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you want the idea reposted?

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Yeah plz i forgot.. im dumb

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lol its ok one sec. and u rnt dumb

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A young girl is abused at home by her drunken mother. She is the daughter of a middle class family and is normally at home with just her and her mother as he father is almost always off on business. She is a daddy’s girl and is spoiled to death but he refuses to believe his wife would lay a finger on their only daughter. She suffers from Depression and self-harm, often hiding it with her school uniform. One day her last period teacher takes notice and offers her shelter at his home. He is a CEO of a major company, only teaching because he enjoys it. HE takes the small girl in, as she is too afraid to go home without her father there, as time goes on he starts to fall for her as he showers her in gifts, giving her everything she could imagine, including a safe environment.

-I'm the girl and father
-Romance goes no further than kissing. And I mean NO further. If you say 'oh, its not a problem we can just skip it' I will say no. no further than kissing, end of story. Capiche?
-You are the teacher and mother
-Okay with dark histories (duh), wil play a dark character WELL (the mother needs to seem real), ok with a dark plot

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Okay lets create the charrs

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u first?

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Okay here :)


Name: Missy Clarson
Age: 38
Missy was a rich and spoiled girl when she was little. When Missy was in the fourth grade, she apparently heard that her mother had died in a car crash when she found out there was no driver at all. Then months later her father died due to murder in the offices. Now she grew up and married this kind man and had a worthless daughter. She expected a son but she ended up with a daughter. She hated this so much she adapted a drinking habit.

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um...the mom has to be older because max would 12 if missy had had max at 17.


Name: Maxime "Max" Clarson
Age: 17
History: Her dad was always amazing to her and they were thick as thieves. When he was there. Her dad was an international businessman and rarely around. Her mom refused to call her MAxime, which she really wished to be called, but her mom wanted her to be a boy so bad that she called her MAx. Her mom made it even worse by forcing everyone else to call her Max and beat her if she asked anyone to call her Maxime. Heck, her mom beat her for just about everything. To be honest. Her life pretty much sucked.

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Name: Mr. Mario Klena
Age: 23

Mario was born to a really sweet family who cared for him so much and taught him whats right. When he grew older and wanted to be a teacher he decided to make everyone feel special about themselves.
When he noticed Max at the end of class he walked over to her since he loved Max as a student and knew she was in depression. Then he offered her home in his house and he hoped she would accept.

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Name: Benjamin Clarson
Age: 35
History: Ben was always could at business but a humble man. He fell in love with Missy. Or the Missy she showed him. All he'd ever seen of her was sweetness. When they had a baby daughter, he loved their daughter with all his heart and he spoils her a little to make up for all the time he spends away. He's oblivious to his baby girl's depression. Not that she wants him to know. He's oblivious to his wife's excessive drinking and to her abuse. He always makes sure his little Max is the first to know he's coming home.

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Maxime came to school wearing something similar to what she wore everyday. A t-shirt, cardigan, and skinny jeans. Today it was a purple plaid t-shirt, purple cardigan and black skinny jeans. Her mom thought it was to cover the bruises she inflected. Maxime used the constant cardigans and jackets to cover the cuts she made herself. Not that anyone knew or cared. So alone. So worthless. So unwanted. She want straight to homeroom with her favorite teacher.

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Mario was preparing the paperwork when he noticed Max come in early. "Hey Maxime." He said sweetly. Mr.Klena was always being cheerful to kids but usually it doenst end well with the other kind called rebels. He seemed so cheery somedays but really it was work that was a pain. Being a CEO wasn't the best but he had to work for it didn't he? Well Mr.Klena decided to continue on with school work.

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Maxime smiled, "You're the only one who actually calls me that." She sat in her usual seat, right by his desk and pulled out her sketchbook and pencil. Actually 5 that she'd bought herself. Sketch pencils ranging from 3H to 6B. She'd gotten pretty good but most her pictures were a bit startling."

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"Hey what are yo doing? And hows your mom." He asked ersing the board. He did seem cheery today didn't he? "Well then why are you early today." Mr.Klena asked joyfully. He thought Maxime was pretty student to him and she was a artist aslso.

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She looked down. She hated hated hated when people asked about home. She didn't tell anyone but she felt like they all knew. She shrugged, "Same old, same old I guess. And, Mr. Klena, you know that I'm always early. I just like having some space to draw. It helps me let go of my emotions..."

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"I know." He said jokingly. "Maxime you don't have to hide home from me." He leaned agains his desk. "Whats up at home." He asked looking at her with a arched brow. He always wanted answers. It was just him he guessed. Maxime was such a kind girl but hid from the world so much.

