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Hey Ryan! So this will be where we do the RP and discuss what it will be and what will happen.

message 2: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Ok! So who should go first?

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I can if you'd like! :-) First this is my character before her powers and when she develops powers, maybe her appearance will change a little. (view spoiler)

message 4: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Ok, and give me a second to get my character... But go ahead! :)

message 5: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (Name: Jack
Gender: Male
Relationship: Single
Age: 16
Appearance: He has grey eyes and has short brown hair.
Personality: Friendly and likes to explore/ beat challenges in front of him.
Sorry it's short but it'll be better after he meets the creature.)

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Perfect! Great character and yes, one thing's for sure, the character builds up along the way! :-)

Madison walked outside on the sunny day that it was. Birds flying from each direction and the sun, beaming down on earth's finest surface. The day basically screamed 'adventure' to Madison's imaginative eyes. She might as well go on a walk (searching for adventure) and maybe, just maybe, run into her friend, Jack, along the way of the walk. And Madison was known for dragging Jack into her journeys... but who knows, this one may be worth the while!

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Ryan Jack was just relaxing on a bench enjoying the nice day but he also thought that today was a good day and that Madison was going to soon pop up and drag him on an adventure.

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Madison continued walking, lost in thought of an adventure when she stumbled across the sidewalk. She almost feel from the trip but didn't. She whipped her head each way making sure no one was watching her incident. But then she spotted Jack, sitting on the bench and she ran towards him. If he saw that, talk about the comments I'll receive. she had thought to herself with a chuckle in her brain.

message 9: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Jack didn't see Madison trip but he did see her now, he waved and said "Today's a good day for an adventure! Right?"

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Madison was relieved that Jack didn't see her trip. She always had little stumbles, which was a silly quirk about her, but it was embarrassing to her when she wasn't paying attention. She waved towards Jack and sat down on the bench beside him. "Yes! You don't need to tell me twice! It sure is!" she got a mischievous look forming on her face. "Saaaaay, would you like to take a walk with me in the town's wood? Maybe an adventure can start there..."

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Ryan "Alright, but I heard that quite a few mysterious creatures are in the woods so we 'll have to be a bit careful." Said Jack as he looked at her with a smile on his face.

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"Of course we'd be careful. I won't get in any deadly situations... just a bit wild," Madison said with the biggest grin you could see. "Speaking of protection. I got a new knife! Look at this Navy Seals beauty and I got you one too." Madison held out a 6in black knife with a smile on her face and handed it to Jack.

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Ryan Jack took it and looked at it and said "Alright, should we go right now?"

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"Yes, I don't see why not." Madison quickly jumped to her feet like lightning. She may come across quiet or shy when you first meet her, but boy are you wrong! If you even mention adventure she'll be at her toes. She took Jack's arm, helped him up, then raced him towards the outskirts of town. So the adventure begins.

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Ryan "Woah, hey! I should expect this by now but I still get suprised." Said Jack as he was kinda getting dragged along.

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Madison released pressure of her hand on Jack's arm with a light chuckle. "Oops, sorry. It's better than throwing you over my shoulder though, right?" she couldn't help but laugh as she let go of her friend's arm and continued walking in the wood.

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Ryan "Yes, it is." Said Jack while nodding but he followed her.
(And actually this character is like one of my characters in another of my groups)

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Soon they appear in the mid center of the forest. With it's tall trees weeping over the atmosphere, it looked gorgeous. "Let's go further, towards the Volone Stream. It's a beautiful stream if you haven't seen it before," Madison smiled at the picture of the delicate stream, passing by in her head.

(That's cool and an efficient way of being. Probably easier than a bunch of different characters).

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Ryan "Yes, it most likely is beatiful right now." Said Jack as he looked around.
(Yea, but I still have a bunch though. XD)

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"I'm sure that it is with the sun shining peacefully onto it." she smiled as she ran towards the direction of the stream but then stopped and waited for Jack. "Sorry for sprinting, I heard an eagle," she nodded in a hyper way but with a smile.

(I can relate to that. Sometimes I need to step back before I mess up each RP's correct character. XD)

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Ryan "No, its fine at least you didn't leave me behind." Said Jack as he caught up.
(Yea, anyways whose creature should be first?)

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Madison smiled at her friend, glad he put up with her and didn't get mad at her way of being scatterbrained but overly cheerful at the same time. Soon they had reached the stream and Madison sat down right next to it, looking down into the water as small fish passed by.

(Well how about Jack hears a noise but Madison doesn't and a creature approaches them and gives only Jack the powers you'd like him to have without Jack knowing. Then a little while later it happens to Madison. They befriend the creatures as the creatures take them to their world. But still don't know they have powers until the powers react?)

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Ryan (I actually think that might or might not work out since my creature is actually a custom Bakugan character.)
Jack sat down next to Madison and said " It is very beatiful."

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Madison smiled and looked down at the flowing water. "You are right, it is very beautiful." she smiled as she reached her hand into it.

(Ow, alright. I think that we can make it work but if you disagree, we can change it a bit).

message 25: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (Well, what's yours? :) )
Jack nodded and asked "So you think the stream is also peaceful as well?"

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

(Maybe it will be the appearance of a Púca but with a friendlier personality and face. It'll be like a dark blue with wings. :D)

Madison looked at Jack. "Yes, it really is. And although I'm not a peaceful and quiet person, I like the stream a lot," she smiled with a laugh. "Do you ever look at water, like in the stream, and think it has a soul?" she asked as she thought about the question. She knew that the water didn't have a soul, but the restfulness of it and the blue sheen to it made her happy like it was her friend.

