the ground "N-nothing is " She swallowed, come on this shouldn't be hard to say! "Nothing is wrong with my valley, I'm just on a mission for Chiron " That last part was true, so it wasn't entirely a lie, ok. Edith looked up at Danny, her vision was still blurry from no food and distance from her valley. She wasn't sure but she was positive she was drooling when she saw the lettuce in Danny's hand.

message 25: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((Swedneshhhhh))

message 26: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments "Do you want some food? I don't need it, I ate at the shop." Danny handed Edith the Lettuce and the chocolate, grabbing tin cans for himself.

message 27: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Edith accepted the lettuce and chocolate with grateful hands and realized that her hands were shaking. She turned her back from Danny and devoured the lettuce feeling the freshness and lovely taste fill her mouth. Thank you Danny she thought. But then she looked at the dark chocolate bar, she tilted her head to the side and opened the wrapping. Taking a small piece of chocolate and popped it into her mouth. HOLY! She couldn't believe this beautiful taste! This...chocolate was amazing! Edith fell to her knees scrapping them against the concrete but ignored it for the sweet taste made her so happy, she didn't care.

message 28: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((OH MY GOD, IM SO SORRY ITS SO LONG FORGIVE ME))

message 29: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments ((I thought we were in a car?))

message 30: by Fairy (new)


message 31: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments ((*cries in Danny's Bugati* WHY CHILD!))

message 32: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((IF YOU POST, I PROMISE EDITH WILL GET IN THE CAR OK?))

message 33: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments Danny pulled out his flute and started playing a song called Pompeii. He didn't really know if Edith was telling the truth, but if she was "happy" so was he. "Wherse do you want to go? I do know a good tea place, but it also sells books to keep your attention while I wait for you to tell me what actually happened to the Valley, because I want to help you." Danny opened his door and climbed out, walking around to the other side to help Edith up. "Do you want a ride? I want you to eat a real meal besides lettuce and chocolate, even if that chocolate is healthy along with the lettuce. It won't fill you for long. Even that kind of food could make you weaker if you eat enough of it. If a normal human eats that much, they could get very sick. It's certainly not good for our kind."

message 34: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments This is what Edith loved about Danny, he was so caring to everybody and was willing to help no matter what. Edith nodded and got in the car , she wasn't sure what this so called "tea" was but if Danny said it was good for her then maybe it was "Let's just go eat something" She said taking a glance at him "Please, and um..." Edith felt like an awkward duck.

message 35: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments (Brb))

message 36: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((👋))

message 37: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments "Okay. I'm gonna go to the nearest subway. You liked the sandwich right."

message 38: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Edith nodded "Yes, indeed it was arrest sandwich but" She hesitated "Can I have another? I really have not eaten in ages, please" Edith hoped she didn't look like a fool try into beg for more food but this was Danby, he will say yes right?

message 39: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments *Danny

message 40: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments "Yeah sure! The nearest Subway is to the left, but the other Subway has way better sandwichs."

message 41: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((It beeped?))

Edith giggled at his way of saying things and gave a smile. Her headache was better now with all this food but she knew it was going to return eventually. "Thanks" She said as they drove down the street.

message 42: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments ((Mah phone died!😡))

message 43: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((😦 I was wondering what happened because it cut off so abruptly 😟))

message 44: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((Brb 🚿))

message 45: by Swednesh (new)

Swednesh | 187 comments "IcantakeyoutoSubway,butIhavetogotothewalmarttogetlettuce."

message 46: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Edith giggled and a soft smile shined upon her "Calm down, please"

message 47: by cosmic, everglow (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 721 comments Mod

((is this finished?))

message 48: by Fairy (new)

Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((Nope))

message 49: by cosmic, everglow (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 721 comments Mod

((okay, just checking))

message 50: by quq , armin luvr (new)

quq  (190511) | 2702 comments Mod
{was this a quest or just a normal roleplay?}

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