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She looked away, "I'm not supposed to talk about it even if I wanted to." That was the most anyone had ever gotten out of her about it. She wished he wasn't so kind about her. It would be easier to hide from him in her shell that way. But she also enjoyed how for once she wasn't treated like she was worthless and stupid. This was the only class no one was allowed to say she was fat. She liked the sanctuary.

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"Well then continue with your art." He said smiling at her. Mario cleaned the board and sat down in his desk typing away on the computer. He literally needed a break or something. He is a CEO and a teacher but he tried to limit his days of being a CEO. "You know the company i work for." He said simply.

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Max nodded, "Ya, everyone does. It's why everyone thinks it's weird you still work here..." She glanced up at him, "Why?" She continued drawing her picture. It was sad and abstract, but it was her feelings. Something to stop her from running away or simply just dying.

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"Well they want to help with depression these days." He said looking at her. "And i thought you would be perfect." He said trying not to be rude at all. He didn't want to hurt her at all thats his goal.

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She sighed, "With all due respect, I don't think depression is entirely curable."

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"No but they are going to help you deal with it." He corrected her.

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((sry grandmas housw. Im back))

She shook her head, "There isn't anything they can do. Besides, who cares? No one even really sees me." Tears welled in her eyes despite her efforts to never cry at school. She rubbed her eyes, "Besides, how can they help me deal with things they don't even know about?"

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₵î௹៛ strong girls fight back wrote: "((sry grandmas housw. Im back))

She shook her head, "There isn't anything they can do. Besides, who cares? No one even really sees me." Tears welled in her eyes despite her efforts to never cr..."

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"I see the true beauty in a girl like you." He walked over to her desk and placed his hand on her shoulder. He crouched down to see her face. "Your way better than you think, whatever happens at home stays with you, if you want to talk ask me about it."

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"But if you told it won't be miserable. Even if you thought you were helping by telling it would just get worse. Besides, who cares? No one cares about me." She buried her face in her desk. It was pretty pathetic when your only friend was a teacher.

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"Hey i care about you, so does your dad." He titled her head up. "Maxime your not worthless don't feel like you are." He told her so she wouldnt cry. "Class starts in an hour." He told her.

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"Ya, I know..." she wiped her eyes, her cardigan sleeve riding up and exposing the cut marks.

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"Don't cut any more sweetheart." He said looking at her wrist. "Everything will be alright if you just ignore this." He said pointing to his own wrist. "I used to have depression at your age ya know." He showed her his cut marks. "Once your filled with confidence you can stand up to Missy."

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She yanked the sleeve down, "Promise you won't tell if I say this? Maybe just hit yourself on the head and get amnesia after I tell you?" She trusted him and he was the closest thing she had to a friend.

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"No that won't happen. Maybe i will just keep quiet." He winked and went back to his desk printing the next lesson. "Your a smart girl and i know it Maxime." He smiled at her.

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She shook her head, "I'm not. Mom says it all the time. What I do is nothing compared to what she does to me. Why should I stop? At least it helps..."

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"No it doesnt help and your smart." He told her. "Look at your grades, come over here." He said motioning her to see all of her A+'s

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She sighed, "But how does any of this crap help in real life? And it does. It...it helps me calm down. It stops my emotions. It makes the pain easier. You should know Mr. Klena."

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"I stopped early after i ran away from home and everything was better when i went in with a friend of mine down a few blocks." He said sadly. "I took a break and when i came home, my family was all better." He told her carefully.

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"My mom will never love me. No matter how long I go away. She only pretends when dad's home. Nothing will ever really change. besides, where would I go? No one wants me. I have no friends." she was glad no one else had shown up yet.

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"Well I can take you in anytime if you want." He said just to make sure if she wanted too. Maxime was really kind in many ways but she had to make her confidence go up. Well he hope it will go up.

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She blinked, "You'd really let me?"

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"Yeah you deserve a second chance." He promised her.

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"I'll go home when my dad's there though. I like spending time with him. thank you, Mr Kelna," she smiled a little.

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"Welcome is going home today?" He asks looking back at the printer.

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She sighed and shook her head, "He's in Thailand trying to open up the market for his business. Just me, mom, and her drinks." She sat back down at her desk. Why was Mr. Klena always so kind to her?

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"Oh i understand...Well you can come today." He added in.

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"Really? You mean it?" she was mindblown by his kindness, "Why are you doing this for me? You're always so nice. No one else cares. why?"

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"Because you seem too kind to be abused." He told her as he looked over his shoulder.

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"I'm nothing special..." she muttered.

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"You are special." Mr.Klena told her.

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The first other kid from their class walked in as she said, "No, I'm not."

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"Yeah you are think about it." He pointed to her head and he went back to his desk.

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She sighed and continued sketching as kids filtered in.

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