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Mom2triplets04 | 382 comments Mod
Discuss 201 to 300 here

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer White (jwhitern) | 18 comments I cannot believe that crazy kid just did that! Are you kidding me??!! Wondering if he will somehow get caught and what his father will think if he finds out....

message 3: by Peta (new)

Peta (peta31) | 1 comments I will try and catch up and join in the discussion. I have read this before but don’t remember a lot of it 😀

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Mom2triplets04 | 382 comments Mod
Just started this portion. It’s very violent. I just read the attack on the glad Ellen was safe but now they have no place to live again.

On page 207. Have to get ready for work now

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