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You Only Live Once for .99 cents until April 15th

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Haris | 9 comments Things you can buy for .99 cents.

A scrunchie.

A scratcher.

You Only Live Once.

From now until tax day, April 15th, the Kindle edition is only .99 cents. That's one third of the price of an Americano at Peet's Coffee.

"A brilliant homage to everyone’s favorite super-spy, and a hilarious, action-packed, made-for-the-movies thriller about a man suavely dancing along both sides of the thin line between heroism and madness.” —Matt Forbeck, New York Times bestselling author of Halo: New Blood


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Haris | 9 comments "You Only Live Once" has broken into the top 100 best sellers on Amazon for humor and espionage thrillers. The Kindle edition is only .99 cents until April 15th.

“Fill shaker with ice. Add equal parts Ian Fleming and Quentin Tarantino. Shake (do not stir). Garnish with Douglas Adams, and you get You Only Live Once, a delicious martini as dry as the dusty California desert.” —Dan Jolley, USA Today bestselling author of the Gray Widow Trilogy


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