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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 1 comments Thanks for the invite to the group. I've not read much in the way of LitRPG, but I'm a huge MMORPG fan. Big congratulations to Aleron for absolutely killing it with his "The Land" series. Always good to see a fellow author doing so well.

Since this is an introduction thread, I think I should introduce myself. I'm an author as well (and coming up on my tenth year in publication. My books tend to be in the vein of classic epic fantasy. My books are filled with humor, fast-pacing, and amazing bonds of friendship. If you are on Audible, consider checking out one of my short stories (The Jester or Professional Integrity. They are free and narrated by the amazing Tim Gerard Reynolds. If you don't listen to audiobooks and still want to check out the tales, send me a message and I'll get you ebook versions.)

Thanks again for the invite!

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris Doyle | 1 comments Thanks for the invite!

Tis a warm and joyous day that one receives impunity to the mist!

Just this year I was recommended the land series by a friend. I didn’t think I’d be a fan of lotRPG, however I’ve read through every book and enjoyed them all.

Looking forward to the next instalment.

Shout out from Northumberland the north east of gods country.

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