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Ange | 54 comments Mod
Here we can discuss our overall thoughts for Far from the Madding Crowd

message 2: by Margarida (Os livros da Margarida) (last edited Apr 22, 2018 02:18PM) (new)

Margarida (Os livros da Margarida) Although predictable I think it is a very sweet and tender story about love, friendship, loyalty and power. What I liked the most about it was the writing style and the way Thomas Hardy is capable of impress even the most experienced of readers. I didn’t see it coming for Fanny, Troy or even Boldwood. Everything would have been easier if Bathsheba would have had married the wonderful Gabriel Oak in the first place. I guess sometimes it takes some time for people to see that love without judgement is right in front of their eyes... Great book!

message 3: by Kinga (new)

Kinga Firstly I'd like to address the writing style. I haven't read anything published in 19th century England for about 5 years, so the first challange was to get used to language and then the style. I realised it was much better and quicker read for me when I concentrated on meaning and not every single word in the text (same as I have done on multiple occasions when I first start reading in new foreign language), especially when concerning dialogue between villagers and descriptions of nature.
Considering the story I think it has aged very well and still can be enjoyed and question of marriage asked. I didn't predict the ending, but killing off a character is a sure way to allow more happy ending than otherwise would be possible.
I'm glad I read it, however I'm not sure I'll read another Hardy novel unless it's part of readalong.

message 4: by Berna (last edited Apr 28, 2018 07:56AM) (new)

Berna | 0 comments I am sorry to say I did not like the book. The plot was somewhat predictable and I did not like any of the characters except Gabriel Oak. Therefore, I have to say I liked the ending but I felt like Gabriel deserved much better 🤔
My main issue, however, was about the writing style. I felt like descriptions of nature were unnecessarily detailed and slowed the tempo of the book. Some paragraphs were so long, I skim read and read just two significant sentences about the event and still understood what was going on 😊
I hope to like following months’ readalong books much more like I enjoyed Lonesome Dove.

message 5: by Mikaela (last edited Apr 30, 2018 04:14AM) (new)

Mikaela | 4 comments I was disappointed by the book, but mainly by the plot. I have read a couple of other Hardy novels, and this one just didn't have the sense of tragedy that seeps out of some of the others. It didn't leave me thinking "if only..." I highly recommend The Mayor and Tess - I felt like these two especially get the reader thinking about fate and the decisions we make in life, especially those made in ignorance or in willful naivete.

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Anna Christine | 5 comments Ugh I didn’t get very far in the book then I got really sick. I’ll have to pick it up at another time. Sorry I couldn’t continue with you all! 🙁

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