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Ryan (Púca? What is a Púca?)
Jack nodded and said "Yes, it does look like it."
A white ball like thing fell near the both of them and a voice seemed to be saying "Woah!!"

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(I thought I'd have to explain that. XD It's an Irish creature that can be good OR bad. See this link for it's appearance.

Madison was about to say something when she noticed the white ball appear by them. Madison got up and walked around Jack to go by it. "I've never seen anything like it."

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Ryan (Ah ok. And I'm guessing you know what Bakugan are right? :) )
Jack was about to ask but looked at it and said "I haven't either."
The ball started moving as if it is a living creature but it didn't open/ transform yet.

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Ryan (Kaitlyn? :) )

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

(Hey Ryan and if you celebrate it, happy Easter. Yes, I've heard of that but don't know much of it. :))

"I wonder what it is," Madison said as she reached her finger out slowly, braving to touch it and slowly moving in. "Hello?" she said to it, putting her finger on it as it sparked up. She fell back then sat up. "Wh-"

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Ryan Jack watched as it moved around some more.
(I do, Happy Easter! Ok, well. If you don't mind I'm going to explain a few things.)

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The creature began to slowly open a bit.

(Thank you! Alright, that's perfectly fine. Shoot. :))

message 34: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (Bakugan have two forms: One is their true form that is only in their home realm or special areas. And the other is a ball version of themselves that can open their top half to make it look like a smaller version of themselves but they have limited movement. They can only roll, float, sit or open. However they can still talk without moving their mouths. The ball form is most areas other than their home realm.)
The ball opened its top half and it looked like a mini white Dragon but it didn't speak yet.
Jack was surprised and was silent.
(And, may I please only have control over him?)

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

(That sounds fascinating and thanks for telling me, it makes more sense now and I think it will work great in the rp. And yes, you can have control over him... sorry if I started directing it at all).

Madison watched the creature ad she removed her finger from it.

message 36: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (Ok, thank you.)
The white Dragon spoke with out moving its mouth "Ugh, where am I?"Asked
Jack looked surprised and asked "You can talk?"
(And will you allow this? This creature is new to the forest because he was ejected from his home realm by something.)

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Madison looked in shock at the creature. It looked so much like a ghost to her but she couldn't figure out what it really was. "What are you?" she asked it, sitting on her knees.

(Yes, I'm fine with it and of course I allow it. This RP can have any twists, creatures and pretty much anything! :))

message 38: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (Alright. :D Also do you want to see the group that has the complete form of my character? :) )
The ball with the top half dragon said while looking at her "I am Omega Dragonoid, from Vestroia. Who are the both of you?"
"I am Jack and this is my friend, Madison." said Jack as he motioned to himself then Madison.

message 39: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (Kaitlyn?)

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

(Here I am. Sure, that would be great! :))

"Yes, I'm Madison. I-it's good to meet you Omega," she had said in shock as she looked at the creature. It was amazing how clear it had spoken.

message 41: by Ryan (new)

Ryan It asked "Now, can you answer my question? Where am I?"
Jack looked around to see if any other creatures were approaching.
(Alright, I cannot give you the link right now but if you can look up groups, look up 'Dimensions Collide' It'll be the group that's in closed beta right now. ;) )

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"You're in a forest of Maine. How far is you home in Vestroia?" Madison had asked wearily as she looked around her like Jack had, trying to see where the creature came from.

(Alright, I'll look for it and see what I find. :))

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(Yeah, I'm afraid I can't see where the characters are. When it opens I will have to take a look. :D)

message 44: by Ryan (new)

Ryan A portal has just closed as it said "Far, is all you need to know."
Jack nodded but didn't notice the portal.
(You can just join and I'll approve you, since that is actually my group. XD)

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Madison didn't want to get nosy, although she had many questions. What direction? Another planet? What are you? She didn't know what to say. She just nodded and smiled. Madison heard a slight hum but thought it was just her mind.

(You can tell I've had a long day to not realize that. XD Alright, thanks. I'll request to join once I send this!)

message 46: by Ryan (new)

Ryan It started floating and asked "What planet is this? And I'll make a small deal, each question I ask you can ask two."
Jack was still looking around.
(Not it's fine.)

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Madison thought that the question deal would come in handy. "That sounds good. Well, you're in America, the United States of America for exact say," she said as she pointed around her. "Here's my questions. Do you know what direction you're from? And what brought you here?" She tapped Jack's shoulder and whispered in his ear so that if the creature heard the comment, it wouldn't make a deal of it being a third question. "I wonder if he sees our earth like we do."

message 48: by Ryan (new)

Ryan It sighed then said "Go through dimensions and you can get to where I came from but the other reason is unknown. I don't know why that happened. Anyways, is there any others like me here?"
Jack nodded and whispered back "Probably," then said " I don't think so... "

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Madison looked at the creature and smiled at it's appearance. But she kept having thoughts, questions and ideas rolling through her mind that she couldn't stop. She nearly threw her hand over her mouth, trying not to go wild on questions. "We can't necessarily go through dimensions," she had responded calmly. "I've never seen anything like you in these parts."

message 50: by Ryan (new)

Ryan "Yes, only a few can actually do that..." It said while seeming like it tried to nod.
Jack nodded back.

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