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Where is Waldo, sorry Penelope??

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message 1: by Ceeri (new)

Ceeri Jay (ceerijay) First read Venomous in 2015 and was waiting for Thunderclaw for what seemed like forever.

I get that authors, especially indie authors have to do other things to make ends meet but the deathly silence in all platforms was rather unnerving.

Then Penelope was back, breezing in to tell us Thunderclaw had arrived and apologising if fans thought she'd been lower under the No 76 bus to Tottenham.




I think Imma give it another quarter then I'm outta here.

What do you think? How frequently do you think an indie author needs to make contact with fans? please share

message 2: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Alnory | 5 comments I remember before they reworked all her books..

Necessity is the mother of invention and when she needed us . Well...

I guess once you make it it's easy to forget all the fans that supported you and read your stories- went out of their way to review your work..

When she needs us again, we will hear from her.😶

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