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Similar to Fairyland Series??
Catherine Taylor Catherine Mar 31, 2018 07:17AM
I enjoyed the Fairyland series so much. I loved all of the beautiful places described, as well as the rich characters. I am hoping to find other fantasy reading that is free of adult language, obvious sexual stuff (a little romance is not bad), and too much of demons/ darkness. The Fairyland series was very engaging without these.

Any recommendations?? Thank you!!

Thank you very much! I tend to also be particular with how long a book is. I have a hard time paying $10 on my Kindle for a book under 300 pages. Otherwise I blow my budget quickly. That one is 290, and only about $7. Likely worth it! Thank you again!

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Although, not entirely similar to the Fairyland series I would recommend The Accidental Pirate sseries by Claire Fayers or the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage. The Phantom Tollbooth is also amazing!

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster!

It's about a boy who is bored with the world and doesn't see the purpose in learning, or doing anything for that matter. He comes home from school to discover a tollbooth in his room, and when he drives through it, he arrives in the Kingdom of Wisdom. He meets a whole slew of quirky characters who help him on his journey to restore peace to the realm. It's very lighthearted, but poignant and well-crafted.

I believe the Catherine Valente actually took a lot of inspiration from this book -- it has a very similar writing style, and the same whimsical vibe.

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Goblin Secrets by William Alexander.

Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.
This one's story style isn't really the same, but it doesn't have obvious sexual stuff, etc. Except a few times Howl (Who isn't the main protagonist.) is mentioned to be drunk. And don't be fooled by some of the book covers, it isn't written in a dark way. One of the characters is called a 'demon' but you find out he REALLY isn't.

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